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So I have managed to reach another thousand and as I have previously done, I made another texture pack! It is truly an amazing thing how I managed to reach 3k after basically going on a hiatus for an entire month and then coming back only to change fandoms XD I’d like to thank some of the followers that have stayed loyal to my trashy blog and some of the amazing mutuals that decided to stick with me, I just feel so very very grateful for you keeping up with me I admire your patience so so much! Ok, so enough with the cheesy stuff! Please visit my askbox if you have any questions, thank you && you can find more of my texture packs here!

This texture pack includes separate files on:
> Art
> Books/papers
> Gifs
> Photography
> Shapes/geometry

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Nissa’s 4th Texture pack! [1] [2
These were all made with my OWN photography. So, if you happen to redistribute, I will personally come into your house when you’re sleeping and remove whatever genitalia you happen to have.
I know the textures themselves aren’t that good, but just bear with me, I’m still trying to get the hang of these things.
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(Note, that black on on the right actually has more to it than it seems.) 


This pack contains thirty-one (31) different images, in various sizes. I actually used about four images to make the background in the graphic above. I’ve used some of these my previous graphics along with some I plan to use as well. None of these photos are mine, they are only images I have collected for my personal usage, and now you guys can you ‘em as well. So please enjoy!! You can download this pack, here. Happy photoshopping, and thank you for 700 followers!!

Hello everyone! This blog has finally reached 10,000 followers, and to celebrate, there must be a pack for all the wonderful followers that we’ve received. I’m so happy that this blog has been a great help to you, from the messages we’ve received I know how our followers feel about us. And I thank you for all the positive messages you’ve sent, each and everyone of you. Thank you for your support! -Admin

Download: rar | zip