ps not supposed to be creepy



So this was released today. And naturally the first thing I read right afterwards is a bunch of 35-40+ year old men complaining how it doesn’t appeal to them and how it looks like a dumb teen show that will be a “big fail for Marvel.”

Really, Mr. 35-40+ year old? A coming of age show about a teenage girl and a teenage black youth who are runaways, discovering they have powers and falling in love… On Freeform, formerly being ABC Family, giving us shows like Mystery Girls, Pretty Little Liars, Baby Daddy… And you suspect this show may not be for you? And you suspect that the New Warriors will be an embarrassment for Marvel for the similar reasons, because it doesn’t appeal to you?

Go fuck off. Not everything need to be fucking Daredevil. It’s not supposed to appeal to you.

I think it looks just fine and I look forward to it. :)

PS: She’s a teenager. She’s not going to wear THAT costume with the dagger boob window. As a horny 15 year old boy, I thought that costume was awesome. But as a 40 year old man… That costume is just kinda creepy, doncha think?.