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Hahahahaha I thought the anon asking why they were both wet and Alex almost drowning and your response was this super sexually explicit themed ask cause everyone is asking you to write smut, so i was at once intrigued/turned on/slightly confused then I scrolled down and saw the pic. Ps love you & your blog so so very much

I mean have we ever known me to… not be sexual? ;)

Seventeen Reactions ~ One Of The Members Walking In While They’re Having Sex

Request: Can you please do a seventeen reaction to one of the members walking in on them have really rough sex ,I’m sorry 😂.(ps. I love your blog, your amazing 😘)

A/N: I’m back from the dead, I feel dead wow… anyway like sorry this is late @ the requester anyway hope u enjoy


“Why cant anyone in this place learn how to knock, aigoo” *Shoos Jisoo out by throwing something nearby in his direction”


“Could you please politely fuck off Mingyu, thanks.” *Glares at Mingyu until he’s running out, most likely telling the other members what he witnessed.*


“Oh shit, we’ve been discovered…” *Slowly hides you both under the blankets*


*Literally has nothing to say but the other member knows he’s suddenly irritated that they stepped in on very intimate moment*

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“Run along and play with your toys, Chan.” *just continues whether poor mind corrupted Lee Chan is still standing at the door or not*

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“It’s not what it looks like, I’m just teaching y/n how to body roll in bed… now gtfo so I can continue without distractions”

“then why are you both naked?”





“Care to Join, Wonu?” *Resting bitch face* “No? Okay then get fuck out.”


“Oh my god~ Can you not see I am busy.”


“Kim Mingyu I’m giving you 5 seconds to stop staring at my girlfriend and get out of here before I beat your perverted ass.”


“Bitch what the fuck do you need from me…”


“What the fuck, first you take my lines then you take away my sex life… smh” 



~ Admin Kai

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Hey, would you mind doing a RFA + V and Unknown reacting to a super ticklish MC? I know there are many of us out there aha! PS: I really love your blog; it makes me super happy to read through everything. You brighten my day!! ^-^

|▽//) Thank you so much anon. You brighten my day with requests that’s for sure. I didn’t add in V and Unknown because I wasn’t quite inspired by them for this. But I hope you enjoy!


  • he was watching you play Dark Souls III
    • doesn’t want to play it because the rage would be too intense
  • and you so close to killing Pontiff Sulyvahn (after the umpteenth time)
  • Yoosung was cheering you on but it was getting to be an intense fight
  • his hand just darts to your knee for stability
  • he doesn’t expect you start to giggling or even pull your body away from them
  • when you finally kill the boss you two are sighing in relief
  • “MC why were you laughing earlier???”
  • confused nugget
  • when you explain to him that you’re kind of ticklish
  • he’s pretty respectful of that because he can be a bit ticklish too
  • more conscious of when he touches you now because he doesn’t want to trigger a laughing fit that he can’t stop
  •  but he can’t help himself sometimes
  • he’ll put his fingertips on your knee and spread his fingers out like there’s a spider on it or something
  • you can’t help but giggle and try to pull your limbs close to your body
    • “stOP”


  • you were trying to make Jaehee smile so you tried to tickle her sides
  • but this gelato ain’t moving a muscle
  • -_-
  • doesn’t understand WHY you’re doing it but for fun, she just tickled one of your sides
  • and you SNORT
  • it was barely a tickle, more like a brush
  • and you lose your mind???
  • JAehee will remember this
  • whenever she wants you to do something like clean up your mess or do the dishes
  • she threatens you with tickling
  • the first time you had the audacity to call her out on her shit
  • so she tickles your sides none stop and you burst into laughter
  • it got so intense you were on the floor, crying for her to stop
  • now if she asks you to do something, YOU DO IT


  • it all started with a perfect night 
  • which for you two is sitting on the couch with a cozy blanket and a good set of movies to binge
  • during one of the more romantic movies, Zen wanted to smooch you (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
  • so he gazed into your eyes
  • but the moment he tucks some hair behind your ear and leans in,
  • you giggle and flinch back
  • it takes him a second but he gets this really cheeky smile
  • “Are you…ticklish? ( ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ) ”
  • oh no he’s going for your ears again
  • you cover them but he bamboozles you and goes straight for your exposed sides
  • you’re yelling at him to stop in between your snorts and giggles
  • it gets kind of embarrassing when one his neighbors knocks to inquire about some disturbing noises


  • you were just pleasantly sitting on the floor, playing with Elizabeth 3rd with your donut
  • at one point  he can’t stop staring at you because you were so spectacular
  • your neck was exposed, practically calling his name
  • so he did something bold and kissed your neck
  • IMMEDIATELY you retreat your head between your shoulders while giggling
  • very confused donut
  • you decide to fuck yourself over and tell him how ticklish you are, especially the neck
  • “Interesting…” was all he said
  • w-what’s interesting? WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING!?
  • when you least suspect it, he tickles you
  • you think he’s asleep when he’s spooning you?
  • nope he just tickles your stomach
  • while you’re chatting up people at an RFA party, he’ll come up from behind you and place his hands close to your neck
    •   ヘ(。□°)ヘ
  • you’re at home minding your own damn business he’ll just be like “MC hold still”
  • you do as you’re told but his hand is going straight for your neck and you just pull your shirt to your chin


  • you knew how merciless Seven could be
  • even in the tickling department
  • one time he tickled Yoosung until he started to hyperventilate
  • lord knows what would happen to you and your ticklish self
  • his smallest touches you refrain from any giggle or snort
  • but d-day came faster than you would have liked
  • you two were sitting on the couch just watching TV
  • and he pulls you in by the waist to cuddle with him but you let the giggle slip out
  • he’s looking at you
  • you’re looking at him
  • FUCK
  • he leans in closer like a cat ready to pounce
  • i-i goT TO GET OUTTA HERE!!!
  • you jump off the couch to run to the bedroom but he fucking tackles you down
  • he goes straight for your armpits and you can’t stop laughing
  • you’re in T E A R S
  • “MERCY!!!”
  • but this jellybean is having the time of his life
  • you’re just a tearing potato with flailing limbs
  • one of your hands hits Seven in his jaw during the crossfire
  • he stops because he accidently bite his tongue and you freak out
  • but it ends in laughter ^^
Black and White (Jughead x Reader Soulmate!AU)

Prompt: Can you do a soulmate au where jughead and the reader can only see the world in black and white but once they see each others eyes they can see color? Also can the reader be a really quiet and shy photographer but friendly and kinda loud when around people she knows well?? Ps: I really love your blog💕

A/N: I hope you like this!! It turned out more poetic than I thought it was going to? Oops. (It’s also almost 4am so my brain is like fried? Hopefully it made some sense.) xx


Black and White (Jughead x Reader Soulmate!AU)

The world had hidden colors within reach.

Black and White hid the vibrant colors from those who weren’t lucky enough to find their soulmate at a young age.

Some saw colors at age 6.

While Some never saw the greens and blues the world had to offer.

In the small town of Riverdale, it was uncommon for those to find their soulmate with those they grew up with.

But there was always childhood friends who find themselves staring at their soulmate’s eyes and seeing colors bleed out of the plain black and white.

You were different than the others.

The Black and White. It captivated you.

The idea of vibrant colors. The Purples, pinks. All of it made you wonder how it came from the black and whites.

How could one look in a stranger’s eyes make you seen a whole rainbow of colors?

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So Sasuke told Sakura "you're annoying." 3 different times.. how do you think the meaning behind it is different each time? PS I love your blog! You do such an amazing job at analyzing stuff!

The manner in which its meaning changed each time he said it is easy to tell due to the context of the conversation and his facial expressions (but many antis just pay attention to the words and nothing else; go figure). The first time he said it, he actually meant it:

Sakura was being a little ignorant of the hardships faced by orphans, which was rather insensitive of her considering Sasuke’s own status as an orphan. Thus, he called her annoying, and rightfully so.

The second time he said it was more of a tease than anything else, which was again made clear by the context but especially his expression; that’s not the face of someone who’s annoyed. He said it to indicate to Sakura that what he said earlier, regarding how he didn’t remember that day by the bench, was actually a lie; he remembered it as vividly as she did:

It still baffles me that some antis actually still think he meant it here, and even the next time he said it. The 2nd time Sasuke calls her annoying, it was very similar to the manner in which Shikamaru calls Temari a “troublesome woman”; in other words, it was almost more of a satirical gesture. This was his face leading up to him calling her annoying the first time:

He’s looking at her with clear discontent as Sakura makes light of being an orphan. Contrast that with his face leading up to the 2nd time he called her annoying:

He’s deep in thought, contemplating a multitude of things because her words make him falter and doubt his resolve. There’s no malice or scorn in his expression like there was the first time. This expression is soft, regretful, but determined to realise his ambition.

The 3rd time he said it was mainly due to her words causing him to falter again, and recall the love he felt from his family; she was causing him to remember the past love, a happy life, all things that he was now trying to sever his ties with because he believed those things were out of his reach:

And even though he had accepted that, for the sake of his revolution, he wasn’t necessarily happy about it. He was aware this path wouldn’t bring him happiness; he agreed with Sakura when she told him that in 181, and his face here just proves it. It was literally the exact same, pained smile that Sakura had displayed earlier during the war:

That should tell everyone something about the inner turmoil within Sasuke, and how much the curse of hatred was influencing him. You’d think antis would get the same message, but some just refuse to acknowledge the significance of the curse.

But yeah, that’s my take on the matter :)

In bed with... Johnny


Anon: Helloooo~ thank you for the making out with Johnny it was 😍😭👌👏👏 and i kind of went ⚰ But now I came in to ask if you please could do “in bed with… Johnny” too (i love killing my friend 😊) Thaanks in advance! ❤ Ps i still worship your blog

Everyone is so thirsty over Johnny I’m S H O O K but then again i really understand lol. Please don’t expect something like Hansol’s though, that was freaky as fuck and it was a special thing for my bIAS BECAUSE THERE’S NOTHING ON HIM AND I WANTED TO SWERVE PEOPLE

But yes, I hope y’all like it, this kind of style is going to be what the rest of them are like, smutty but not too explicit💟💟💟pls tell me if there are any typos bc i never proof read these and y’all are sometimes too nice you don’t tell me

In bed with… series:

  • Taeil
  • Hansol
  • Johnny
  • Taeyong (coming soon!)
  • Yuta (coming soon!)
  • Kun (coming soon!)
  • Doyoung (coming soon!)
  • Ten (coming soon!)
  • Jaehyun (coming soon!)
  • WinWin (coming soon!)

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have 3 gifs of johnny bc he slayed this era and well yes it is johnny so treat yourself sorry this is actually crap thoough

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okay so regarding that whole 'phil is actually the moon + dan's the sun it's the wrong way around ' thing i think that you can interpret it either way? like you can see the sun as representing passion, fire and determination (dan) and the moon representing calm, cool, relaxed (phil) OR you can see the sun as warm, kind, light (phil) and the moon as dark, mysterious, cold (dan) so there's like no right way at all? idek okay ty xx (ps love your blog 10/10 quailty content)


Hero’s Comfort

REQUEST: Can you please make an Oliver Queen x reader, where the reader gets hurt and Oliver takes care of them?? Ps: I absolutely love your blog❤️❤️

A/N: Thank you so much for this request and the lovely words! I had fun writing this. Sorry it’s on the short side, hope you like it!<3 

Originally posted by felicityssoliver

Pairing: Oliver Queen x Reader

Warnings: injured reader, fluff!!!

“This is ridiculous. I just need an ice pack and some painkillers and I’ll be-OW!” you shrieked as Oliver lifted up your injured foot, the swelling around your ankle had now come out and it looked more like a tennis ball than an ankle.

“What the hell was that for!” you hissed, glaring daggers at the man currently  kneeling on the floor as he examined your injury.

He gave you concerned look. “You need this bandaged up, and you need to rest it for a few days. That means no training and no missions.”

You gave him an incredulous look, he couldn’t seriously expect you to be alright with that.

“Oh, come on,” you groaned. “I’ve literally been shot at, chased, kidnapped, arrested- all in the past year while working with you, and you’re putting me out for a freakin’ sprained ankle?”

“Yeah, I am.” 

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Sick Onstage

Requested: Can you do one kind of like the performing sick one, but the other way around? Where the reader is sick on stage. PS: I LOVE YOUR BLOG!

Note: I made the reader have type 1 diabetes in this one because i feel like I already wrote shawn sick on stage, and I wanted to do something a little different. But it has caring and protective Shawn, and a cute gif in the middle, so I hope you enjoy it :)



Today has been an off day for you all day, by that you mean your sugar levels have been all over the place, which really messes with your mood and your ability to concentrate. Some days are just like this, but you’ve learned to deal with it. You have Type 1 diabetes. You were diagnosed when you were eight years old, but you were never one to let that stand in your way of accomplishing your dreams. And if anything it has only inspired you to beat the odds, and to live your life fully and without restriction in spite of the diagnosis.

At eighteen years old, you’ve accomplished more than most eighteen year olds. You’re currently traveling the world on your own headlining tour, selling out arenas and stadiums. Every single night you get on the stage feels like a dream come true, and you still can’t believe this is your life. You’re currently backstage in your dressing room, waiting to go on. You look up as your boyfriend, Shawn enters your dressing room. He’s only with you on tour for a few days, since he’s busy writing his own music and selling out his own arenas. But it just makes it worse that your diabetes decided to be difficult on a day that he’s here visiting because you haven’t been much fun to be around today and you haven’t felt up to doing too much either. You wanted to save your energy for your show tonight, but of course Shawn has been nothing but understanding all day. 

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Omg, what about Johnny after getting his wisdom teeth taken out hc?? Has his been done?

not yet so I’ll butcher it for ya!! ps I’m in love w your blog name it’s gorgeous and makes me think of miley cyrus but also soda bc duh he’s so majestic

— johnny has his eyes half-closed for whatever reason
— he thinks he’s, like, recovering from some major heart surgery and there’s a 1% chance he’ll survive maybe(totally) ??
— and he’s talking all in low groan
— “but I’m allergic !! ”
— you’re like ???papi what the fuck??
— “don’t hurt me mister bumble bee!!!!”
— the dentist has pictures on the ceiling panels and one has a bee on it?? you think that’s where it came from??
— “bumble bee bumble bee bzzzzzzz”
— johnny is you good??
— “bzzzzz!! run dally there’s a beee! buzz buzz buzzz”
— you’re helping him to the car laughing but you’re scared at the same time
— you’re like aww ??
— you’re driving and suddenly he puts his hand on your arm & goes “buzz.”
— you’re like “okay bby just go to sleep ??”
— and again dis boi goes “buzz.”
— serious af too
— the rest of the way home he just sobs about him, you, and dally being stung by a fat yellow bee
— 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ 🐝 🐝

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Your Tangled AU is the most cutest AU I've ever seen in this Fandom!! You´re so talented, your blog is so awesome, YOU'RE AWESOME <3, Ps: I love a lot your blog!!! <3 (sorry for my bad english)


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What blogs are you currently following/recommend? Ps: love your blog hehe

I’ve been meaning to do one of these type of things, so I guess now is as good of time as ever! These are people that I have been following for quite a while/people who I could never even dream of not following and I suggest following every single one of them ❤

@berrysweetboutique, @mysteriousdane, @koffeecake, @pxelglobes, @pixelsimdreams, @brntwaffles, @adriannecarroll, @goodnightlittlewing, @pxls, @wildlyminiaturesandwich, @bratsims, @citrontart, @cherryvanillasims, @soft-almond, @sandy-sims, @butterscotchsims, @tainoodles, @sim-senpoo, @neopixiesims, @pxelplants, @ddeathflower, @morgibritt, @cosysimmer​, @cuteplumbbies

Disclaimer: I’ve most likely forgotten somebody because I’m a flop. If I happen to think of any extras, I’ll be sure to add their usernames as well :3

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Tythan: Ethan complains about Tyler being taller but he secretly loves it especially whEn THEY HUG BECAUSE TYLER CAN HOLD HIM AND HE FEELS SO SAFE AND JUST UGH ps I love your blog 💕 -Ly

YES TO THIS HUNTY !! (and thanks pal buddy dude, i love you more tho <3)

  • ethan just hugs tyler from behind and puts his face on his back
  • “it’s like cuddling a human version of chica mark”
  • so mark and ethan just randomly tyler 
  • “oh my god, ethan, you’re right why have i not known this”
  • “wtf are you guys doing” tyler says, a but concerned that a blue boy and man baby are hugging him
  • BUT JUST..,,,.,..,.,,good ol’ tythan hugs where eth leans with his back on tyler’s chest. tyler’s got an arm around ethan as they shaRE A BLANKET 
  • “even tho i’m shorter than you, i really don’t mind the hugs i give you” ethan says nonchalantly to tyler at their house
  • “you initiate the hugs first eth”
  • “i know, you bear”
Watching Sunsets: Hook X Reader

Requested by anon: Is it possible to get a Hook one shot? Where the girl plays hard to get so hook becomes a massive flirt, tease perhaps slightly dominant? Ps I love your blog! ❤️

ight so like I think I wrote what you mean. I think.

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The phone had started ringing, breaking you from your thoughts. You checked the number yet you didn’t recognize it. Shrugging you answered the call.

“Hello?” you said into the phone. There was a moment of silence before you heard a familiar voice.

“Ah, hello love. How have you been?” Killian spoke lively.

You scoffed, “I’ve been good since I last saw you, did you use a different phone to call me?”

He chuckled, “Well I didn’t really have a phone to begin with, I’ve been using the phone booth.” He paused. You thought about his persistence, he was really making this “hard to get” thing difficult. “Anyway, I wanted to see if it was just my calls you’ve been ignoring.”

His voice sounded smug, but you weren’t about to let him win, “I’ve been busy. You aren’t the only thing I have to deal with. Is that a problem, captain?” You could just picture the look on his face.

“No problem at all. Why don’t you come deal with me in person then?” He retaliated. You considered turning him down again, but decided against it.

“Any place in mind?” You asked him.           

“We could go to a restaurant,” He suggested. After a brief pause you told him no.

“How ‘bout the dock where your boat is, I like sunsets.” You confessed.

He chuckled, “Anything you want love.” You agreed on a time and he said farewell.

“I’ll see you then,” You said, trying to hide your excitement. The phone clicked in your ear. This should be fun, you thought.

The sun was hovering over the water when you arrived at the dock. You spotted Killian quickly. His hair was a mess and he was still wearing his leather jacket. You approached him slowly in hoped that he wouldn’t see you yet.

“Are you trying to sneak up on me?” He called out, his back to you.

As he turned you saw him grinning, “Just trying to surprise you,” You challenged.

He laughed, “Pirates don’t surprise easy mate.” He began walking towards you but you slipped past him.

“I’m sure I’ll think of something,” You smirked. The sun had just begun to dip into the water when Killian moved to stand next to you.

“You’re right, sunsets are rather beautiful.” He paused before continuing, “As are you, but I thought that one was obvious.” He glanced towards you half smiling. The colors in the sky shifted while you stood next to him watching.

You reached for his hand to take it. Turning it over you examined his palm, “You have a lot of rings,” You glanced up at him.

“Aye love,” He said softly. His eyes gleamed in the orange sky. You let his hand drop from yours, but he brought it to your face. His fingers felt course on your skin, sending shivers down your spine.

Putting your hand over his you murmured, “Killian,”

He froze, “Yes?” The sun was almost completely submerged now, and the thought of turning him down occurred to you again.

You shook your head, “Never mind,” In an instant you had your hand on his shoulder, your lips pressed against his. He was caught off guard, but quickly sunk into it. His hand cradled your face while his arm wrapped around your back. All you could feel was his heat as the night air chilled around you.

After a few moments he pulled away, “Hold on a sec,” He laughed.

“What is it?” You asked. He stared into your eyes, his face just was inches away.

“Nothing, just-” He chuckled, “God you’re amazing,” Instantly his lips were on yours again. A hand reached for you waist pulling you tight. Your heart pounded as the seconds ticked by, less aware of the darkness surrounding you.

Eventually you pulled away panting. Resting your head against his shoulder you whispered, “When did it get dark?”

“Not sure,” He mumbled. You stayed in his arms, looking up at the night sky.

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I have you on notification and I saw "can we talk vkook" I like whispered yelled "YES" and almost fell out of my chair :') (ps. Your blog is so great I love you/it 💖💖)



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the dos and don’ts of taking a “good” photo

anon 1 asked:  so i really want to start posting original content on my studyblr (idek if i have any on it rn lmao) but my phone camera isn’t very good and I want my pictures to look nice. any suggestions?
anon 2 asked:  Do you have any tips for taking good studyblr photos? Ps I love your blog x
@sunlight-study asked hi!! my name is ellie, and I’m a new studyblr. I saw your masterpost for new studyblrs, and I was wondering if you had any tips or thoughts on actually taking the pictures you post?

hey! it’s your girl joce, here with a few basic tips on taking photos of stuff! these are only the bare bones of taking a good photo, and are supposed to only be basic guidelines to help! hope these dos and don’ts will help you guys!

01. Shadow

sooo basically, when you’re taking your photo with whatever camera it is, make sure you don’t have any shadows covering your content!!! if your hand or your camera’s shadow is visible in the photo, get it outta there asap!!! having a shadow over your stuff is kinda icky, so let’s just try to avoid that in general, shall we?

02. White vs Yellow

Your lighting matters a lot! When you’re taking photos, having a bright, white light source is always the best! Your first, free, super good light source is natural light! take a photo near a window in the morning or something for really good white, natural, bright light! If smh there’s no natural light, using light from a lightbulb that gives off white light is the best. 

White is always your best bet. If you use light sources that don’t give off white light, you might end up with wonky looking photo lighting!!

03. Angle: Angles 

There isn’t really any specific rule to this, and at what angle you choose to take your photo matters purely on your content / photo subject. but in general, you want to get a photo of  just your content. 

You can take a shot straight on, tilted, from a side angle, anything! just as long as you think it looks nice.

04. Angles: Whole vs Part

What you also wanna consider is when you take your shot, you want to get your content, but if it’s a notebook, do you take a picture of all of the notebook? do you want to take a partial shot and take lots of partials or do you want one full body shot? i rec. taking a photo that just covers the whole of your subject matter, but once again, it depends on what you think is good!

05. Angles: Extra Bits

so when you take your photo, like tip 04, try not to get unnecessary extra bits in your photo. for example, if you’re taking a photo of a lettering and you place it on a desk, clear your space. you don’t need tissues and eraser bits lying around your photo. Also, if you’re taking a picture, just get a picture of the lettering, no need to get the rest of your desk and the floor as well. those are extra bits we don’t need.

06. With or Without the Stuff You Used

So basically people usually take pictures of notes and stuff. In the photos, you often see pens or extra bits (maybe things that fit the color scheme of the photo, etc.). It’s totally up to you if you want to add pens or markers or whatever to your photo. just make sure that whatever you add contributes to the photo overall and doesn’t take attention away from the photo.

07. Background

So this is once again a matter of personal opinion, but your background is very important! You can have your photo have only your content (i.e. a notebook, the pic only has ur ntoebook paper shown in it, no desk space or anything), or it can have a background. Your background can be your desk, a white space (or any space with solid colors), your patterned bedsheets, anything goes, as long as it looks good to you!!!

so yeah! those are 7 quick tips to photo taking, hope they helped!! 

also, stay tuned for part two of the photo taking masterpost: photo editing. 

hope this helped!!! xoxo

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HI FRIEND IDK WHERE TO PUT THIS BUT I HOPE U LIKE IT last night i had a dream that i was a markiplier video... like the lets play was all i could see and markiplier's face cam was in the corner... he was playing some sort of fnaf fan game where he was crouching in an open space with a sorta foxy animatronic in front of him... then the foxy expanded mechanical arms like a spider and it was a really slow jump scare and mark kept carrying on then i woke up ps love your blog byeee

Omg lol this is the best

He’s just like “Eh, I’ve seen scarier jumpscares.” and just keeps going.