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Could you explian the nola hobrien pics you mention in your response B? Im not familiar with that, thanks

You missed all that drama? LOL. Lucky you.

Well, back in April or May 2013 (can’t quite remember), someone supposedly posted a Hobrien pic on Tumblr, saying she saw them in some bar in New Orleans. (Dylan was there for TMR while Tyler was there for a music festival with Brittany and her gang). The pic was said to be quite intimate in nature (Tyler putting his hand on Dylan’s shoulder or something while they talked at a bar). I wasn’t online when all this happened. When I found out, the post had already been deleted by the poster who said that people were sending her nasty asks about how she had violated their privacy because they hadn’t been aware that they had been photographed. Not long after she deleted her account.

People were trying to find the pic which was said to be reblogged a few times, but the poster had asked those people to delele it. So to this day no one I know (including all the mods here) have seen this picture. I know that a BNF got sent this elusive pic and he described the pic as I said above, but he wouldn’t post the pic, so we don’t know for sure if he told the truth.

Sorry it got long. The NOLA pic is a myth at this point, but if any of you have seen it with your own eyes, please share what you know!! LOL