Do you see them, all the monsters you created? My toxin will fill the streets and bring this city to its knees. I will take from you everything you fear to lose, and I will watch you suffer. Scared, yet?


What Remains of Edith Finch looks to bring some weirdness to PS4 next year

The PS4 continues its streak of bringing interesting games to their first party line-up. Created by the guys and girls at Giant Sparrow, Edith Finch seems to be an adventure title where some very weird stuff is going on. Will this also have some Lovecraftian vibes to it? I sure hope so. 

RFM talks: Eileen the Crow (Bloodborne)

I have deliberately held off on writing a review for Bloodborne for several different reasons, but in case you weren’t sure though, aye I bloody love it and I could jabber on like a little monkey, but I won’t. Instead I thought I’d try and write something a bit more interesting. Today we’re going to talk about the character, Eileen the Crow.

To preface this, I’ve always loved the art direction of From Software’s Souls games and the character design in particular has always been exceptional. The artists have a great flair for the dark fantasy style, taking designs of traditional medieval armour and twisting them with ornate or bizarre flourishes. Playing through the games for the first time I’d often bump into a character and think to myself, wow that’s a snazzy piece of clothing you’ve got on there, mate. I hope I can pick that up in a shop somewhere otherwise I might have to knick it! (Disclaimer: I don’t encourage this behavior in real life, of course.)

Before I even got my hands on the game, I remember looking at some of Bloodborne’s promotional materials and concept art. There was a particular screenshot of a character wearing one of those horrid, beaked plague doctor masks and a cape made of jet-black feathers. Like I said before I was thinking to myself, I want that outfit and I want to play as that character because they look awesome. It was such an arresting image, cutting a beautifully creepy silhouette. The reason I love it is because it’s an obvious pairing of ideas (beak mask and feathers) but it’s rendered by From Software’s artists in such an elegant way that I could never personally create with my imagination.

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Batman: Arkham Knight - PS4 Exclusive Content Trailer

Batman: Arkham Knight – PS4 Exclusive Content Trailer

The PlayStation exclusives for batman Arkham Knight have finally been shown off in spectacular fashion as they get their own trailer! It also says that the ‘Scarecrow missions’ are ‘First on PS4′ – the implication being that they will be available on other formats later. This is different from what we had previously heard and I will attempt to find a clarification. DISCUSS on the forums.…

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