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Not My First Choice-(a Kylo Ren Imagine)

Sitting in your room a hologram of Captain Phasma appeared.

“Snoke has requested your presents (Y/N) .”
You had been working with Supreme Leader Snoke for sometime. He considered you one of his most loyal subjects.

“I’ll be there in a few.” You mutter, thinking their probably coming up with a new plan to find Luke.

“I’ll make sure to inform them you will be arriving soon. Dont take to long.” The Captain says.
You nodd and the hologram disapears soon after.
You get dressed and put your helmet on. As soon as you have your things together you speed walk down the hall.
You walk in the room to see Snoke talking to Kylo. They both go quiet and look at you.

“You called for me Supreme Leader?” You say walking toward them.

“Yes, I was just informing Kylo that he needs someone to keep him together. Someone to guide him. Like a wife per say.“ Snoke says

“But what does that have to do with me”

“I want it to be you.” Snoke says calmly.

“What??” You gapped. Surprised at what he was purposing.

“I want you to be Kylos wife (Y/N).” he repeated.

“And what if I refuse?”

“I’m afraid you cant. Its already been arranged. You can not refuse. You will be married by sun down and thats it.” Snoke said before disapearing.
You didnt know what to say. You were mad. More than mad, were furious. You devoted your life to surving him and this is what you get. You couldnt believe it. Walking back to your room you debated running but you knew if you did they would kill you before you reached out side. You went to out the door when Kylo cut you off.
“Trust me I dont want this anymore than you do. So lets just get it over with and hope he’ll let us free if he sees how bad we are together.” He says looking past you.

“Knowing Snoke he’ll never let us be free no matter how bad we are together” you say pushing past him and going in your room.
*****4 hours later******
It was almost sundown. There was a knock on the the door. You assumed it was time. The door opened and two storm troopers esscorted you down the hall. They took you out side were Kylo and what looked to be a minister. You walked the rest of te way to them by your self. Once you got there the minister cleared his through and asked for the both of you to kindly remove your masks. Both of you take them off and you look up to see him, Kylo. The whole time you have worked for Snoke you had never seen Kylos face. It was surprising. You thought he’d be a ugly 50 year old man close to death.. but no he was the complete opposite he was beautiful and young. The ceremony finishes and you both go your separete ways. When you got back to your room you sat on the end of your beed thinking. How could you have not seem how attractive he was.. You went to bed with those thoughts in your mind unsure of what will come tomorrow.
After you got up you took a shower and got dressed. Not bothering puting your helmet on you went out the door to find Kylo in the other room have another one of his fits. Thats the fifth time this week you think to yourself. You walk in the room to see whats up. Kylo clearly not seeing you come in continues destroying everything in sight. You come be hind him and put you hand on his shoulder. He turns and puts his light saber to your throat. Thinkingbhe will surely kill you, you have a look of pure terror on your face. Kylo noticing that its you lowers his saber. You back up still scared and he follows you. He lifts his hand and puts it on your cheek.
“Its okay (Y/N)” he whispers “you’re safe with me”
Not knowing what to do or to piss him off you just nod. He walks closer and puts his arms around you. You couldnt help but hig him back. He was surprisingly warmer than you thought he’d be. I guess you were wrong about a lot of him. You lean your head on his chest listening to his heart. I could get used to this i thought. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Note: I hope it turned out okay.. sorry if theres any mistakes this was a little rushed.
Ps. None of these gifs are mine so credit to the owner/creator.
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