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Music Mix - Autumn Leaves

“Do you ever wonder if the stars shine out for you? Float down, like autumn leaves.” – Ed Sheeran.

This is an 8Tracks music mix filled with soft love songs that will perfectly compliment your Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte! The season of fall is all about change and being grateful in your toughest moments. When listening to these pretty songs, put on your thickest sweater and reflect with those you love.


  1. Autumn Leaves – Ed Sheeran
  2. Fireproof – One Direction
  3. Latch (Acoustic) – Sam Smith
  4. Long Way Home – 5 Seconds Of Summer
  5. Sweater Weather (The Neighbourhood Cover) Ft. Max – Alyson Stoner
  6. Photograph – Ed Sheeran
  7. Hate To See Your Heartbreak – Paramore
  8. Iris (Goo Goo Dolls Cover) – Sleeping With Sirens
  9. Landslide (Fleetwood Mac Cover) – Madilyn Bailey
  10. Fools – Lauren Aquilina
  11. Beautiful Disaster (Live) – Kelly Clarkson
  12. I Want To Hold Your Hand (The Beatles Cover) – TV Carpio
  13. Start Of Time – Gabrielle Aplin
  14. Get Home – Bastille
  15.  Us Against The World – Coldplay

What is your favourite thing to reflect on during autumn? Let me know in the comments bellow!

Ps. Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers out there! Please enjoy fabulous food, relaxation, and being with family.

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He cheats (Michael/4)

A/N: Eeeeeppppp omf these are so fun to write you guys don’t even know. Plus yay for a preference! I haven’t posted one in so long! If you guys want more preferences or imagines i take all requests you can leave them in my ask or on any of my posts! Also keep an eye out for the other boys’ they’ll be up soon! Happy reading!

Today I was going out to have a mini girls day with my friends because it’s been a while since we’ve all hung out together and it’s really close to my best friend’s birthday so it was a great excuse to get together. I’m almost done getting ready in Michael and I’s en suite bathroom of our new house. We had recently moved in together after dating for about a year and a half. I’m putting on some mascara when Michael walks in the bathroom and puts his arms around my waist as he rests his chin on my shoulder. “Lookin good babe” He says “What’s the occasion?” He asks. “Mike I told you, I’m hanging with my girlfriends today.” “Ohh that’s today.” He says in realization. “Of course it is you dummy I’ve been talking about this for ages.” I reply. “Yeah I know I guess I tried to block out your constant droning on about it.” He says jokingly earning him a light slap on the chest from me. “Don’t be rude to me Clifford!” I giggle as I point an accusing finger at him. “Aw I’m sorry babe.” He says with a fake pout and then plants a sloppy wet and smooch on my lips. “Better?” he asks. “Ew! You’re disgusting!” I say dramatically wiping my face from his kiss. “But I thought you lovvvveeee kissing me.” He says with another fake pout and sad eyes. “Of course I do, now I gotta go.” I say pecking his lips before I exit the bathroom. “When are you coming back?” He yells after me. “Probably around 4 or 5ish is my guess… actually maybe later you know we can talk for hours!” I yell from downstairs. “Alright see you later!” He yells from the bedroom. “See ya! Love you!” I say as I walk out the front door. Its only about noon-ish now and the girls and I were meeting at a restaurant at 12:30 and I lived only about 20 minutes away so I’d be right on time even if I hit a little traffic. I’ve been driving for about 15 minutes when I had a sudden realization. “Fuck!” I yelled to myself as I was at a red light. I placed my head on the steering wheel, fathoming my own stupidity. I had forgotten my best friend’s present. “fucking idot.” I mumbled to myself as I made a u-turn to try and head back home as quickly as I could. I called one of my other friends to let her know that I would be arriving late. “Hey Y/N! What’s up?” she answered. “Nothing much I just wanted you to let the girls know that’d I’ll be a few minutes late.” “Why what’s up?” “I forgot (BFF/N)’s present.” “dumbass” my friend replied whilst giggling. “Thanks for the commentary.” I said. “Sorry Y/N!” She said. “I’ll see you when you get here!” “Alright see you soon.” I arrived back home about 10 minutes later because I may have been going a little fast and I notice that there’s a car parked in front of my house. ‘Must be a neighbor’ I think to myself and walk up my walkway to the front door. I open it and walk inside “Mike! I’m back I forgot (BFF/N)’s present!” I yell throughout the house, not knowing where he’d be. I make my way upstairs to get the present. “Mikey?” I yell out again as I open our bedroom door to find him naked and panting under the sheets. “Oh ew gross! We’re you jerking off while I wasn’t home?!” I say with feigned disgust as I dramatically shield my eyes from the visual. “Y-yeah um I was j-just like uh” He stuttered out. “I swear you are literally a teenage boy.” I say laughing as I go to the en suite to get the present. “Where are you going?” He asks abruptly sitting up in bed. “The bathroom? That’s where I left the gift.” I say giving him a strange look as I open the bathroom door. “Y/N don-“ He’s cut off by my fearful scream. I had opened the door to reveal a girl, mind you half naked, struggling to get her clothes on. I stood in the doorway in shock. “What the fuck?!” Was the only thing that came out of my mouth. I turned to Michael who is still looking from the bed with a terrified expression on his face. “Y/N I can ex-“ “Were you- you guys- you-“ I couldn’t form a coherent sentence before the tears started blurring my vision. I brought a hand to my mouth as a heard a loud sob escape my lips. Michael jumped up, still naked, and came over to me “Babe..” He said reaching to rub my arm. I aggressively slapped his hand away “Don’t touch me.” I said with a certain harshness in my voice as I quickly turned and sped walked out of the room and down the stairs with Michael right on my heels. Just as my hand touched the doorknob I felt his hand on my other wrist. I snapped my head towards him “Babe please let me explain!” He said with evident tears in his eyes. I gave him a hard glare through my own tears. “You’re fucking disgusting.” I spat at him and flung the door open before hastily making my way to my car. I could only drive down the block until my tears were too much and I could barely see the road. I pulled over and began sobbing into my hands. My body shook with every ounce of sadness that I had as it took over my body. I pulled out my phone and shakily called my best friend, not knowing what else to do. “Hey girl! Are you almost here?” She asked cheerily and I heard the voices of my other friends in the background. I couldn’t even respond so I just sobbed into the phone, not being able to form words. “Oh my god. Y/N are you alright? What’s wrong?” She asked obviously panicked and I heard the voices go silent on the other end. “I-I I went h-home and m-mm was with a-another girl.” I heaved into the phone, I didn’t realize how out of breath I was until now. “Holy fuck.” She said in shock. “Guys get the check.” I heard her say to the others. “Okay Y/N listen we’re all going to my house right now. Do you think you can drive yourself there?” She asked concerned. “Y-yeah.” I breathed out. “Okay I’ll see you soon, do you want me to stay on the phone with you?” She asks. “N-no I’ll be okay.” I respond. “Ok drive safe babe.” She says and I hang up as I start to make my way over to her house.

Masterlist (Luke) (Calum) (Ashton)

Ps should this have a part 2??????? Lmk if you think it should cause I’ll totally write that.