ps vs sai


Dear EvB participants! 

We know a lot of you have started to get to know one another through the spreadsheets and we’re so excited that everyone is so friendly and welcoming!

Still, we wanted to give you the opportunity to get to know each other a little better! So, with the help of your team captains,  @ughfitz and @ifwehadamonkey​, we’ve put together a little activity to get everyone familiar with each other.

How it works:

  • SUBMIT the form below to @thefitzsimmonsnetwork​ (starting now!)
  • We will start publishing submissions at 9am EST on July 15, and end by July 16, 11:59pm EST
  • So, as long as you get in your submission by then, we will publish it!
  • This friendship weekend will hopefully give you more information about your fellow contestants, so that we can all have a friendly and fun-filled hiatus together
  • We will be tagging your submissions as #evb meet and greet, along with your url and team affiliation! 


  • URL: (please note a main blog here if applicable!)
  • (Nick)name: (what do you like to be called on tumblr?)
  • Age: (optional)
  • Personality Type: (Hogwarts House/MBTI type/Zodiac/Character alignment—whichever thing you like to identify with, if any!)
  • What do you love most about FS?:
  • Favorite FS moment:
  • Favorite non-FS character:
  • Fun fact about yourself/something you’d like to share:
  • Recommend one thing (book, movie, show, etc.):

We hope this gives you a chance to get to know your fellow participants better before the first EvB challenge begins on Monday. Hope you have a lot of fun!

As always, please message us with any comments, questions or concerns.

can we just talk about how ridiculous Yato’s outfit in Japan’s bubble era was for a sec

  • bandana?
  • 95% sure that’s a denim jacket with American-stars-patterned lining and ripped off sleeves
  • heart necklace
  • shirt reads “bittobi” which as far as I can tell means “bit date” but I have no idea what it’s referring tobuttobi” and it’s kind of an expression for surprise (thanks @x0401x!)
  • is that a shoulder bag
  • (probably) DENIM SHORT SHORTS ™ also with ripped hems Yato pls


EDIT: I have been informed that “The line on Yato’s bubble era shirt is slang. The official English manga translates it as “Like, no way!” So yes, it’s a dorky, dated fashion trend.“

EDIT2: buttobi, not bittobi.

“I am Groot”

“I ALSO have a tiny friend that yells at me. He’s not a raccoon,though…more like a tiny angry computer ghost”

“I am Groot?”

“Yeah, he’s also a gay robot”

i’m not the only one who thought these two would be friends right?