Laptop display troubles

IBM PS/2 Model P70 (1989) on the left side and Toshiba T2200SX (1991) on the right side. The IBM machine is equipped with a gas-plasma display and Toshiba has a typical side-lit passive-matrix LCD. The photo can hardly show how superior the plasma screen is. Its black is so deep that it cannot be beaten with any modern LCD. It is as fast as CRT monitors (unlike passive-matrix LCDs with 300ms response time) and as sharp as active-matrix LCDs (that were introduced a year after this machine).

There are no plasma screens in laptops today so where was the catch? It was in power consumption which was significantly higher. Typical machine with a gas-plasma display was either AC-only or with battery life usually up to one hour. Active matrix displays started to be affordable in 1992-1993 and with their color capability and lower power consumption they pushed plasma screens out of the market. Until then gas-plasma displays were the hi-end choice for many portables.

My P70 in action:



today, loey lane (one of my favs!), posted a bikini swimsuit try on, and it reminded me of how much she has influenced me to be body positive. not just her either, there have been sooooo many people that i have either met or watched that have helped me so much with my body positive journey. i am so grateful because without them i would have never been able to post a video like this. i wouldn’t have even been able to try them on in general let alone film it and upload for the world to see. :D  i am so so proud and grateful for all of the progress that i have made, and i hope that i can encourage others to love themselves too <3