Parasite Eve -  Kaitai Shinsho complete guide book

Some interesting stuff in this guide. I really wish someone could translate this because I’d love to know what the captions say. There’s a picture of Aya in a room that doesn’t look like anything in the game. There’s two doors at the top that don’t seem to lead anywhere?? Then there’s the Officer Ranking board. Maybe the developers toyed around with the idea of a ranking system like Resident Evil 2?

The CG map of Aya in one of the Opera House rooms makes it look like that big door was supposed to open. I don’t know what that green stuff is supposed to be. This guide also points out the hidden names and the Chocobo. The picture under that looks like it’s a close up from the map. I’m guessing it’s a subway entrance? I never really paid attention to the map so does anyone know if this is in the final version of the game?

@overdive - Looks like this guide got it right about the T-Rex boss EXP. 34,464! I think this is the first guide I’ve come across that doesn’t list the EXP as 100,000. I’m not positive about that though, and I don’t feel like pulling out all my other guides to find out lol.