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Seventeen Reactions ~ One Of The Members Walking In While They’re Having Sex

Request: Can you please do a seventeen reaction to one of the members walking in on them have really rough sex ,I’m sorry 😂.(ps. I love your blog, your amazing 😘)

A/N: I’m back from the dead, I feel dead wow… anyway like sorry this is late @ the requester anyway hope u enjoy


“Why cant anyone in this place learn how to knock, aigoo” *Shoos Jisoo out by throwing something nearby in his direction”


“Could you please politely fuck off Mingyu, thanks.” *Glares at Mingyu until he’s running out, most likely telling the other members what he witnessed.*


“Oh shit, we’ve been discovered…” *Slowly hides you both under the blankets*


*Literally has nothing to say but the other member knows he’s suddenly irritated that they stepped in on very intimate moment*

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“Run along and play with your toys, Chan.” *just continues whether poor mind corrupted Lee Chan is still standing at the door or not*

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“It’s not what it looks like, I’m just teaching y/n how to body roll in bed… now gtfo so I can continue without distractions”

“then why are you both naked?”





“Care to Join, Wonu?” *Resting bitch face* “No? Okay then get fuck out.”


“Oh my god~ Can you not see I am busy.”


“Kim Mingyu I’m giving you 5 seconds to stop staring at my girlfriend and get out of here before I beat your perverted ass.”


“Bitch what the fuck do you need from me…”


“What the fuck, first you take my lines then you take away my sex life… smh” 



~ Admin Kai

BTS Reaction | Seeing your body for the first time.

Anon request:  Hi! Can I get a BTS reaction when it’s their first time doing it with their gf and they finally see her without clothes, wearing very sweet yet hot black lacy bra + panties for the first time? Hope it’s not too weird. PS: I SUPER LOVE your blog I come here everyday~

A/N: Thank you so much ^-^

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Bts reaction to you wanting to ride their thigh Part 1

Request 1:  bts reaction to you wanting to ride their thigh? (ps im a sub so pls make them in charge) i love your blog btw

Request 2:  BTS Reaction to catching their gf touching herself while reading smut about them and her moaning their name loudly?

Request 3:  littlebravetoaster01 Heyaa ! I love your blog so much ♥ Do you take requests ? Could you do a reaction if the boys catch you touching yourself ? Pleeeeeeaaaase ~ ♥♥♥

A/n: I have a very strong thigh riding kink. Hiiii Also, I decided to mix those three requests since I got a good idea about it. *Part 2 will be up tomorrow. Hobi is with maknae line*

Part 1


He was so excited to come to your apartment and to spent some quality time with you. So when he opened the front door and heard the unmistakable whimpers of you being close to release, his heart sunk. You would never do this to him. You will never cheat on him,right? So, he put his ear on the door to your room only to hear the most beautiful thing come out of your mouth. “Jin..”

A moan of his name. And then he saw it. The phone in one of your hand and the other was playing with your pussy. Suddenly his heart raced again and slowly as he could Jin opened the door. “You will never cum like that my princess.” Shock went through your body. Jin was right in front of you. “Come sit on daddy’s thigh. No. Not in my lap on my thigh. Good girl. Did you miss me? Yes? I’m pleased with the answer. Move. Up and down. That’s it.”


He sure was boring. Working in the studio for hours. By now you knew every corner of the place so you decided to entertain yourself. Opening Tumblr, going straight to the Yoongi smut tag you came across a smut you haven’t read before. It was about Yoongi and a Fictional character who comes off on Yoongi’s thigh. And honestly the thought excited you. 

An idea came across your mind. Your hand went inside your panties and started teasing your own womanhood. But you couldn’t even give yourself a pleasure wihtout Yoongi at least watching. So you tried moaning his name, but even this didn’t work. He continued working as hard as before without noticing the girl on his couch pleasuring herself.

Irratated you stood up, throwing your panties somewhere across the room, moving Yoongi’s chair and sitting on his thigh. The moment you thought even that won’t work, Yoongis knee jolted creating a friction like no other. You held on his arms like his life depend on it and he smirked. “You just can’t wait even a little can you? You naughty girl. Why don’t you use your big girl moves now?”


Your hands were tied tightly with a ribbon. You didn’t dare to look at him. You knew you overstep the rules and with that comes punishment. But honestly, it wasn’t all that bad, what you have done. You were reading a smut about your man Kim Namjoon and before you even knew it, you jumped out of bed, undressed and put on “The chain” as Namjoon calls it. Your sex uniform. Which were nipple and clit clamps. Then all of a sudden before you were even able to touch yourself, Kim Namjoon kick-opened the door. His eyes showed that this night no mercy was going to be shown.

And we go to the same moment we stopped on. Namjoon gentely took your chin in between his long fingers and whispered. “Daddy thought of a special punishment today. One which will make you see stars baby, but you won’t be able to touch them. Sit on my thigh. Come on. Fast. Daddy will soon snap and you won’t see a release in the next two weeks. Get the clamps on your clit off, keep the ones on your masterpiece nipples. Good little princess. Come on. Hop on Daddies thigh. He’ll show you the best roller coaster ever.”

Requests for reactions and MTL are open.

Love, Li

Black and White (Jughead x Reader Soulmate!AU)

Prompt: Can you do a soulmate au where jughead and the reader can only see the world in black and white but once they see each others eyes they can see color? Also can the reader be a really quiet and shy photographer but friendly and kinda loud when around people she knows well?? Ps: I really love your blog💕

A/N: I hope you like this!! It turned out more poetic than I thought it was going to? Oops. (It’s also almost 4am so my brain is like fried? Hopefully it made some sense.) xx


Black and White (Jughead x Reader Soulmate!AU)

The world had hidden colors within reach.

Black and White hid the vibrant colors from those who weren’t lucky enough to find their soulmate at a young age.

Some saw colors at age 6.

While Some never saw the greens and blues the world had to offer.

In the small town of Riverdale, it was uncommon for those to find their soulmate with those they grew up with.

But there was always childhood friends who find themselves staring at their soulmate’s eyes and seeing colors bleed out of the plain black and white.

You were different than the others.

The Black and White. It captivated you.

The idea of vibrant colors. The Purples, pinks. All of it made you wonder how it came from the black and whites.

How could one look in a stranger’s eyes make you seen a whole rainbow of colors?

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Hero’s Comfort

REQUEST: Can you please make an Oliver Queen x reader, where the reader gets hurt and Oliver takes care of them?? Ps: I absolutely love your blog❤️❤️

A/N: Thank you so much for this request and the lovely words! I had fun writing this. Sorry it’s on the short side, hope you like it!<3 

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Pairing: Oliver Queen x Reader

Warnings: injured reader, fluff!!!

“This is ridiculous. I just need an ice pack and some painkillers and I’ll be-OW!” you shrieked as Oliver lifted up your injured foot, the swelling around your ankle had now come out and it looked more like a tennis ball than an ankle.

“What the hell was that for!” you hissed, glaring daggers at the man currently  kneeling on the floor as he examined your injury.

He gave you concerned look. “You need this bandaged up, and you need to rest it for a few days. That means no training and no missions.”

You gave him an incredulous look, he couldn’t seriously expect you to be alright with that.

“Oh, come on,” you groaned. “I’ve literally been shot at, chased, kidnapped, arrested- all in the past year while working with you, and you’re putting me out for a freakin’ sprained ankle?”

“Yeah, I am.” 

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In bed with... Johnny


Anon: Helloooo~ thank you for the making out with Johnny it was 😍😭👌👏👏 and i kind of went ⚰ But now I came in to ask if you please could do “in bed with… Johnny” too (i love killing my friend 😊) Thaanks in advance! ❤ Ps i still worship your blog

Everyone is so thirsty over Johnny I’m S H O O K but then again i really understand lol. Please don’t expect something like Hansol’s though, that was freaky as fuck and it was a special thing for my bIAS BECAUSE THERE’S NOTHING ON HIM AND I WANTED TO SWERVE PEOPLE

But yes, I hope y’all like it, this kind of style is going to be what the rest of them are like, smutty but not too explicit💟💟💟pls tell me if there are any typos bc i never proof read these and y’all are sometimes too nice you don’t tell me

In bed with… series:

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have 3 gifs of johnny bc he slayed this era and well yes it is johnny so treat yourself sorry this is actually crap thoough

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“Well, that’s tragic.”

@obsessionsdaily said:72. And 36. With peter? I’m not sure if your requests are open but thank you!! Ps I love your blog :))))

36. “Well, that’s tragic.”

72. “You know he has a crush on your, right?” “Man, I hope so or else this is gonna get really awkward.” “what?” “dude, we’re dating.”

Peter Parker sat in the desk infront of you. The substitute teacher took attendance before writing the assignment your teacher had left for the class to do while she was out. Of course nobody did the assignment, no one took subs seriously, and your real teacher didn’t care much about what the class did, but the education board had made it clear that the students should be assigned work.

Peter turned to you, a smile on his face as he spoke to you about his weekend plans. He had a bright smile tugging at his lips and his cheeks were a shade of pink. He played with his fingers as he suggested a movie night at his house, his aunt would be gone for the evening and wouldn’t be back until later that night. 

Flash, who had well known feelings for you, fumed with jealous as you laughed at one of Peter’s jokes. He looked between you and Peter, thinking of ways to seperate the two of you or embarasse Peter enough for him to back off. He noticed the way Peter had looked at you, it was the same way Flash looked at you. 

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it's my birthday today and I was wondering if you could do some headcannons for richie crying? (ps I love your blog I check for new headcannons everyday!!)!


- richie hates crying, he thinks it makes him weak

- but when he does it must be something bad because it takes a lot for richie tozier to crumble

- his hands shake and his bottom lip quivers and he has to look away from whoever he’s with so they don’t see his magnified tears in his eyes (stupid glasses don’t help)

- he always walks away and finds somewhere private before he slides down the wall and just puts his knees to his chest and his head in his hands

- richie is a sobber, like it’s loud and ugly and his chest hurts and he can’t seem to stop once he starts

- he has to gasp for air as he lets out this long, choked out cries and if anyone ever heard him their heart would break

- eddie once heard him cry and he was leaning against the other side of his bedroom door silently crying with him

venusandjow  asked:

Mimi I need your help ! During Bon Voyage 2, Jimin was looking for Namjoon and he created a little song... It was soooooo cute but I can't find so video anymore !! (Ps: I love your blog sm, you're my #1 reference <3 <3 <3)

It’s from Bon Voyage season 2 Behind Cam 3 (2:20)

  • You can find the clip HERE
  • Bon voyage S2 links HERE

Thank you for enjoying my blog dear  <3 <3 <3 <3

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||Hotdogs|| Liam Dunbar Imagine

//Yes I realize the title is fucking stupid.\

{Requested: Hello love!! Can I get a liam dunbar imagine where reader is like someone’s sibling and she’s dating liam and they were in like a really (really really) heated make out session then the whole pack walks in on them and teases them for a long time. Ps I love your blog and imagines!! ❤️}

“I hate life!"I screamed as I dropped my hotdog on the floor.
"What’s wrong?"Liam asked, running in with only his grey sweatpants on.
"Look at this awful sight."I mumbled, pretending to tear up.
"What?"Liam asked, kneeling down by me and the hotdog.
"I dropped my hotdog!"I yelled, making him roll his eyes.
"I’ll make you a new one."Liam said as he stood up.
I looked up to see his length showing clearly even if it was covered by the sweatpants.
"Are you wearing boxers?"I asked.
"Yes-"He started to say before I tugged down his pants.
”(Y/N), what the fuck?“Liam yelled as he covered himself.
"Jesus I thought you weren’t wearing any, you must be massive."I muttered, making him furrow his eyebrows.
"Your dick, it must be massive you moron."I blurted out, making him blush as he realized what I meant.
"Liam, why make a hotdog when you already have one for me?"I asked, making him scrunch up his nose.
"Ew (Y/N), don’t refer to my dick as a hotdog."Liam said, laughing slightly.
"I’ll get the ketchup and mustard-”
“You are not putting any condiments on my dick."Liam laughed as he pinned me onto the ground.
"You’re right, that is odd. We need mayonnaise as well."I said, making us both laugh.
Liam grinned down at me, leaning in for a kiss. I gladly kissed back, smiling as his hands left my wrists and trailed down to my shoulders. Liam strips his shirt off while he helps me take mine off. Liam and I kissed each other hungrily as he hands roamed around my back before unclasping my bra.
"Liam…"I giggled, making his eyes squint as he grinned, letting out a laugh as well.
I wrap my arms around his neck and bring him in for another kiss as he massages my boobs, causing my to moan. Our kiss became rougher as he started grinding himself onto me. He moaned as his member rubbed against my core, making me whimper. Suddenly the door flew open, making Liam and I jump slightly. Liam covered me with his body as the pack walked in.
"What the hell is going on here?"Stiles asked as he, Scott, Malia, Theo, Lydia, and Kira walked in.
"Uh we were-”
“I just finished taking a shower, so I only put on underwear and shorts. I was going to make a hotdog and I did but it fell because Liam ran into me, causing Liam to fall on me and the hotdog to fly across the room."I lied, earning laughs from the pack.
"First of all, why would you be walking around shirtless?"Stiles asked.
"Free the nips."I answered, making the pack snicker.
"Gross, now why did the hotdog just so happen to fly across the room?"Stiles asked.
"Well Stiles, I fell and my arms swung forward so the hotdog flew-”
“And why were you two making out?"He asked.
"We weren’t!"Liam spoke up.
"So what would you call what you were doing right now?"Stiles asked.
"Strengthening our bond and making a human connection brother."I answered, smirking.
"You have three seconds to run Liam!"Stiles yelled as he grabbed his bat from behind a plant.
Liam quickly ran outside while I held back Stiles.
"Stiles, you can’t kill him!"I yelled.
"Sure I can, I just need wolfsbane!”
*later that night*
“You want my hotdog (Y/N)?"Liam asked, making me choke on my hotdog.
Scott quickly realized why I had choked, making him smirk.
"Oh cmon Liam, you were about to give it to her earlier."Scott spoke up, making Stiles choke on his drink.
"What was it that they were doing?"Scott asked Kira, making her smirk.
"Oh, oh I’m falling."Scott mumbled as he took off his shirt.
"Oh no, are you okay?"Kira asked as she wrapped her arms around his neck.
"Oh no, I’ve fallen."Scott whispered before they began making out.
I glared at them but chose to ignore them. The whole night they kept teasing for what seemed like hours until I had enough.
I grabbed Liam’s hotdog, glaring at them.
"Sure Liam, I’ll have your hotdog."I poke up, making everyone turn their heads.
"Stiles, I’d leave if I were you."I whispered, making Stiles jump out of his seat as he screamed, covering his ears.
I grabbed Liam’s hand and made him feed me the hotdog.
"Mmmm."I moaned as I took a bite out of it.
Lydia shut her eyes and ran off with Malia. Kira and Scott followed behind as Liam kept feeding me more of his hotdog.
"Aren’t you leaving?"I asked as I turned to see Theo with a smirk on his face.
"Oh I’m enjoying the show."Theo answered, making me throw my knife at him.
"Fine, I’ll leave.”
(Liam’s P.O.V)
The teasing has been going on ever since last night. I swear I was so close to snapping at them.
“Oh Liam, oh god Liam!"Scott moaned, making the pack snicker.
Stiles had gotten up and stormed off, he didn’t want to hear what happened. He didn’t even know what was going on until the werewolves started to tease (Y/N) and I for having sex last night.
"Keep moaning my name (Y/N) and I won’t last that long."Theo said, making me blush and clench my jaw.
I could smell something strong, it didn’t smell good. I looked down at (Y/N) and saw her playing with her food instead of eating it. I sniffed her and realized it was her, her chemo signals were giving off an awful scent. I studied it for awhile until I found out what it was. She was feeling embarrassed, sad, anger, and hurt. I looked down to see a tear trickling down her face, making me wrap my arms around her. I pulled her away from the pack and stormed off with her.
"What happened?"I asked as I kissed the top of her head.
"They keep teasing us and it’s getting so annoying and frustrating. I’m so mad I’m crying."She answered, sniffling.
"Hey, hey, look at me (Y/N)."I mumbled, making her look up at me.
"We had sex, so what? I’m proud I had sex with you, god you’re stunning (Y/N). I’m lucky to even be in your presence, let alone be with you.” I stated, making her smile.
“I love you Li."She whispered as she rested her head on my chest.
"I love you too (Y/N), what do you say we go back and every time they tease us, we do something to gross them out?"I suggested.
"Sounds great."She mumbled before wiping away a few tears.
"You feeling better?"I asked.
"Mhm."She answered, smiling.
We both walked back hand in hand to find the pack still talking shit about us.
"Sure Liam, I’ll have your hotdog."Theo teased, making the pack laugh.
I looked over at (Y/N) who was already looking at me, smirking. (Y/N) stripped me of my shirt and then hers. She sat on my lap, facing me so we could make out. Lydia and Malia gagged and ran off. As soon as (Y/N) started to pry off my jeans, Scott and Kira dashed upstairs with Stiles, Lydia, and Malia. (Y/N) smirked as we pulled away from each other.
"I’m still here, please, keep going."Theo spoke up.
Liam and I rolled our eyes before putting our clothes back on.
"Teamwork is the work for a team!”(Y/N) screamed.
“Workteam is the team for a work!"I screamed.
"Shut up, you two make no sense!"Stiles yelled from upstairs.
"Can’t believe this all started over a hotdog."Liam muttered as Theo made a hotdog.
"Stupid hotdog.”(Y/N) muttered, making me laugh.
Suddenly Theo dropped his hotdog making him curse.
“No, not the hotdog!”(Y/N) screamed, making Stiles yell at us again.
Malia ran in at the mention of a hotdog, accidentally running into Theo. She fell on top of him, making (Y/N) and I laugh.
“Stupid hotdog."Malia cursed as she pulled away from Theo.
"Plot twist: Hotdogs bring people together.”(Y/N) spoke up, making my eyes widen.
“Oh my god, I think you’re onto something."I mumbled.
"You make the hotdog for Stiles and make him drop it. I’ll grab Lydia and make her fall on top of Stiles.”——————-
Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this, I hope you enjoyed it. Have a wonderful day/night!

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Hi, its my birthday soon and i just wanted to ask if you could rec some fluffy sterek fics please. Ps i love your blog your my life saver xxx


Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you have an amazing day :) I may have went a tiny bit overboard with the fluff :p These are all such lovely fics, hopefully a few of them are new to you :) 

The Kiss Doctor by  bleep0bleep | 3.5K

“That’s me,” Derek says. “Are you, um— the Kiss Doctor?”
“Stiles,” is the reply, and the guy grins. It’s charming.

Is That a Gun In Your Pocket Or…That’s a Gun In Your Pocket by  Elpie (Horribibble) | 8.1K

Derek Hale is the best boyfriend.
He’s sweet. He’s funny. He recites Pablo Neruda completely unprovoked.
He also happens to be in the murder business. But hey, nobody’s perfect.

Mates and Mushrooms by  mikkimouse | 11.5K

Derek’s not that excited about spending three days at a conference getting propositioned by every Alpha with a single pack member. Stiles has a plan to make it stop.

It might be a great plan…if only Derek weren’t head over heels in love with him.

It might be an even better plan if someone at the conference didn’t have a vested interest in Derek staying single.

every version of me falls in love with you by  stilinskisparkles | 9.5K

A little girl wearing a bright pink tutu flies down the steps and towards Derek. Derek has time to remember that according to Scott, her name is Rosaline, she’s five and that she’s Derek’s daughter, before she’s leaping into his arms. He catches her easily, breathes in her scent of milk and oranges and to his pleasant surprise, Derek, and someone else, too. Someone that smells good. She smells like home to him.

The Chase by  saltandbyrne | 10.4K

Derek’s fourth Chase will be his last if he doesn’t catch an omega this time. He’s starting to doubt this whole soul-mate thing anyway, at least until someone from his past shows up and gives him the run of his life.

Kingdom By The Sea by  TheCriminal | 4K

Lydia grabs his arm and pulls him down in the seat next to her. “When the hell did you find time to bag a guy like Hale?”

“We’re friends,” Stiles feels his face heat up, and then the team are running out and Derek sees him and smiles. His blush gets worse.

“Oh really?”

“Our moms were friends, okay? We’ve been in diapers together.”

“I thought you two hated each other.”

Operation: Chick Flick by  Inell | 7.3K

Stiles knows agreeing to be Derek’s fake date for Cora’s wedding is the stupidest thing he’s ever done, but it’s a little difficult to say no to the man he’s been in love with for seven years.

Void ab initio by  Leslie_Knope | 4.6K

We were best friends in middle school and promised (signed a contract and all) if neither of us were in a relationship when we turn 30, we’d marry each other. You moved 5 years later and I haven’t seen you since but you just reached out on my 30th birthday to find out if I’m single. Minors can’t be held to contracts but puberty hit you like a truck and I just broke up with my long term boyfriend a month ago so what the hell I might as well catch up with you.

The One Where He Pitches And Catches by  mikkimouse | 4.2K

Derek entered the conference room, spotted the table with “M. P. Stilinski” on it, and stopped short.

Oh fuck.

It most definitely was not going to be fine.

Sitting on the other side of the table was the most attractive man Derek had ever seen, with whiskey-colored eyes and pale skin with dark moles speckled across his jawline, moles Derek was very familiar with because he’d spent two hours last night drunk out of his mind and licking them.

Lap Magnet by  Prairie_Grass | 30.7K

Wherein an ill-advised floral arrangement leads to a whole new definition of obliviousness, accidental mate-bonds, and far more sex and tropes than one fic really needs.

Every stumble and each misfire by  everchanginginks | 14K

Stiles hasn’t seen or heard from Derek in ten years. It’s a bit of a surprise to find out about Derek’s return to Beacon Hills through Tinder.

Muffins As A Declaration Of Intent by  JenNova | 3.7K

“Top or bottom?” Stiles asks, off to Derek’s right.

“Bottom,” Derek says automatically, not really looking at him. “Wait, what?”

nom de plume by  bleep0bleep | 3.9K

There are no more chapters. 22 is the last one.
Derek groans in despair. He has to know what happens.

anonymous asked:

Are you still accepting prompts <3 If so please can you do one where Kim says “Oh, come on. You know you love me,” to Trini, to which she responds with “I’d sell you to Satan for one corn chip.”, of course she is joking because she secretly is a softie for her tol gf :) (PS: i love your blog <3)

Hi! I am so sorry that this took so long for me to answer to. School has really been trying to take me down lately. Hopefully this isn’t too bad! P.S. Thank you! I <3 U.

“Trini,” Kim says once more, barely concealed exasperation in her tone. “We have to finish studying. The bio test is tomorrow. Can you please focus?”

Trini looks up to meet Kim’s dark eyes, from where she had been staring absent-mindedly at the mini galaxy swirling within the center of the morphing grid. 

She looks up and she sees that the girl’s gaze is set on her pointedly, in mild annoyance–probably has been for a minute or so–and though she does feel guilty for how often she’s been spacing out during this study session, her exhaustion wins out in the battle as to what she’s going to express. 

So, she sighs and falls back with a dramatic groan, throwing her right forearm over her eyes and her left over her stomach. 

“Nooo,” she drawls out then. “I’m so tired. We’ve been studying for hours, Kim. If we don’t have it at this point, then we aren’t going to have it at all.”

And Trini’s eyes might be covered, but she can just picture the small frown that pulls down Kim’s lips next, an adorable pout that always makes the shorter girl weak in her knees and even weaker in resolve. 

“That’s not true. You just give up too easily,” Kim says.

“Or maybe you don’t know when to give up,” Trini replies in turn. “Seriously, Kim. You know that I love you, but you also know how you get when it comes to these things.” 

Kim scoffs.

“Well, sorry for just trying to get us to pass biology so that we won’t have to add summer school to our schedules this year. Sue me if that’s so wrong.”

Trini removes her arm from over her face now, so that she can instead look at the other girl, who is sitting a few feet away from her, with her legs crossed and her short hair tucked behind her ears, a pencil resting just against the back of one as well. 

Her brown eyes are settled onto Trini still, and her eyebrows are furrowed deeply over them, a crease in between them that is just a bit too serious for the yellow ranger’s liking; Kim always stresses herself too much over these tests.

Trini rolls over onto her stomach, and she props herself up with her elbows, her hands clasped before her as a slow smirk makes its way onto her lips. She raises her eyebrows, and a playful look glints within her eyes. 

“You know, I’d much rather just screw y–.”

“Don’t be vulgar!” Kim interrupts, an abrupt laugh bubbling from her now smiling lips as she tosses a crumpled piece of paper at Trini’s head. 

Trini starts to chuckle too, but when the ball hits her face, she gasps dramatically before throwing her body backwards, her hand coming up to cover her nose as her shoulders hit the metal of the floor. 

“Ow!” she exclaims. “I’ve been hit! Oh God, I’ve been struck down right in the middle of my prime!”

She rolls lightly from side to side, her face covered now by both of her hands, and she manages to keep her act up for about thirty more seconds before Kim’s laughter breaks her façade.

A smile spreads across her lips as the air just above her shifts with the addition of a new presence, but she quickly forces it to morph into an exaggerated frown as Kim’s hands grab gently at her wrists, to pull her hands away from her face. 

“Oh, don’t be so dramatic,” Kim tells her lightly when she’s met with the sight of Trini’s pout. “I barely even tossed it at you, you baby.”

Trini’s pout deepens, her bottom lip jutting out even further and her eyebrows creasing even more so. 

“That hurt,” she insists. “I should report you to the authorities.”

“And tell them what exactly?” Kim asks with a soft giggle. “That you’re a big baby that can’t take a paper ball to the face? Because that’s the truth, and if you say anything else they’ll just put you in jail; They don’t like liars.”

“I’m not sure that’s how the whole justice system works, Kim,” Trini says. “Do you even pay attention in Government class?”

Kim hums thoughtfully with a tilt of her head before answering with an honest, “No.”

Trini laughs, shaking her head and pursing her lips as she does so. 

“See, and then you wonder why you’re stressed about the tests we take. I only got transferred into Government earlier this semester and even I know more than you. That’s sad, babe.”

“Hey!” Kim exclaims. “It is not my fault that the only classes I can’t pay attention in are the ones you’re in. I do just fine in the other five classes I take. So, technically, it’s all your fault that I get so stressed. You’re the catalyst for the chain of events that leads to me not knowing anything about the subject.”

“Well, looky there. You used the word catalyst correctly! There’s one correct question on the Bio test right there!” 

Trini laughs as Kim scowls at her, but her laugh quickly morphs into a low whine as the other girl smacks at her upper arm. 

“Ow!” she says again, her hand coming up to rub at her bicep. “What is with you and hurting me?! This is not how relationships are supposed to go, you know!”

Kim just shrugs. 

“Stop saying stupid things, and then I won’t hit you. It’s as simple as that.” 

Trini frowns.

“I don’t say stupid things!” she protests. “I think you just enjoy hitting me! Which I definitely do not enjoy, and which I do not want to take any longer!”

With the conclusion of her sentence, she turns over to push herself up onto her knees, and then her feet. She makes it about two steps before strong arms are wrapping around her waist, their hold firm and familiar. 

“Oh, come on. Stop being so dramatic,” Kim says as she pulls Trini’s body back to be flush against hers. “You know you love me.”

Trini definitely does not melt into Kim’s touch at all as she fights the smile trying to tug at the corners of her lips–Nope, not a single bit. 

“Honestly?” she asks monotonously, to prove that fact. “I’d sell you to Satan for one corn chip.” Kim gasps. “And not even like a Tostito’s corn chip. I’d do it for a Walgreen’s brand one.”

The grip on her waist loosens, and it gives her the opportunity to turn around within them. 

She’s met with Kim’s pout, this time, and her heart practically swells within her chest, full and ready to overflow with endearment, at the sight.

“That was surprisingly more painful than one would expect,” Kim says seriously, a thoughtful furrow to her eyebrows. “Have you been working on that one for a while or something? Because, ouch.”

Trini chuckles lowly as she begins to, slowly, wrap her own arms around Kim’s waist.

“Actually, yes,” she replies. “I was going to use that one on Zack, the next time he tried to convince me that he was my favorite person, but, hey, the opportunity presented itself.”

She shrugs and tries to keep in the giggle that pushes at her lips as Kim’s puppy dog eyes widen.

“So now you’re implying that I’m not your favorite person?” the pink ranger asks, completely affronted. “Well, then what am I even doing here?”

She goes to pull away, but Trini isn’t having it.

“Okay, okay. Don’t leave. I’m sorry. I was just kidding,” the yellow ranger says, tightening her grip around the other girl. “You know you’re my favorite, baby. I was just kidding.”

Kim continues to look down at her with an unconvinced expression, her lips downturned and pursed. 

“Oh, come on! I was just kiddinggg,” Trini insists after a few moments. “You know you’re my favorite. My one and only. The one true love of my life. The best thing to ever happen to me. My girl–.”

Kim finally laughs then, her smile breaking through the resistance she had been trying to continue, and her dark eyes shining as she leans down to rest her forehead against Trini’s own. 

“Okay,” she interjects gently. “I believe you.” She presses a soft kiss to Trini’s nose. “You’re my favorite too. My one and only. The one true love of my life. The best thing to ever happen to me.”

Warmth swells within Trini’s chest at that, and it spreads through her entire body, from the bottom of her feet to the tips of her fingers, just as it always does. She smiles, loving and calm. 

“Well, good. Because that would’ve been embarrassing if not.”

Kim hums lightly as she leans in.

“True,” she says, her lips hovering just above Trini’s own.

A few seconds pass, and then the yellow ranger is closing the distance between them, connecting their lips slowly and softly, comfortable and familiar.

They kiss for some moments, and then when they pull back, they press their foreheads together again. 

“I love you,” Kim admits, quiet and true.

Trini smiles. 

“I love you too.” 

Kim raises an eyebrow.

“So, does that mean you’ll keep studying with me, then?”

Trini throws her head back with a groan. 

“I guess it does.”

The smile that Kim flashes her before pulling her back to their books makes the prospect of learning about the different types of reactions not as hard to bear.

Man, Trini has it so bad.

Come to the dark side, or not.

 Anonymous said:

Ok, so I’m at a scene and I have my two main characters in adjoining prison cells. He’s been captured because he turned against the dark force and had been secretly helping the light because he fell for the female lead, and she was fighting for the light all along, but the darker side has been trying to coerce her into joining. Could you do some dialogue where she’s ready to give in and he tries to talk her out of it?

 Anonymous said:
Villain x hero prompts, the hero turns into the dark side to be with her!

Anonymous said:
Aaaaaahhhh! Your Villain x Hero prompts give me life!!!!! Could you possibly do some on the villain trying to get the hero to join them? I’m having a bit of writers block. PS! I love your blog!!!! 😍

 1) “You think surrender will save people?” Maybe, given the situation, he should be gentle but he was simply too furious.  After everything, how could she think for even a second that they were the better option? She’d seen what they’d done to him! “It won’t. Trust me, that’s not how these people work. You surrender and they win. Game over. Maybe your friends will still be alive but it will be in misery, or hey, maybe they’ll just kill everyone anyway because it’s not like you’re going to stop them.”

2) “I love her.”
“Clearly to the point of madness. She’s sweet to you, that’s great, good for you. I’m sure you’ll be very happy making love not war when the rest of us rot. Tell me - tell me just one thing-” their best friend’s voice cracked. “What sacrifices is she making for you? What is she doing to prove her love to you or is it just you that’s making the compromises?”
“She’s not the one currently trying to ruin everything. Yeah, so sorry that I did the selfish thing for once to be happy. I thought maybe I’d done enough for the lot of you.”
“The lot of us? I take it back, you two are perfect for each other.”

3) “They want you to fight for them, but they’re scared of what you can do. Terrified of your power just as they’re frightened of mine. Do you really think,” the villain leaned in close. “That when I’m gone they’re not going to turn on you?”

4) “Sometimes,” her voice drifted through the wall, so empty and lost. “I think I’m not as strong as you think I am.”
He swallowed hard.“Please.” He wished he could reach out to touch, to gather her up close through the cold stone walls and make it better because he knew how hard it was to resist them. The only reason he’d been able to do it was because of her. “You don’t have to fight forever, just a little bit longer, yeah? A few seconds, a few minutes, a day. Break it down. You saved me. Now I’m going to save you and get you out of here, okay?”
He had no idea. Still, he injected some confidence into his voice. “You forget, these are my old stomping grounds. I’ve still got some strings to pull here.” And maybe that string would now end up being a hangman’s noose, but if it saved her…well, if it saved her he’d do anything.

5) “Come, now.” The villain held out her hand. Implacable, expectant, calm in her waiting. “Let me make it all better.”
They crossed over and maybe it wasn’t better but falling was a lot like flying when you squinted right.

6) “I could give you the whole speech,” the villain strolled closer. “Threaten to kill your friends, life of luxury, oh no all your friends are really turned against you…blah blah blah.”
The hero watched them warily. 
“I think you’re too strong for that,” the villain said. “Not easily swayed or broken. It’s one of the things I’ve always admired about you. You’d do anything to save them.” The villain sighed. “So I think I’m just going to do this is instead.”
They zapped the memory-wiper against the hero’s skull, shattering all memory of life before, and promptly switched their face to concerned. “Oh thank god, I finally found you…”

anonymous asked:

hey! where do you shop online?? i feel like your style is super cool :) ps love your blog

To be honest, I’ve started online shopping almost exclusively at Choies! I’m so freaking cold all the time (tiny girl problems!!) so I feel like I’ve bought like, all their sweaters and a whole ton of hoodies. There’s a huge Thanksgiving sale going on btw, in case you want to stock up on clothes. It’s a cute store, and affordable too :) Who knows?? Maybe we might be sweater buddies!

Exo reaction to you wanting to do he's makeup

Anon asked: can I please request a exo OT9  reaction to when his gf (the reader) wants to do his makeup and who would let you do it (like would he or would he not , like that. ) I hope I’m not confusing you 😅😅thank you. Ps I love your blog
A/n: hope you like it , and don’t forget the ask box is open to requests ^^ and I don’t own any gifs used I never do 😂😂


He would let you but he wouldn’t allow you to apply to much. 

“Don’t go overboard, I still have to go to work”

After you were done:

“What happened to my face”




He’d be in , but the problem was he wouldn’t stop moving

(You): stop moving Chanyeol!“

"I can’t I was born to moveeee”


“Hahhahahhahahahhahaha no”


He’d be in the middle. He wouldn’t be against it because it means you two get to spend some time with each other. But he didn’t forget to sass you every second

(You): “why are you looking at me like that”

“Where else can I look , you won’t let me turn my head”


He’d let you do it, because he couldn’t refuse to anything except going to a chicken farm, just imagine that. I’m writing a short one shot on it lmao.

“Of course , and maybe I can learn something new as well”


He’d be a bit neutral in this situation (for me). He’d try change your mind ,

“Y/n that would be good idea but I was thinking we could go on a picnic”


He’d look at you in awe as you put down your brush

(You): thanks again for letting try my makeup skills on you. He’d simply smile

"Anything for you baby”


Nope nope nope. He wouldn’t let you.

“Ew no”

(You): pleaseeeeeeeee pretty please