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But if you feel like I feel
Please let me know that it’s real
You’re just too good to be true
Can’t take my eyes off of you

It’s still the 25th where I am so… one last happy birthday pic for Vitya!


gif battle: harryspotter vs dallisons: hp edition
↳ round one: the golden trio + gold

hermione, when have any of our plans ever actually worked? we plan, we get there, all hell breaks loose.

They look at each other, their burdens lifted slightly, their pain not gone but mellowing. Words unsaid. - The Prom script | They both smile. Two old soldiers. - The Yoko Factor script | They are both pained and comforted by the powerful bond between them. - Forever script |

one year

well, how should I start this. I decided to step back from my work to write a little something I probably don’t say enough. I started this blog exactly one year ago today. much like today I started it as an escape from school, a place I was able to come to be able to get my mind off the stress and be able to post gifs, shitpost, make friends with the same interests as me etc. 

within this one year I achieved so many things I honestly didn’t even think would happen. during this year I was able to see bangtan live,  this blog reached 20k+ followers in a year which doesn’t even make any sense but I thank each and every one of you who decided to follow me, talk to me, and just make my days a little brighter. it seriously means ore to me than you can ever imagine. I know I can’t always respond to everyone, but I do read absolutely everything that gets sent to me and once again I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me. I also made some incredible friends I can honestly say feel as though they will become life long, some I’ve already met and some I’m going to travel across the world to travel with and those I’ve yet to meet. and I was able to make namjoon become the bias for some of you :’)))

a year is relative in time and truly depends on who you spent it with, and I’m happy I spent the last year with each one of you

thank you,

your local meme

ps: I decided to use yoongi as my new icon as an homage to the only other icon I ever had on this blog which was also a beanie+mask combo;;;

w.i.p. [summer edition]
  • pansy x godric gryffindor [ zombie apocalypse au ]
    • l o n g one-shot
    • maybe 25% written
    • character study???
    • angst
  • hansy [ modern royalty au ]
    • mid-length one-shot
    • kind of started
    • not a lot of redeeming qualities
    • “funny”
    • long one-shot
    • ????????
    • i honestly really want this to feature romilda vane in all her terrible scheming glory so
  • flintwood [ modern werewolf au ]
    • mid-length one-shot
    • 10% written
    • also a coffee shop au
    • sorry in advance
  • dramionesoulmate au ]
    • long one-shot
    • probably about hockey
    • angst ^infinity
    • dubious world building
  • ronsy [ internet dating au ]
    • drabble
    • i’ve been wanting to write a fic consisting entirely of awkward style emails/messages/etc for what feels like several lifetimes so
    • will likely double as a mistaken identity au
  • tbd [ SUMMER CAMP AU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ]
    • long one-shot
    • this is entirely outlined actually but like…badly
    • s’mores
    • first love nostalgia
    • light angst??????
    • cormac mclaggen will be on canoe duty 
  • hansy [ the definitive accidental pregnancy au ]
    • l o n g one-shot
    • 3k of this is written
    • lmao
    • messy af 

I really like the theme of “controlling the narrative” that runs through THG. There’s a constant struggle between the story the Capitol wants to tell and the story that’s actually unfolding.

In ch 4…

“The commentators are not sure what to say about the crowd’s refusal to applaud. The silent salute. One says that District 12 has always been a bit backward but that local customs can be charming.”

They know that D12 has gone off-script and they have to rescue the narrative. Sanitize it. Rob it of its impact and power. Keep the Capitol in control, feeling superior.