cassandrawusan asked:

yo when are you going to address your rape apologism. 'oh she didn't react to unwanted sexual advances so she must have wanted it' are you seriously fucking kidding me right now.

NOOOOOOOOOOO FRIEND, that is NOT the point i was making! I did not mean "she must have wanted it." I meant "the way she reacted SEEMS to mean that she has done it before."

I am a strident feminist, anti-rape, etc. etc. etc. I am NOT saying dottie was right in kissing peggy, i’m NOT saying peggy wanted it. NO NO NO. CONSENT IS ALWAYS NECESSARY. 

I am sorry my post was misunderstood! I was very excited when I wrote it, so it’s possible I could have worded it better. My sincerest apologies.

ps. thank you SO MUCH for being mature enough to not do this on anon. I appreciate it. I usually answer privately, but I’m choosing to publish this so everyone can see that I am most emphatically NOT a rape apologist.

(here’s the post in question)