ps. i want my hair to do that

how to: isolate colors in a gif (or image)

Hey there! this one was requested by @redk5 . I got a little help from this tutorial btw! This is how we want to make the gif look:

Program used: Photoshop CS6

Step 1: first make/open your gif and adjust it the way you want.

Step 2: click the half circle button and click Hue/Saturation.

Step 3: Decide what color you want to isolate and choose that color from the menu that currently says Master.

We want his hair to be grey so we select green.

Step 4: decrease the saturation of that color to -100. If you want it to stand out more, increase the saturation

Step 5: go to the other options in the menu and reduce the saturation for blues and magentas to -100. We want to keep red at 0 because we still want his skin to have it’s normal color.

Step 6: now go to cyans and increase the saturation to +100 to make the t-shirt more blue.

Step 7: you probably have to decrease yellow to -100 too because his hair has some yellow tints/shades in it.

Step 8: save the file!



So I hope this helped you all! If you want me to do more tutorials, just let me know :)


You want it?




TAKEDA’s clan (minus Saizo bcuz just bcuz i’m give up with his hair)

“Yukimura-sensei, let’s start this swimming class!”

“Wait the minute girls, I have to change my clothes”


“Oho, Aren’t we too excited to start this class?”


“My school, my rules, young ladies”





ps : i traced this pose from famous bara artist because i’m too lazy as fuck to redraw it

Imagine Robb Stark finding you absolutely beautiful.

(So I had this request a long time ago and decided to finally write it :D No specific plot so this is what I came up with :S Hope it’s not too terrible and you all like it. PS. I really tried my best >_< Gif not mine/Found it on google/Credit to the original owner.)

Your family and your household had been invited to visit Winterfell for a feast in order to set out some arrangements.

Not wanting to dress up and having to do your hair as well as everything else that came with a visit to a noble house, you begged your father to not take you along.

“Father, please I don’t want to go…do you really have to take me along?”

Your father gave you a look and shook his head. He grabbed your hands and said “Y/N…they’re are liege lord…they invited us and everyone will be going…if you don’t come along it’ll be a sign of disrespect…”

What your father said was true and you had no other choice but accept it.

“Fine…but i’m not wearing that dress…I don’t like it!”

He chuckled and realized the real reason as to why you didn’t want to go.

With that you left and went to go change.


Upon arrival to Winterfell, your family were greeted by the Starks while you had managed to leave them behind to take a walk in the town.

You enjoyed the atmosphere and wrapped yourself in your cloak to keep warm. Getting closer to the market, you walked towards it and had bought some things to eat.

While eating an apple, you walked and felt something touching your pocket.

You turned quickly and noticed a man running away the moment he caught your eye.

You ran after him as fast as you can and went through small and crowded alleyways.

When suddenly you bumped into someone who got in your way and made you lost contact with the man you were running after.

It really pissed you off and you couldn’t think of anything else but to yell at the person in front of you.

“Damn it! Because of you the man got away!”

The man in front of you chuckled and turned to look at you.

He had auburn curls and blue eyes, a handsome man, you admitted but it didn’t stop you from being mad at him.

“What are you looking at?! Didn’t you hear? Because of you the man got away with my coins!”

Seeing you mad made him chuckle and walk towards you.

“I apologize…my lady? Is it?”

Although you wore a manly outfit and had gotten dirty, your cloak had your house sigil on it and proved to him that you were indeed from a noble house.

Remembering that detail about you, you crossed your arms and looked at him with a hint of amusement.

“Yes it is…But…i’m not accepting your apology, yet…”

He crossed his arms as well and asked “And why is that?”

“Because I don’t feel like it…you owe me at least something in exchange for what you made me lost…”

He chuckled and nodded.

“Alright…and what can I give you in exchange then?”


You stared at him in deep thoughts and suddenly saw some of your father’s men walking behind.

Instinctively, you pulled the man with you and hid behind a wall.

He was backed against it while you made sure he didn’t move. You pressed against him and kept looking to see if the men saw you.

You were both incredibly close but you hadn’t noticed the proximity at all.

He took notice of your features even more and found you absolutely stunning.

“Has anyone ever told you of how beautiful you are?”

You gave him a look and became a little shy hearing him say that.

He smiled as you looked at him and it made you slowly loosen your grip on him.

“Not always…most people only say that as a courtesy…and when i’m dressed up…”

As you let go of him, he managed to cup your face and looked you in the eyes. 

He felt his heart race a little and mustered the courage and said "Then they must be blind…because you are absolutely beautiful to me right now…I can’t even imagine how stunning you’d be in a dress…“

It made you even more shy and you knew you were probably blushing from his compliment.

You wanted to back away from him but he grabbed a hold of your waist.

He pulled you closer and smirking said "I owed you something for your lost coins, right?…Can I repay it this way?”

He inched closer to your face and pressed his lips to yours. You found yourself closing your eyes and felt his lips even more.

It was a perfect moment until you heard a familiar voice behind laughing.

“I see you’ve found my daughter, my lord…I’m glad she is to your liking…”

You turned to see your father and continued.

“Y/N…Meet Robb…of House Stark…your betrothed…”

You looked back at Robb and saw how brightly he smiled when he learned of the good news.

Anonymous (Pt. I)

Tyler Joseph Series

Summary: Tyler Joseph, an insanely talented lead singer and multi-instrumentalist of the world famous band ‘Twenty One Pilots‘. Little do they know, that the young gentleman is also the secret admirer of an angelic voice, without knowing whom it belongs to.

(A/N): Let me know if you want another part, I‘d also love receive some feedback. Enjoy x PS (Y/H/C) means (Your/Hair/Colour) and ‘Birdy‘, the nickname, has no relations with the artist x

Words: 1,259

“Hey there, this is my cover of ‘Can‘t Help Falling In Love‘, a song by Elvis Presley and it goes something like this…“

Tyler instantly turns up the volume of the audio as the pure and heavenly voice, that he adores so deeply, begins to vocalise the melodies of the song. The voice, that he has been listening to non-stop for the past months and yet doesn‘t know who it belongs to. But that‘s not him to blame, every week, an anonymous user on Tumblr would post an audio of herself singing a song either followed my an instrument such as bass, piano, guitar, his personal favourite ukulele & etc. or just plain vocals, without any additional information. No name, no pictures whatsoever. Sometimes she‘d even cover one of his songs, which would make him deliriously happy for an entire week, giddy even. That‘s actually how he came across her talent for the first time. Someone on Twitter sent him a link of her cover of ‘Holding Onto You‘ and he completely fell in love with it during first seconds. 

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imagine being on holiday with shawn, trying to sunbathe but shawn keeps pulling you into him to cuddle, listening to music, him playing guitar on the beach, slightly drunk from too many cocktails, staring at you in your bikini and also shawn shirtless with curly hair from the sea (ps i think i nearly died writing this) overall I WANT TO GO TO HAWAII WITH SHAWN

okay but you see I’m one of those “I hate summer” grinches… But its sounds super cool! AND I DO LOVE THE OCEAN  AND CURLY WURLY SHAWN BY THE OCEAN IS AN A+ FANTASY ME IN MY OPINION

*DEEP SIGH* ok! so, i had planned a Rachabeth fic for today (i’m still probably gonna post it eventually) BUT the universe kicked me in the gut yesterday, so! I sketched a (very quick) Reychel, then lined and (very messily) colored it on my phone!! it’s so totally not my best work but i realllyy wanted to do something for day one of @pjosapphicweeks, so tada!! it’s something. <333 

This is their almost first kiss, it would have been their first if they weren’t both such total n e r ds like, these girls i swear,

ps this is what will happen if you guys let me forget to do my project for the day s o 

Hey children.

Yes, this is not a makeup edit, however, it’s what would Dan look like if he was fully blond -I know he was born with light hair color but I just think blue eyes suit him beautifully- if you saw the previous edit, you’d figure where I’d aspired this from, I just wanted to know what he’d look like in parallel universe!

ps. More makeup edits coming so stay tuned.

pps. Please help me promote this blog..this is my first themed blog and I honestly have no idea what I’m doing. If you have any suggestions please message .

ppps. I should REALLY stop ranting

Love you all, salut 🎀



It’s getting a little crowded in here..


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Srry this is confused cis girl again I 4got to ask if it is kk if u give ur child a gender based on their parts but also raise them 2 b super open and let them no that any gender is fine and it's all their choice. Ps is wanting a boy 2 dress him up cute with stereotypical guy clothes a bad thing cuz I like the style but I don't wanna deal with long girl hair and oh geez I'm not having kids nvm lol

So, regarding your first question (how do you know if you’re trans), I’m not really in any kind of position to help you there because I honestly don’t know.  Whilst I have questions about my own gender identity, they’re not questions I’ve come anywhere close to answering yet.  I reblog so much trans related stuff primarily because I have trans friends and I love the shit out of them.

A much better person to ask about this would be my very good friend @agoodpairofpjs, who can definitely help you out there.

More broadly though, yes, I absolutely support teaching kids not to obsessively follow gender roles.  Part of why people seem to struggle so much with understanding trans gender identities, from what I can see, is this obsession so much of the world has (looking at you especially, America) with boys behaving one way and girls behaving another.  It makes no god damn sense.  Just the other day my friend was telling me about a woman going into a pet shop and being confused that one of the beta fish was male, because it was pink, and she couldn’t understand the concept that anything pink could be male.  The idea that “pink = girl” is literally just something society invented was just too much for her to grasp.

That is insane.  So yes, please, teach boys to wear dresses and play with dolls and love things that are pink, and teach girls to wear jeans and play in mud and shoot toy guns because none of those things are inherently male or female, and no one deserves to be shamed for what they enjoy just because it doesn’t match up with what kind of genitals people assume they have.

The Garden of the Gods - Demigod!Michael AU

Day 6: Halloween AU Countdown

(A/N: Hey guys, just to clear a few things up before you read, Thanatos is the Greek god of death, and Antheia of flowers. Go check out Rhine’s story from yesterday if you haven’t yet, it’s cute as shit. Annnd enjoy!)

He was the son of death. More merciless than his father, more unforgiving than tartarus. His name was Michalis. And he only ever saw her to collect the poppy.

She had no name. She was the daughter of the garden. The child of Antheia who spent her days tending to The Garden of the Gods. This was her duty. Grow the lilies for Hera, the roses for Aphrodite, the laurel for Apollo, the magnolias, and begonias, and bluebells, and the daisies – grow the poppies for Thanatos.

Michalis worked for his father, as the girl in the garden did her mother. Though he was not death, and could not take his father’s position, he was the second best thing. A bringer of death and guide of the dead, he offered a poppy to all he brought to Hades.

This is where they meet. In the Garden of the Gods, Michalis would wait by the gates for the girl in the garden. Though most Gods could walk the garden freely, like his father, Michalis could not. In a garden where life must bloom, death could not walk amongst the garden alone. Only Antheia and her daughter could keep could keep the flowers alive in the face of death.

The girl in the garden, every day at noon would stop tending the daisies, and make way to the gates. They rarely said anything, but she would always grab his hand and walk into the garden. Beyond the foxglove and the lavender, at the most southern point of the garden were where the poppies lay. Only here would she release his hand. He would walk amongst the flowers. Run the tips of his fingers among every poppy he needed, and almost at once, they would wilt into nothingness. Only in death could the poppy be his.

She could never watch. Though she knew it was necessary, and that the flowers were not hers, it pained her to see them go. She grew them, and he destroyed them.

This is why they could never be together. The idea of the girl in the garden, and the boy who brought death was unheard of. What good could they possibly bring to the world? What good could they possibly bring each other?

And though they never seemed to age, years went by. Years of life, and death, and long walks where they would hold hands. And in a way, they became friends. They spoke more often, and though Michalis, like his father, seemed cold and unfeeling, she knew he wasn’t. The day she cried, when the death of her poppies became too much, he was the one to wipe away her tears. In the back of the garden, hidden away, that became the first day where life and death felt for one another.

And suddenly it didn’t matter if they were good for each other. They didn’t care. They were unsure of what they felt, but they knew it was something. It was in the way they looked at each other, and how he told her of the remorse he felt, and how she wished he would always stay longer. Their secrets, and their hopes belonged to each other. Their love was quiet, but their love was more beautiful than any cherry blossom the garden had ever seen.

The day that it happened had begun as any other day. She walked to the gates to meet him, through the garden, and to the poppies. But unlike the normal crown of violets she wore, today they were lilacs. Only after the poppies were wilted, and he had walked back to her side did he notice.

He looked at the flower crown, and then back at her, before raising his eyebrow. But the girl in the garden was quiet. She had nothing to say, so she just looked into his eyes, and quietly removed the crown from her head. And gently, so very gently, she placed the crown on his head.

And Michalis flinched, as if expecting them to disintegrate at first touch, but somehow, they didn’t. They remained lilacs – beautiful, and alive, and all his. Her gift to him. Her love, displayed perfectly on his head, and so he asked her something he hoped finally she would answer, “What’s your name?”

And for the first time, of the many times he asked, she decided to answer, “I don’t have one.”

All he could do was stare at her, and after a moment ask, “May I give you one?”

She could only nod, before he replied, “I will call you Morare. My Morare.”

His Morare. His lover of death.

more vaguely strifehart @liverpepper doodles! I had feels for cloud and his geostigma and his state of semi-permanent exhaustion…

  1. babby cloud? by accident! probably suffering a particularly bad bout, poor kid.

  2. more of cloud being tired because I managed to de-age him magnificently in (1) and that was not my intent :’D

  3. chocobo hair strong! but honestly I just noticed how flow-y this outfit is so I wanted to draw it and then Leon got cuddly or something idek they’re cute


These are the custom King Agdar & Queen Idun 11″ Disney Store dolls my sister made for me for my birthday!! She made their outfits, styled Iduns’ hair, sculpted Agdar’s hair, and customized the box (back side is full of Agdar/Idun/family photos!), while I painted their faces, made Agdar’s moustache and painted his hair. It was a total surprise and the really came out so lovely! She is so good to me! Anyway, the photos don’t do them justice (my camera really needs upgrading—it’ from 2010, and they look so much better in person) but I wanted to share them with you! Idun is from an Elsa base doll, while Agdar is a Flynn Rider 2015 doll. Aren’t they gorgeous?! My sister did such an excellent job! I’m so grateful to her!

PS I forgot to take photos of Agdar with his crown, except for when I put them back in the box. :) Ah well! I guess, he hardly ever wore it anyway, right?! :laughs:


So I was in Toronto this weekend and I bought 3 markers from an art store that was moving (only 3 cuz markers are expensive and I’m cheap) cuz I wanted to feel all cool and professional XD anyways here are a few doodles with em as well as a few fancy dancy black pens!

PS duster’s hair isn’t coloured because I only have 3 colours

PPS whoops I accidentally gave Lucas a blue shirt in the third drawing??? I was tired

they are
-light cobalt turquoise 154***
-pink madder lake 129***
-cadmium yellow 107***

@cinensis left me the job of designing Comet!Sonic for the Eclipse!au!

So my first though was hmm Saitama has a more Japanese-looking style and Genos a more middle-east/ Indian culture style. When Cin told me that Sonic was going to be designed after a comet I though about native americans and all the spiritual things related to it (Hence the feathers and beads in the hair plus the tattoo) but I wanted to keep close to his original outfit too. 

Also depending of the speed he is going at, the color of the light at the end of his scarf is going to change :) 

@stickydoona / sai-pop I hope you like it!!! it’s my first PS drawing, that’s why it took me longer to do (/^▽^)/

@florbe-triz your husband wanted me to tag you XD


Here we have Asher Holloway; request sim 03!

Well this one was requested by the lovely pixelwards whom pretty much let me play around in CAS! So here is an outgoing, art appreciating perfectionist. You can do whatever you want to do with him, like using him as a base, legacy sim, I’m fine with everything!

PS! I have not assigned clothes to any other clothing category than everyday wear!

CC: Hair (BGC - Outdoor retreat) || Skin || Top (Basic Sweater_M - page 4)  || Shoes

I have uploaded him to the gallery. My origin ID is redigitalize.

Test, test.

Gosh he makes one heck of a cc model! I bloody love this grumpy guts, I swear!  (= ̄ε ̄≡ )

Ps is so fun! I’d like to experiment with adding hair next. I want to be able to give my pictures a bit more oomph! Like having windswept hair, bed hair, or have his hair fall naturally when he’s looking down etc…just thinking about it makes me so happy. 

Okay, I need to sleep. I must learn to stop doing this stuff at stupid o’clock…

兵長好き ( ˘ ³˘)♥

chychymazzu  asked:

Hey~ Can I ask you to draw a Acnolgia + "Cherry Soda" palette? ♡ PS: I also want say that I love your arts and your style (。´∀`)ノ

Yet another character I don’t think i’ve drawn before! …I think I kinda love his fluffy hair haha! I hope you like it! And thanks! I’m glad you like my art / style! :’)