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whew this was really challenging since this was my first big watercolor art thing. happy valentines day to the one and only love square <3


You held your head like a hero on a history book page. 

                        It was the end of a decade but the start of an age.

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Confession: I really really like Steven Universe, but the thing that will always bug me about it is some of the extreme fans. The show has good representation and is really nice for kids and people of all ages but it makes me sad when some fans get angry at such minor things. Like when a white person cosplays Garnet for example. It's just a character the person likes, let people cosplay. I know it's just a vocal minority that are extreme but I just wish people could be nice and get along...

Sorry I’m not posting this as a confession even if you specifically said what it is, but we accept confessions about the show not about the fandom. Also I think you picked a bad example. Maybe I missed something, but I’ve only seen people get angry at a white person cosplaying Garnet when that person did blackface (while their argument was “the accuracy”) instead of painting their skin reddish or pinkish Garnet color. That was not a minor thing. - mod emerald

11.02.2016 morning warmup

i feel compelled to just shove lightning in different outfits she seems to be very good at workin everything