nkay i need to tell you all my dream before i forget it.

so last night before i went to bed, i was watching Magic Mike and texting Jaxters about jak and daxter silliness. apparently, once i went to bed, my brain translated this into a very interesting and amusing event.

i don’t remember why this was a needed mission, and it definitely was a mission, but i remember someone having to seduce another person. for some reason, torn was the pick, and jak and daxter were commenting about he’s too much of a tight@ss to do it well. switch over to torn, who’s standing in front of ashelin in a chair. i don’t know why she is, ‘cause she wasn’t on the enemy side? but this definitely was the mission, and not just them having sexy fun times. anyways, i see these two, and quicktime events pop up, kinda like the dancing missions in the sly cooper games. someone is pressing PS buttons correctly in order to make torn dance like frickin magic mike and give ashelin a lap dance.

i don’t know how to feel about seeing torn dance like a stripper and make out with ashelin

maneofstars asked:

I think to take screenshots on PS3, you press the PS Button (the little circle one in the lower-centre) and the start button at the same time. I think this works for most games? At least it did for me, took me ages to get it though because I hadn't realised the little circle thing was even a button. Also I think they're saved in Photos.

I did try that, but I guess it doesn’t work with Skyrim uvu. I also looked it up, and it said that you need a memory card to do that?? Thanks for the tip, though. I appreciate it :)

Simple Mortal Kombat Error Fix

For those of you trying to play Mortal Kombat X, and have been getting the “CE-34878-0″ error upon startup,  there is a very easy workaround for this error.  Simply go into your ps4 settings,  go to network,  and uncheck the network tab. Then go start up MK X, it will run fine now.  Once you’re past the splash screen with the logos,  just press the PS button and recheck the network box again.


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