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Pairing: Peter Maximoff x (f)Reader
Featuring: Jean, Kurt, Ororo
Request: Can you do an x-men Quicksilver one where the reader temporarily gets the power to hear peoples thoughts and can hear all Peters thoughts about her, Peter has a huge crush on her and has no idea she can hear everything he thinks, thanks! ps. I’m like obsessed with your writing!!!
Word Count: 1693 words
Warnings: Fluff, swearing, sexual reference, tiniest bit of sorta smut…?
A/N: So…haven’t seen x men apocalypse yet, but I read a shit ton of fics for this and used what I’ve seen floating around. Also cheesy af title I know. And thank you for your kind words and request, hope you like it!
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((gif not mine, credit to owner)) side note: Peter when he sees you ^^^

                You woke up to the familiar loud chatter, everyone’s thoughts jumping around in your brain as you tried to do what Jean said. Focus on your breathing. After a few minutes your breathing steadied and your mind was quiet, well so you thought. Where’s Y/n? A voice wondered loudly. It was Peter, his voice laced with concern, which was unusual considering he was always calm. Soon a knock echoed in your room and you muttered groggily “Come in,” Before Peter flashed in. “Hey.” You mumbled, leaning against your head board.

She’s so cute in the morning.

And all the time, fuck she’s gorgeous.

Your eyes widened as you tried to push Peter’s thoughts away, to no avail. His thoughts were a lot like how he speaks, fast and a lot of randomness forced between each line.

I really want pancakes.  

Y/n likes pancakes right?

She also likes strawberries.

She smells like strawberries sometimes.

Do her eyes always look so beautiful?

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Pages (Part 6 of the Quick Ishimondo Series)

Link to all the Quick Ishimondo Thingies

I fucked up i done fucked up this was supposed to be really short but the prompt was about books and i love books and i got carried away so here, enjoy this 3k word fic that came out not as good as i wanted it to be D: anyways, i added in a hannibal book because i know you like hannibal so much, hannibalanarchy!

And uhh, if any of you like any of the books I mentioned here, please send me an ask so we can fangirl about them because i really really love these books.

((PS, i love how this prompt was addressed btw i could get used to that hahaha jk))

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