"Sam’s a sweetheart. As a person, he’s just incredibly generous and he’s the same as an actor. We just have really, really good fun on set and we love working with each other."

"She’s great fun. Don’t tell her, but, you know, she’s extremely talented and very witty too."

guardandshield asked:

⁂ (what did you do to piss her off Hawke?)

Send ⁂ for my muse to react to yours
shoving them against a wall.

       It took him by surprise, though in hindsight he should
have known it was coming. If not then, eventually. He must
have pressed the wrong button, or the same button one too
many times. Aveline had put up with his antagonistic jests for
long enough — longer than he’d initially expected — that
Garrett had let himself be lulled into a false sense of peace
and civility.

       She was, he thought, as fearsome as an ornery lionness.
He had been chased by dogs whose snarls were less intimi-
dating than the look she was giving him. Garrett tried to hide
the shock Aveline had given him when she’d turned on him
and pressed him to the wall; but it would be hard to miss the
glint of alarm that had flashed in his amber eyes.

       He should have backtracked, apologized for whatever
slight had brought this down on him; but the rogue did not
take kindly to physical threats. He resented her for drawing
such a reaction out of him; and perhaps, underneath his
tangible conscience, he worried what the consequences
might be, if Aveline were to get the idea that he could be so
easily cowed.

       “Did I touch a nerve?” he sneered.

already-c00lest asked:

well this is already a symbiotic relationship so i have a good feeling about it. i would send you prompts but i am putting all my muse into writing even more thompsinelli drabbles hehehehe

yay oh also do you have an ao3? you should post on ao3. there aren’t enough fics up yet for it to be “common” aka come up as an option when you start typing a character’s name in the relationship box. 

also you should “mention” me in the posts when you post the things. I am following you but I’m writing now and usually I literally wrote half a fic while I was eating lunch yesterday no joke so I won’t be looking at my dash and that way I can make sure I see it.

xoxo, e.j.

ps i forgot to press publish on this and i just read that proposal fic dear god