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so i'm the one who sent the original barbie is better than marble ask and im so sorry. i didn't mean to start world war barbie, but it's one the funniest things to be on my dash in weeks. thank you mods for being you amazing selves. 💖💖💖💖💖 PS the newer barbies movies are amazing. 10/10 A+ everything. rapunzel had the prettiest soundtrack out of every movie though.

world war Barbie omg I love it



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What's your kids favorite thing to do? Ps love ur blog

Thank you Anon all my kids love to watch movies and play outside

the day they got him. [johanbeck]

A collection of Johanbeck snippets from the day they brought Watney back on board the Hermes. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while – you’ll find that a couple of things I’ve already written fall into this. Some new, some old, but all placed in order to round out the day’s narrative. 

Note: I totally cheated and combined my favorite book things and movie things from the ending. Meaning that I have them all meet Watney in the airlock (because cute) but I have Beck go get him (because this is Johanbeck, after all. Even though I totally understand why they decided to change it to Lewis in the movie). PS: Thanks for being patient, y’all.

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The final look between Fletcher and Andrew, before he cues the last note — Damien talked about the fleeting last smile at the end of “Bonnie and Clyde” and the shootout between the three men in “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” and the extreme close-ups of the eyes. - Tom Cross (Editor)

He had it framed on J.K.’s eyes, and when he smiles, you just see his cheeks creep up in the frame. I really dug that. - Miles Teller


Hello everyone. 
I’d love to write down everything I want to tell you about the reason why I want to do this and why it’s important to me I’m going to be really quick: I want the movie for City of Ashes, and I’m tired of sitting here and waiting for some kind of news! 

So, what should we do? I have an idea: a video!
Yes. I’m going to make a video where I am going to talk and talk for hours about the reason why we ALL want the movie to happen, and why we should get one

That’s when I need YOU! 
I want you to send me a message and tell me your reasons why we should get a movie for CoA, and also why should people want to see a second movie of the TMI series. 

As soon as I get enough stuff, I’m going to record the video and put it on my YouTube Channel, so then WE can start sending the video to Cassandra Clare and EVERYONE involved with the whole movie making process

Please help me with this, I really want to show my opinion and reasons why I want a second movie, but I thought it would’ve been cool if you guys made this with me! Share your thoughts :)

ps: I’m going to thank everyone who helped me with ideas!

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-The Amazing Spiderman
-Harry Potter
-Sebastian Stan
-Teen Wolf
-Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes
-Benedict Cumberpatch
-Doctor Who
-In the Flesh
-Karen Gillan

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Ps any recommendations on shows, movies, actors, fandoms, books, or really anything interesting is most appreciated!