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Hi there, hope you don't mind me asking, but I thought if anyone would know the answer to this q, you would!: is there away to change the colour of an area of relatively flat (but still textured) colour in ps whilst retaining the texture? ie, the fill bucket doesn't work with aliasing & also flattens out any texture: I feel like there should be some combination of adjustment layers and colour selection gradients that might work? Particularly loving comics tech pen & gouache soft atm! ta

If the area you are wishing to change is located on its own layer, you can lock the transparency of that layer and then fill that area with any color you like (or paint inside that shape, etc.). 

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Would you ever make more clothing for sims 4? It always seems like you kinda enjoy that more!

Maybe once I think of something I really wanna make like I did recently, tho that one ended up looking really bad lol XD And yeah I do like playing in PS and drawing textures from time to time cause making one type of content all the time gets boring after a while that’s one of the reasons why I also like making accessories every now and then as well XD

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Hi, I love your stuff, especially the textures you use! I was wondering What is it/where did you get it? I've been trying (and failing) to get that sort of watercolor-y texture myself.

Glad you like it!

Most of my textures are self made, for the main watercolour-like texture on my pages, I took a blank sheet of paper with one of my grey copic markers and coloured a small section of it (to save marker ink). I scanned it into PS, duplicated/mirrored the texture till it was as big as I needed, then made some PS edits, smoothing out edges with the content aware patch tool, and sharpening the texture to bring out a bit more of the grain in the markers. 

And as with most textures, I made it greyscale and applied it using an ‘overlay’ layer, adjusting levels to match the overall tone of whatever I applied it to. 

Hope that was a bit helpful.

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Sissel, I had a question that I was wondering for a while as I don't know if you ever mentioned it or said this elsewhere before. (Apologies if you have talked about this before, I just can't seem to find it. XP) What program(s) do you mainly use to create your art in? ... Also maybe, what are your favorite brush settings for those pretty chalky textures on some of your paintings? :3 **Happily meeps in curiosity.**

no worries, I get asked a lot but I don’t think I have it written anywhere public :p I use photoshop CC (newest version) for all my digital art!
the chalky texture is just that, a texture added to a brush I made in PS! in reality the texture just looks like this and repeats over and over, makes a kind of cool effect!

You can pretty much add anything as a texture on the brushes, which is cool!


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What programs do you use to create CC? I'm interested in creating some of my own, but have no idea where to start! Thank you! :)


For everything:

For Skins:

For Poses:

Good luck!