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For all he threatens to hit Oikawa (or actually does), his hands can be quite gentle.  (❛▿❛✿)

Because I can not imagine why people would think Iwaizumi is 24/7 angry. He’s not. Just a bit grumpy

Hair Trust - ||Joe Sugg Imagine||

Requested? Yes – ‘117 and 95 with Joe? ps. your imagines are amazing love! X’


·         “Can I do your hair?”

·         “You’re cute when you’re all worried.”

[[I want to apologise, like a lot a lot like so very much like im really really sorry for being gone for so so long, ive sort of been trying to deal with a break up lolol and me being me, I never talk to a soul about my feelings and shit so ive sort of been quietly trying to deal with it hence my disappearance, but I really am sorry and I hope you all can forgive me this one time]]

“Joe, we have to leave in a few minutes.” you said, looking down at Joe as he lied lazily on his couch, phone in hand as he scrolled aimlessly through Instagram.

“I know, Y/N. Don’t worry babe, I’m ready, just need to do my hair and I’m done.” He shrugged, continuing to scroll through pictures on Instagram.

“You hair looks fine.” You countered back.

“I still want to do it.”

“Can I do your hair?” You asked, your eyes brightening with excitement.

He softly laughed back, “Yeah sure, but, can I do your hair?” You looked at him with confusion. “Didn’t you say you wanted to colour your hair tomorrow?”

“Oh…” You paused; you’ve never trusted anyone besides professional hair stylist with your hair, to add a little brightness to your hair, you’d colour it at home. But to let Joe, the known Youtuber prankster, to do your hair wasn’t something you were as excited about. “I mean—”

“Come on, Y/N. You can do whatever you want with my hair, if I can do your hair.” You reluctantly nodded, being slightly excited all whilst be very nervous.

After styling Joe’s hair in a new manner, one both of you were impressed with. The both of you left for dinner, laughing and forgetting about the night’s promise you had made.


It was currently the next day. You and Joe were doing a little shopping, buying a few necessities such as toothpaste and shampoo. That’s when you remembered your promise to Joe.

You tried to grab a hair highlight kit without Joe noticing, but he was right behind you, softly chuckling. “You aren’t very stealthy, Y/N.” a sigh left your lips as your shoulders drooped down.

“Joe, I swear to god, if you mess my hair up—”

“I won’t, trust me.” However, you could not have trusted Joe any less than you did in this moment.

As you finished your shopping and the both of you headed back home, you went to throw on an unneeded shirt as you got ready for the mess Joe was about to create on your hair.

“Welcome to my hair dressing saloon, Y/N.” Joe clapped his hands together as an almost sinister smile crept upon his features. “We are going to make you look gorgeous!” Joe exclaimed in a high pitched tone as he sung out the last word.

“Joe, I will break your fingers if you—”

“No need to get violent, I assure you, I have had many years of practise. Back in my days—”

You interrupted him as you laughed. “Back in your days? That must have been, what, 1857?”

“Jesus Christ, Y/N, I’m not that old…I’m much older. I’ve had much more practise. No need to worry.” He continued to joke around, calming your nerves. But as the reality sunk in, there was no denying you were worried Joe’s playfulness would get the best of him and he’d mess with your hair.

“Joe, honestly though, please don’t—”

“Y/N…” Joe said with laughter, “you’re cute when you’re all worried. I promise you I won’t play any pranks. When it comes down to your hair, this is a very serious matter.” He smiled, reassuring you once more as you nodded with a small giggle.

After a short while passed by with Joe’s brows creased in concentration and few swear words said under his breath. Your hair was done and all dry, he had even styled your hair just so he could be that little bit more extra.

You looked towards the mirror, moving your head around to see if he had missed any spots. “Wow, Joe. You actually did a really good job. I guess those days in the 1800’s really paid off.” You giggled, a smile growing on your face.

Joe nodded, brushing his shoulders off in a cocky manner. “Joe’s hair dressing saloon never fails its customers.” You both let a small laugh slip through as he hugged you from behind, giving you a gentle kiss. “Does this mean I get to do your hair from now on?”

“No, Joe. Definitely not. This is the first and last time you’ll get to touch my hair.”

“Are you sure? Because I can recall many times in which I grabbed your hair whilst—”

“Joe!” You yelled, laughing loudly as you playfully hit Joe on the shoulder, him chuckling back at you.

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Okay, but Damian accidentally outing his feelings for Jon by calling him beloved once on accident...

HECK!!!!!!!! And Damian either realizing what he said immediately and getting FLUSTERED AS SHIT or NOT realizing it and Jon being like “Um. What’d you call me?” And Damian’s just. Mortified. 

“I called you Jon. It’s your name, idiot.” 

“No, I think you just called me…beloved?” 


But then Jon just smiles and holds his hand and Damian’s never been more beside himself in his life.


thank you to one & all!

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My love & thanks to everyone who made amazing gif sets & personalized edits for me (and ya’ll have surely been paying attention ‘cuz you included so much that I love <3 ), and to everyone who sent along birthday wishes. I’m thrilled & humbled, and I never could have expected such a splendid outpouring of affection.

I wish I could thank every one of you personally–I shall try in the days to come.  In the meantime, wishing you well, and that you have days like this, when you are so pleasantly surprised by the kindness of others that you can dance for joy!

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Mtl to dye their hair for there s/o? Ps: I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

I love you too 😚



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Can I play the game of "Coachella predictions", too? It's fun! I'm going to bet for her to wear a CG shirt/gadget and a "leaked" picture of them holding hands just 5 minutes before a picture of D hugging/kissing/salivating over a (gay) shirtless man is out. Also, I predict that she won't wash her hair, but this was easy! PS: I love your blog BUT, if I may, I want to say to G/host that I LOVED the crosswords...I laughed so hard that I was going to die! Kisses from Italy!

Lol I was in the airport doing the various gh/ost puzzles. Lol. Laughing the whole time. Some girl sitting next to me saw me laughing and asked what I was doing and had to share the crossword. Lol. She said it was the best layover she has had.

Oh you know it’s gonna be good. Jamin has been talking about it for days.

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I just wanted your opinion on something. I'm a guy and I have a girlfriend who doesn't shave. She has hair under her armpits and on her legs and a little on her stomach, which is a turn off to me. I absolutely adore her, I just am not attracted to body hair in general, I even shave my legs and armpits. She said it's sexist of me to ask her to shave, but I totally respect her right to grow hair on her body, I just find body hair unattractive. Am I being an asshole? Ps: I love your account.

The only reason why body hair on women isn’t attractive to you is because it’s not represented as beautiful and attractive. It’s always seen as lazy, unclean, and ugly which is 100% not true. Women are just not allowed by society to be pretty AND hairy. What you do with your body is your business, if you shave or not, but you gotta accept her and her body, my dude. She’s beautiful, she’s perfect just the way she is. I think you should really put some effort into changing how you think about body hair. I wanna thank you for asking me this genuine question, because this has probably bugged you for a while and you probably feel like a jerk for feeling this way. It’s how you feel, man. Your feelings are totally valid but it’s time to work on changing it and I think you know that or you wouldn’t have reached out to someone about it. Stay awesome. I wish you and your girlfriend happiness and prosperity.

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I like to imagine it was Ron cooking while Hermione kept looking at her butt while he was on his back!Ps: I loved your hair!

Lol I could see that. Hermione admiring his butt. He…well Rupert Grint….has a cute booty!!

And thank youse 😁😁

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Hi Berry, just wondering do you shave? I stopped shaving a couple of months ago and it feels amazing but I'm still insecure and self conscious about it. Do you have any tips to be more confident and rock your body hair? Thanks :) PS. I love your coffee poem, sending you lots of positive vibes

Hey love! I for the most part don’t shave, I actually stopped because I have struggled on and off again with self-harm for the past 4 years and it was easier to stay clean if I didn’t have access to a razor. I don’t keep one at my apartment but my old one is still at my families house so sometimes if I spend the night there I’ll decide to shave if I really want to. 

Pretty much I’ve learned when it comes to body hair most people won’t comment on it in the real world unless they are complete and utter shit heads. But again regardless of what they say body hair is natural and it’s not their body so they shouldn’t give a fuck about how hairy or smooth your skin is. 

You are allowed to appear however you want because it’s your body and your life. You make the choices. Society is why people feel like they have to shave or have super smooth skin. Most people who comment on it only do so because they feel insecure about their own body hair.Which they shouldn’t but again society sucks and likes to shame people for things that are COMPLETELY NORMAL. Rocking your natural body hair is fucking awesome. This goes for more than just white cis girls dyeing their armpit hair. I’m talking trans girls of color. I’m talking girls with dark thick hair. I’m talking everyone. You are helping the world see that body hair is normal and everyone has it. 

Also thank you love!! <3

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Could I get a description for Capricorn sun, Aquarius moon and Cancer rising? Thanks! ps I love your blog

Thank you very much!


Physical features:

  • Dark hair
  • Medium-tall height
  • Blue eyes

Personality traits:

  • Thoughtful
  • Hardworking
  • You can be deeply affected by things that hurt your feelings at first, but if you realize that it isn’t a very big problem, you can get over it quickly

I think you’d be compatible with a Pisces or a Leo.

I have this headcanon that Dean has gorgeous handwriting, but has forced himself to write messy ever since a kid in high school told him that he “writes like a girl.”

But then, the dam that contains Dean’s feelings for Cas crumbles… and they have their first night together. They get lost in each other and it’s okay. It’s okay, Cas whispers to Dean. In the aftershocks, after Cas has fallen asleep, Dean stares. Watches Cas’ mouth part as he exhales, watches the small flutters of his eyelids as he dreams. Dean feels like himself for the first time.

Dean will wake first. And he will be hungry. He will gaze at Cas’ sleeping form with what - if he could see himself - he would call a dopey smile. He will not wake Cas. Instead, he will take a sheet of paper from the journal on his nightstand. It will be jagged, because he is tired and can’t be bothered to rip pages carefully, but he will take a pen and he will write.

Cas -
Went to get breakfast.
I’ll bring back those crescent rolls you like.
I love
Love y
Love, Dean.

ps: I love the way your hair sticks up in the morning. You look like a confused bird.

Dean won’t worry about his handwriting this time.

Cas will open his eyes a few minutes after Dean has sped off in the impala. The note will be on his chest and fall into his lap as he sits up in bed.

He will read the note. As he reads, he will trace his fingers, mouth parted in amazement, over the loops and curves and steeples of Dean’s beautiful lettering.

When he reads the post script, he will know what Dean meant, and he will touch his hand to his hair and find that it is, indeed, sticking up. He will smile.

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Hey Viria, you posted some pretty art by Burdge and I was wondering what the characters are from? There was a blonde girl and a boy with blue hair? (PS I love your art. And your face. And everything you do. ^///^)

thank you!^^

The characters are the new generation from Harry Potter, Teddy Lupin and Victoire Weasley:)

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Pull back the lock of Mitsunari, I'd love to see him with his hair back. (* w *)/ Ps: I love your blog!

(Bonus chibi Mitsu coz I dunno if this ask is supposed to be for askukechibiyasu?? ouo?) Anyway, here’s the real art for ye. Ehe. xD

(Sorry for me!OC in there. Is the first time I drew his “white-prince-costume“ and I can’t—-!!!) AAaaaah! I always thought that my blog is just a dump for my doodles–! @///@ BUT–! Eeeeeh thankyousomuch!!