ps2 slim


I recently picked up Metal Gear Solid from my local game shop. The presentation of the jewel case and instruction manual is pretty neat!


So my old PS2 slim scratched up a few discs of mine yesterday (big circular scratches near the outer edge), rendering one DVD unplayable >-<;

Did some googling and found this - tried it myself and sure enough it’s no longer scratching discs and I can hear the difference (it’s dead quiet now lol). The DVD should be salvagable with some polishing too…

Just thought I’d share this in case any of you ever come across this problem.

What a stupid design flaw..

alright so I got a ps2 slim from goodwill the other day and as I figured there’s something wrong w it and it won’t read the disks/spin at all
I don’t want to give up on it completely bc it was super cheap and it does turn on and stuff does anyone know how to fix it? I’ve tried putting pressure on it and stuff too but it’s still not reading (꒦ິ⌑꒦ີ)

this ps2 slim i got because it had the olde broken power socket problem. when i soldered it back i went ahead and bypassed the door switches too since it facilitates playing ps1 cdrs without the use of a chip. but i wanted to play n2o over the ps2s component cables and i couldn’t change the music because it has to see the door as open before it’ll read a different disc. also i have a staggering number of nc momentary switches and i have no idea what i’ll ever use them for ever. for all those reasons combined i ran a bypass from the frontmost door sensor so when the door is open and i press the button it’ll recognize that the door is open.

so it’s really only useful for changing to a music cd in this one game that i’ve mostly been playing emulated. and it’s possible i might never use it for that purpose ever in my lifetime :o a worthy endeavor.