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please stay - two: october 2016

Debra doesn’t know who Harry Styles is if it isn’t because of Lola. Though they tend to have classes in the same building, Debra isn’t the type who lets her eyes wander and watches people. She’s the type who actually doesn’t mingle in the building too long once her classes are done. She prefers to wait outside, sitting on one of the benches on the green space near the library than waits in the crowded hallway with a bunch of people around her.

Besides, she’s given up on trying to find a boyfriend. She thinks she just can’t find her match with one of the guys on campus, and she figures she’ll just focus on her studies and wait until the right time. That is definitely one of the factors why she never really pays attention to any guys anymore, and another factor is that the last relationship she had—it was last year—only lasted about three months. So, yeah, she thinks now is not the right time to be in a relationship.

So, when one of Harry’s classmates, Lola asks for her number on a particularly busy afternoon, Debra furrows her eyebrows and looks at Lola weird. “Harry who?” Debra asks with arms full of rolled up flyers.

“Harry Styles. He’s my classmate. You probably recognize him from the footie match last year,” Lola says casually.

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01 / 07 / 17 • Two more days left of winter break and I have barely finished anything early like planned because we’re so busy with packing for the move. Finished this spread though! New year resolutions. May 2017 be good to us. 🌼🌿


Happy Birthday Pidge Gunderson / Katie Holt ( April 3rd )

“I bet my bottom dollar you’re gonna be part of something that makes the whole universe sit up and take notice.”