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SJ Returns episodes 19-20 moments

-Yesung being really concerned for Donghae
-Yesung recording for hours so all the members have a guide
-Donghae trying his best to sing even though he’s not feeling well
-Heechul being supportive of Donghae’s song
-Eunhyuk cheering up the members that are recording
-Yesung and Eunhyuk being super cuddly after Yesung is done recording
-Eunhyuk singing his lines :) 
-Heechul: Yesung-ah I made the rap really sexy~
-Heechul cracking up when Yesung watches him sing
-Heechul: I get embarrassed when I have attention (LOL)
-Siwon returns in the next episodes!!

SM groups as family members

TVXQ: the dad of the fam v cool every mom in the nursery has a crush on him

SUJU: the dotting uncle u have will embarrassed u in front of ur friends someone pls stop him

SNSD: sister who’s popular in school everyone wants to be friends w them is always late in family gathering and arrives looking lit af w starbucks on hand

SHINEE: ur brother forgotten by ur grandfather but is v cool with it. always the life of family gathering. ATE THE WHOLE CAKE ONCE ACCIDENTALLY

fx: ur cousin who’s popular in social networks. has 700 likes w one of her selca and does yt tutorial for aesthetic makeup

exo: popular younger brother but is a walking meme. will probably fight anyone who fights u. still dabs bcos millenial

red velvet: bby sister too pure for dis world but is secretly evil. gave u a cookie once which melted ur heart. It’s raisins.

nct: the youngest cousin and the baby of the whole fam. trying v hard and is confused w what he’s doing most of the time.