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Overwatch 2017 Summer Games update:

Here’s some things to note about the summer games:

-The games will officially begin August 8th
- LucioBall will return back with the 2017 games
- A new stage map will be added for a limited time as well, Sydney
-The Rio stadium makes a return

Info about the Summer games skins:

-2017 Legendary Skins will cost 3,000 credits
-2017 Epic Skins will cost 750 credits
-2017 Rare tier will cost 225 credits
-2017 Common tier will cost 75 credits

As for the past 2016 Summer game skins, they’ll make a return for lower prices

-2016 Legendary Skins will cost 1,000 credits
-2016 Epic Skins will cost 250 credits
-2016 Rare tier will cost 75 credits

Game director Jeff Kaplan also said to expect great surprises for Widow, Junkrat, Mcree, and Mercy players.


Hey y’all, Amanda here! I know that I don’t post my work often, but I’m a big fan of making custom controllers and usually do it for friends as gifts however I am in need of some money so I’ve decided to open up controller commissions! Above you can see some of my most recent work (I also do other, older controllers so please ask if you have any questions). 

For prices it will depend on what you want done, but it will likely range from $80-$120+ again depending on what you want and the materials I’ll need for the job. You can private message me on Tumblr or reach me at with inquiries.

Reblogs and references are so so appreciated!! Thanks for taking the time to read!