PlayStation 4 Eye: Death to all Webcams, Savior of Vlogs?

Via Daniel Cooper’s artical @Engadget, I feel, with a bit of hacking or support from Sony, into mainstream use Sony could have the end all cam for general indoor use, but it seems the idea slipped by them.

After reading the article I was thinking… webcam, 3D tracking, 4 mics… this could be a webcam killer! The Kinect and old PSEye connect via USB, so a little bit of hacking, and a supported app could make this a great peripheral to use for multiuse in the home besides video gaming (Video Logs or Youtube Blogs anyone?). However, 4 mics still don’t spell out great sound quality unless it’s put into practice and reviewed (I’m expecting performance and noise cancellation from the likes of products such as Blue Microphones IF software was ever made mainstream for the PS4 Eye).

However, I say NO.

The kicker, the killer, the deal breaker that made me a non-believer: PS4 Eye only has a resolution of 1,280 x 800. That’s not even HD (1920×1080 - 1080p). Make it HD Sony, and with proper support with adequate software, you have a golden egg on your hands. Though, as with people’s impressions with Sony, and Sony’s history against “hacking”, this seems to be a dream, and potential, left untouched. Sony, do the right thing, and don’t drop the ball again. The PS4 Eye should be an all in one Webcam, the everyday working man’s savior for video recording from his home or couch.