2013.10.31 ::Shop Staff Fashion Check::

かわいいチョコちゃん!! OMG everything about her.  the powder pink, the popcorn bracelet, he pigtails or her cute show smile~ I just.. asdfghjhgfdsasdfgh. she is too cute~

Please visit spank! it is so must~!

Here is the Shop Staff blog:


~2012.03.27 - L'Arc~en~Ciel at JFK airport~

Spotted L'Arc at the airport yesterday, so I had to get my paparazzi on :P

Here’s the story:

My close friend Ryo was leaving to go back to Japan yesterday afternoon, so I decided I would go see him off. we arrived and as soon as we entered the Japan AIR  entrance behind us i saw alot of people look like like band staff unloading lot of luggage that look like.. equipment cases. I thought,‘huh, that could be L'Arc staff’. I didnt see the boys so I just thought nothing of it.

Me and Ryo decided to get some food and he wanted to sit my the glass balcony area so we could look over the airport while we eat[good thing he suggested that].

People started to line up from and from the side I saw some people snap a picture but didnt really think of it. til I saw tetsuya, I didnt realize it was him first and I didn’t notice hyde (shows how much i have looked at L'Arc~en~Ciel XD) but once I did I ran down the escalator to snap some photos.

**I only have photos of Tetsuya and Hyde because i guess the other members didn’t get first class tickets.. maybe you can spot them on the sides in these pictures.



~fall 2012~ ::Green Machine in Saint Marks::

Walking by in Saint Marks, I happen to run into another Search and Destroy store staff member. Its Cherry[Peelander Green], Drummer of Peelander Z.


I love to run into friends I haven’t seen in a while~

And not as i see him very often, He is head to [well almost] toe in a green scheme. Camo jumpsuit, that hat & my favorite, the ‘Die’ button written in Disney font <3

 I can count on Cherry to always look super awesome 

X ~If you are interested in getting to know Peelander check out their facebook^^

**Also,  if you can see them in the US soon, go~ sadly, they will be losing a member after their tour ><


2011.09.08 NYC FNO

the best/worst thing about NYC?

you constantly and randomly run into people you know.. This time it was a good thing though :3

My lovely friend Kohaku out with a friend taking part in the FNO festivities.

She always looked soo jrock awesome whenever she leaves to go out. I love her purse and her necklace the most~


~2012 Saint Marks~ always the place to randomly see friends~~

I ran into my favorite sister and friend. They had just came back from the Jeremy Scott meet & greet event.

Yumi’s Friend was so excited to show me his  Jeremy Scotts were signed by the man himself <3

~they always look freaking amazing, as well do all their friends~


~2011.10.14 NYAF/NYCC~

Rocin’ sisters Anna and Yumi P. show off their sexy at the convention.

From Anna in her Marvel T, that she shredded and re-constructed herself, and her super cooling rings to Yumi with her Hangry and Angry dress and sexy hot sweater and boots she borrowed from her sis.

these too girls got mad style~ All Day, Erry Day :3