ps vita screenshot


This exchange initially confused me, but it’s actually a reference to the Lovers Arcana Tarot Card. On most modern versions of the card, it has a depiction of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, along with the snake and a guardian angel above them all. I just found that pretty interesting. It was a nice touch added by Atlus.


All of the Gravity Rush screenshots I made as of now.

All of them are uploaded on my Pixiv, check them if you want!

And now all aboard the hype train for the sequel!!

Meet the Parents

Masaru and Yukiko Yagami, Tomoe and Riku’s parents (screenshot taken from PSV game).

They’re a happy bunch, and I guess Riku and Tomoe both take on their mother’s looks (plus cheerful personality in Riku’s case). Though I wonder where Riku got the blond hair (recessive gene perhaps?) :D