To you… is that all we mean to you?! Do you think we’re better off than you?! If you’re like this, then what about me? Us? If you’re embarrassed once in a while, can’t you show that to your friends? Is that so? Does that really make us friends? Brothers? F4?! Tell me, you bastard!

It’s impossible to share everything. That’s how conflicts begin. However, everyone is capable of thought. Everyone can learn, share, and decide with their own strength. A world built upon an understanding of that. If this is a “dream,” if I don’t realize it, who will?

Sinbad for ulquioras

Do not believe the media’s attempt to label Nicki as an “angry black woman.” Yes she is angry, a woman, and black but that does not mean her reasons are invalid.

I’m not here for white feminism because it is not here for me, my trans, queer, and siblings of color.

PS: I don’t care if Miley is queer - that does not mean her consistent abuse and appropriation of black culture should be excused.


zyx is reaching another level of #relatable