I know I’m late to the party with this. IGN posted this video days ago, and I should have watched it sooner. Oh well.

In the video, IGN plays the “full” PC version of TRON RUN/r. (You can tell, because Steam achievements pop up at the 3:13 mark. They actually earn the TRON 3 achievement …)

Here’s the interesting part: The video confirms that you will be able to play characters other than Anon, but it sounds like they do have to be unlocked. (I think we all pretty much knew they were either going to be unlock rewards or DLC. Thankfully, it seems they’ll be there from the start, rather than additional paid content later. But is it all of the characters I found by poking around in the game files? Probably?)

You also get to see the additional polish in this full version. Temporary level selection screen is gone, replaced by proper menu screens. Additional visual effects and touches. Looks great.

- TronFAQ


Unravel is here, and it’s every bit as adorable as I expected! If you enjoyed the video, please give it a thumbs-up and please subscribe to my channel to show your support! :)
Black Rose Valkyrie character trailer, story

Compile Heart has updated the official website for Black Rose Valkyrie, its newly announced PlayStation 4 RPG featuring character design by Kosuke Fujishima and a scenario by Takumi Miyajima, with a character trailer.

Here’s an overview of the game’s story:

1818. A huge meteorite fell to earth.

An unknown virus was discovered from the meteorite, which was given the nickname “Black Garnet.” In exchange for giving the infected enhanced intelligence and might above that of a human being, it eats into their minds and flesh, and before long turns them into an inhuman “Chimera.” This virus, [which broke out in 1929] and was named the “Chimera Virus,” caused a global pandemic and three percent of humanity’s total population was lost.

In this state of crisis, the country chose a plan of “national isolation,” and blocked the virus’ entry from the outside. The “Special Force Valkyrie” was formed within the Secret Military Agency ACID (Anti Chimera Intercept Division) organized to counter the pressing threat.

Asahi Shiramine” was chosen as the commanding officer of the newly established Special Force Valkyrie. On his way to the base, Asashi successfully pushed back a Chimera assault with the help of his group members that rushed to the scene, proving his usefulness to the force in his first battle. It was a heated victory for Asahi and company. However, a harsh fate awaits him ahead of his victory, one that Asahi and company would not yet have known at that time…

Black Rose Valkyrie is due out for PlayStation 4 in Japan in 2016.

Watch the trailer below. View the screenshots at the gallery.