Managed to get two of my most wanted games of all time recently, the rare little fuckers were hard to get but I managed them finally. Also big ass thanks to Grimsie42 for being in this pick ups video with me and hanging out for the weekend.



02/10/16 This is the stuff that I got today! Went around noon pretty late to the wednesday fleamarket. Sellers were getting ready to leave. So I got some stuff on the cheap! Starwars Shadows of the Empire strategy guide $2.00. An OG xbox console only $10. Then for $5.00 I got Extreme G N64 and Nightmare Before Christmas Xbox. Found more cheapie stuffs. That superman 2 DVD for a dollar, a wiimote cover for 25 cents and a ps1 controller for $1.00. I got a bit excited when I found SSX and Madden for PS3 for a dollar each. But that ended when I hit up the next stall. Looking through some boxes full of music cds and other discs. I grabbed a copy of Enter the Matrix and then I saw a cd binder. Inside of it there was some random discs but there was some wii games in them too. I plucked them out and took them to the seller: Smash brothers Brawl, Mario Kart Wii, Elebits and Mario Party 8. Once I gave it to him, he looked calmly at them and the matrix game and politely said $3.00! No complaints here! The last place I got two PS1 games Diehard Trilogy and Dave Mirra $2.00 each. And since this post is getting quite long The second pic is all from a seller that had a bunch of random junk. But I filled  it with things that seemed interesting and for $2.00 it was well worth it. Movies, UMDS, hotwheels cars, cables, blank cds and a special Cypress hill CD with beanie inside it! So even though I went late Wednesday, I still have the luck of the gaming gods with me! Yay!