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If you're still doing requests, 12 with pony plz ps your writing is soooo good💕

I’m always doing requests because I have no life and thank you!! <3

“Why don’t they just kiss already?”

You and Ponyboy have been friends since first grade when he gave you his extra cookies. Ever since then, you hang out all the time. You two sit with each other at lunch, you’re always over at his house. 

You are also very close with the gang. You and Pony constantly play around with each other a lot.

You and Pony walk into the Curtis house and head straight for the kitchen to find Steve, Soda, and Two-bit digging into the chocolate cake. Of course. You really wanted cake. You pout out your lips and sniff like you’re crying.

“Aww (Y/N) don’t cry.” Pony says, putting his hand on yours. 

You laugh. “I’m not crying. I just wanted some cake.”

“Oh…” Pony rubs his palm across the back of his neck. “Uhhh wanna watch a movie?” 

You smile at him. “Sure!” Two-bit makes some snarky remark that you can’t hear because his face is crammed full with cake. But Pony’s cheeks turn a bright red. 

“Shut up. I do not!” 

“Mmhmm. Whatever you say, Pone.” Steve says and Pony glares at him. Soda elbows Steve.

“Come on (Y/N).” He grabs your wrist and takes you into the living room. 

“Wait! What did he say?” you ask.

“Oh nothing. It was dirty anyways.”

“You know I’m a sucker for dirty jokes…” He doesn’t say anything.

“What movie you wanna watch?”

“The Prize!”

“Paul Newman…Should have known you’d want to watch one of his movies.” You smile brightly.

“I like his face.” 

Pony rolls his eyes. “Of course you do.”

He comes back to the couch. You lift his arm up and crawl under it so your head is on his chest while his arm is around you. You feel safe and content. 

For the next hour or so, you and Pony  watch Paul Newman’s “The Prize.” That’s at least until Dallas and Johnny waltz in. Johnny sits at Pony’s feet and Dallas plops down next to you on the couch. 

Two-bit prances over to Dallas and asks him loudly, “Why don’t they just kiss already?”

Pony, upon hearing Two’s question, sits up. His face redder than a tomato. “Leave us alone! You guys seriously need to stop. It’s making her uncomfortable.”

Dallas smirks and leans  towards you. “Do we make you uncomfortable, doll?”

“No.” you tell him. Pony huffs out a breath.

“See Ponyboy. She doesn’t care, so neither should you.”

Soda pipes up, “Yeah, Pone. It’s all just fun.”

Pony lays back onto the couch, but he doesn’t put his arm around you. You wish he would. You two continue to watch the movie and one by one the guys leave.

Soon, you and Pony are alone. “What did Two-bit mean?”


“Don’t lie to me.” you scold.

“I like–you. A lot.”

You give him a confused look. “And you like me enough to kiss me?” He nods. “Then why haven’t we kissed yet?”


You lean forward and kiss him abruptly. His soft lips move slowly against yours. “I like you a lot, too.”

"Why are you so jealous?" with Ponyboy

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You, Dally, Johnny, and Two-Bit all went to the nightly double, Pony stayed behind because he had a English paper due the next day.

“Were have you been?” Ponyboy asks.
“I told you I has going to the nightly double with Johnny, Dally, and Two-Bit.” You reply. You slip off Dally’s jacket.

“Why do you have Dally’s jacket?” He asks standing up.
“Why are you so jealous?” You ask crossing your arms.

“Oh I don’t know. Because your my girlfriend,” he says “because my girlfriend comes home with another guys jacket?” He says avoiding eye contact.

“Babe, don’t be jealous. It got cold and I didn’t have a jacket, so Dally offered me his. Nothing happened Pony don’t worry. I love you and only you. ” You say kissing him.

“I love you too, can you help me with my English paper?” He asks with a giggle. “Of course I can!!”

things i am (not) working on

i haven’t written anything in like 3 months. but if i were writing, i would be working on one of these things: 

dcbb i’m probably dropping out but that’s not 100% yet so i will keep the deets under wrap. i’ve written 19k and probably have another 20k before it’s done. 

dcj i’ve written like 50 words of this but after prowling the entire dean/cas/jimmy tag on ao3, i figure i’ve got to contribute something. dean rents cas & jimmy’s basement. cas & jimmy have a secret (is it that their closeness goes a little beyond just the twin thing? yes). they all fall in love and make out in the pool a lot. also jimmy has a chronic pain disorder because that’s a story i’ve been wanting to write for awhile but hadn’t really figured out yet.

riptides there’s at least 5 more parts to this, but it originally started from a kink bingo card so it could go on basically indefinitely. 

equestrian au  cas is an ex-grand prix rider who had a really bad accident that led to him not being able to (/being unwilling to) ride any longer. anna drags him along to her new barn where he meets kind and devastatingly handsome trainer dean winchester and his mare impala (and his sister charlie! #charliebradburyisawinchester). dean finds cas a special horse. redemption through love. etc. i have been vaguely attempting to write this for years but it is coming along extremely slowly. (ps if you’re into ponies my horse blog is @horsep0rn ! the porn thing is a joke jfc)

something i am probably going to work on today: a traveling light timestamp (i fucking miss those sweet boys).

also since i read everything in the octocas tag too (oh god the shame) i should probably think about contributing something there. or maybe not. things were awakened that i’ve been trying to put back to sleep.

if you have any ideas or feelings about any of this holler at me :D 

So like, with Zootopia out I’ve been seeing a lot of furries on my dash and it’s kinda gotten me back into a furry mood. But the thing is.

I don’t have a fursona. I haven’t had a proper one since I came out as trans. I’ve come back to the question a few times over the years, but I’ve never been able to come up with anything satisfying. Cause like, anytime I want to make one, I can come up with some cute concepts I like, but  none of them feel like me. Cause, like, Daydream is Me.

And it wasn’t until today that I realized that still gave me a good option.

So I just drew anthro Daydream like I should’ve been doing the whole time.

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I have a little promth to you: BBRae kids, not like the next generation, but them being kids. For example; Rea being bullied and BB stands up for her. Or: BB and Rea playing, BB with dinosaurs and Rae with ponies. PS, Love you!

And I love you too little anon!

So, the story behind this is that some mean children pushed Raven to the ground and BB tried to protect her from being hurt (as you can see by their dirty clothes and BB’s bruises)

Sorry if it isn’t what you had in mind, I tried my best ^^”

Also I couldn’t help myself from drawing a little Raven with a girlish dress… Idk just did it…


So this is just a quick sketchdump to better illustrate some of my thoughts on Equestrian technology. There’s a LOT I want to explore as far as how their technology works and what it consists of, but for the moment these sketches will have to do. Have some headcanon with that side of drawings! c:

As far as my own headcanon goes, Equestrian technology is a unique mixture of primarily magitech, steampunk, medieval tech, and modern tech all wrapped into one. While their technology may not seem to be as polished as our own and, in some aspects, they are dated, in many ways their technology is just as advanced (if not moreso) as our modern tech.

To briefly touch on power, Equestria’s primary power sources for their tech include Solar and Moon power, hydropower, wind power, natural magic gems (crystallized magic), magic power, and steam power. They do not use fossil fuel as a source of power.

Now, on to some aspects of their technology: some tech isn’t as evolved as others, or simply not as available to the public, based on necessity. For example, while electricity is an available source, indoor lighting for the typical home is often limited to just the main room and kitchen while the rest of the home is lit by candles or gas-based lamps. On the opposite end, indoor plumbing, gas or electric-powered stoves and ovens, and electric-powered fridges are standard editions to the average home.

Then there’s of course technology primarily used by those in the workforce, which is the primary focus of this sketchdump. Most of the tech seen here is used by workers who are in need of precision work, heavy work, or to simply have easier grasps on an item as it is worked on, but regardless the function of these gadgets is to make the work environment safer and easier on the worker. Here’s some info on each gadget seen:

Saddle Pliers:
Exactly as it sounds like, this gadget is basically a tricked-out metal saddle with fully mobile and rotating arms and “claws” extending from it. The arms are flexible and were invented with wings in mind in terms of its range of motion and overall “anatomy”. This contraption’s purpose is primarily to aid the user with precision and heavy work, such as blacksmithing, construction, and medical usage. The Claws of the arms tend to have different functions and overall build, depending on the purpose and brand (for example, medical claws are slimmer and build for better precision, while blacksmith claws are often wide, flat, and meant to simply hold items steady or in place as the pony works). This gadget is controlled via an enchanted hardhat or an enchanted headband, which allows the pony to manipulate it through the use of massive magic (no, you don’t have to be a unicorn for this to work. Every breed knows how to use magic)

Rectractable fingers horseshoe:
A horseshoe built with the same mechanics of a clawed gauntlet in mind, this show is literally what it says on the tin. The “finges” feathered in the show are three; two primary fingers and a thumb of sorts. When not in use, the fingers are folded and hidden beneath the primary “pad” of its finger. When in use, the fingers extends and is flexable and, when prompted, able to form a makeshift “fist” to grab items. These shoes were made primarily for construction workers, repair workers, computer techs, however it’s usefulness can be seen in a wide variety of jobs and activities. It is controlled similarly to the clawed gauntlets: the pony manipulates it using the magic that resides within their hooves.

This one is simply a closeup on Featherweight’s camera (PS that fullbody pony is indeed a teenaged Featherweight). The sketch is to simply show the overall design of the camera and some of its functions, as well show how a hoofed animal will be able to use it with no problem.
It’s a little short at the moment, but I have to get ready for class and leave soon so this should do for now I think. o3o Also ignore my shitty writing. >.>

But as always, if you have questions feel more than free to ask.  And thanks for stopping by. ^.^


Pony a Day 2: Day 49

The first of many mass-pony photos to come; the Pony Count begins!! These are all of my G1 adult ponies, without sea ponies, or babies, and a few assorted G3/G3,5/G4 tucked in. The pile is just over a foot and a half deep!! 

So far, the pony count for this pile stands at: 

151 standard adult G1 + 38 So Softs + 14 SHS + 12 Wingers + 31 Collector’s Pose 

43 G2 

31 G3.5 

12 Newborn Cuties 

13 Pony Friends 

2 Styling G3.5 

2 G1 Dream Beauties 

5 Styling G3 

3 Styling G4 

So final tally - 357 ponies so far! On to the next box…