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Hey guys!
People have asked me to do videos in English as well so I gave it a go! Please tell me what you think so I’ll know if there’s a demand for these in the future! :)



Easy 3 miles early this morning 😊 I always used to haaate running without eating first, but I don’t mind it now, and I like getting my run done first thing 😊 I had no other option today anyway since I needed to be at uni to teach today so I didn’t have much time.

It started out tough but after the first mile I just wanted to go and go! (The first mile really is always the hardest 😝) My calf had a sharp pain right towards the end, so I’m hoping that’s not going to get bad again…

Pictures of my outfit today too because I was just really happy with it hahaha 😂 Mainly because this shirt actually matches my boots super well (though I don’t know if you can tell…) I just really liked it 😝