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Visiting Sharon Tate’s grave, Sunday, September 29th, 2013. It was a warm afternoon, quiet; it was a surprise to find it without any flowers or mementos I see around the likes of other famous graves, like Marilyn’s or Tyrone Powers.. No Sharon Tate, along with her unborn baby Paul,her sister Patricia, and her mother Gladys were together, quiet and by themselves, and I was glad to find them.
The top left picture is me, after saying a few words of thanks and hellos, the right picture is me lightly touching the marker and feeling the warmth from the sun across her name, and the bottom one is a curious pic my camera must have taken without me knowing it, but clearly capturing her name..

With so much love and respect to the memory and legacy of the incredible Sharon Tate..You are so loved, and never ever forgotten.

“Jan’s Lament”, by PS Ybarra, 2013

This is inspired by most FAVORITE guilty pleasure film, The Brady Bunch Movie. NO ONE could play sweet, jealous and a bit crazy like Jennifer Elise Cox as Jan Brady! This is the part where she attempts to make Marcia “look bad” by cutting off her hair, while a terrorized Cindy screeches in horror and protest upon the sweetly sleeping Marica.

When Mrs. Brady opens the door to see what the commotion is, her look of concern is turned quickly to delight at the nifty new haircut pageboy Jan gave Marcia, who amid the chatter and compliments of the still beautiful Marcia, Jan loses it, saying “No! She’s supposed to look BAD!”

Thankfully, Jan awakes to realize it was only a nightmare. “What a HORRIBLE dream”, a wistful and melancholy Jan says to herself.

I love this Jan Brady.


Sunset on Sunset Boulevard- I took these Saturday night outside my work in Silver Lake, Calif. There’s nothing like being in the heart of Los Angeles in the summertime, with the setting sun outlining the palm tree lined roads and paths that make up  Echo Park and Silver Lake.

You could hear the Mary Wells music playing from the porches outside that make this part of Sunset Boulevard so special, where residential homes from the turn of the last century are next door to so many bars, coffee shops and cantinas. It makes me fall in love with Summer in Los Angeles all over again.

“Judy Garland: Paris In A Lonely Town” by PS Ybarra, 2012

My homage to the beautiful song sung by Judy Garland in the animated movie “Gay Purr-ee”…I know Judy played a cat named Mewsette (and that the song was Mewsette’s big ballad which I adore!) but I can’t help seeing Judy in those vivid, beautiful colors..singing this beautiful lament..with much respect, love, and admiration to the memory and legacy of Judy Garland.

“Diana Ross: Home”, by PS Ybarra, 2012

I love the film “The Wiz”, which featured Diana Ross as Dorothy..I know she received so much criticism for her casting as the young lead, but it didn’t matter..Ms. Ross made me believe she felt with every fiber of her being, every emotion she evoked, she was indeed the perfect fit…

As I’m here in the now of my mid-30’s, and in my generation of fellow humans who were the very last of the pre-technology boom generation, when organic heartbeat and human touch were being replaced with artificial instant gratification, I can’t think of a more perfect role model for that group of us, looking for home…

I feel that Diana Ross and the choice to cast her as an older Dorothy was a brilliant move, and way ahead of it’s time…This Dorothy truly is the mascot of my generation, and is more relevant and important than at any other time…

No disrespect to anyone’s opinions..I just think a movie so absurd in it’s extravagance that had not only Ms. Ross, but Michael Jackson, Lena Horne, Mabel King, and the VERY underrated THELMA CARPENTER is one helluva piece of magic I wouldn’t trade for anything…