ps i really liked this pilot!

Anathema (Cover)
twenty one pilots
Anathema (Cover)

i can confidently say that this song is one of my favourites off regional at best. it’s weary and begging yet so powerful at the same time; to me, this song is about surrendering and then realising you won’t. you’re strong enough.

i chose to cover it today because it’s josh’s birthday (oh REALLY) and that he sings in live versions of this song and it makes me cry. so yes

happy birthday, josh. we love you and you deserve the whole world.

past covers!! || request a song!

(ps: if you ever want to download a cover of mine, shoot me an ask/message and i’ll be more than glad to give you a link!!)

♡ Mel (She/Her)
♡ 15
♡ FL

- I enjoy indie/alternative music (Twenty One Pilots, Halsey, Hey Violet, Melanie Martinez, Troye Sivan, Glass Animals, Gorillaz, Oh Wonder) & shows like The Fosters, Jane the Virgin, OITNB, The 100, PLL, Gossip Girl, Stranger Things, & The Get Down.

- I’m just looking for friends with the same interests as me 😇 We can talk about everything or nothing at all!! I’m also really into social justice movements and am a huge support of BLM & intersectional feminism. I love astrology.


- be nice !!
- don’t be racist !!
- don’t be homophobic !!

hit me up !!
tumblr: 924midnight
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(ps: I have a snapchat and i can totally give it as soon as i get to know you better)

(pps: pls send a photo of you so i know who i’m talking to !!)

Looking for some new blogs to follow...

hey! I’m really bored and I’m in the mood to find some new blogs so if any of the things i list below are things you blog about please reblog this and i will check it out!


-Panic! At The Disco


-My Chemical Romance

-The 1975


-Years & Years

-Twenty One Pilots

-Sam Smith

-Tyler Oakley

-Troye Sivan


-Death Note (or just anime in general, I’m trying to look for some others to watch so yeah)

-Fall Out Boy

Thank you! x

(Ps. If you do fan art in am very likely to follow you ok)

okay this is my fAV picture of him bc the dot on the screen makes it look like he has gauges and fUCK

does anyone like younow boys ( seth bishop , aram flood , diego , andrew fontenot , triston tyler , etc . ) bC I REALLY WANT FRIENDS THAT LIKE THEM BC I AM IN LOVE WITH THOSE BOYS

Swan Queen: A Costume Meta

Costumes on this show tell their own story. They are very carefully planned to show the personality and the purpose of the character that wears them. 

Eduardo Castro is extremely prevalent to the show. He’s listed high on the credits, and I do believe under Adam and Eddie. He has has shows and viewings just for his designs.


And not only that, he works CLOSELY with Adam and Eddie. In fact, they have first say. We’ve seen that tweet thousands of times before. Currently I don’t have said tweet, so if someone could kindly post it with this, I’ll love you forever.

Obviously, there are a LOT of costumes, both EF and Storybrooke. So right now, just to start off, I want to start out with Storybrooke costumes for the core characters: Snow, Charming, then Regina, Emma, and finally, Henry


             STORYBROOKE COSTUMES FOR THE CORE                                                                CHARACTERS

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The Big Announcement!

Sorry it took so long to post about this, guys!  I was waiting for Rebs to reveal the big news, but they decided to go and spook the fans a bit with an April Fools’ gag.  Real mature, Rebby.

In any case, I’m glad to be able to help work with Rebornica on their Pilot webcomic!  Like they mentioned, webcomics are a bigger burden than you’d expect, and they can really overwhelm an inexperienced artist.

So, Rebs and I’ve been chatting, and between this, and the concept of a Night Terrors comic down the road, I figured I’d throw my experience in on this job!

I don’t have much on the art front to show for my work, but with my skill, and up-to-date software (I’ll get the new PS for you soon, Rebs, promise,) you should find my updates indistinguishable from Rebs’ fantastic work.

I don’t wanna reveal too much before the big premiere on 4/10, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give you guys a look at some of the concept art I drew for Rebs to make sure I could keep toe-to-toe with ‘em.  I’ll be posting them every few hours today, to help rev up interest on the project, and also so I don’t blow your minds all at once.

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plumderbum  asked:

KruooTsukki for the ship thing

jesus okay get ready because kurotsukki is the actual air i breath

  • kuroo constantly visits tsukki at the most random times and tsukishima always tells him not to waste his money like that but secretly he’s really pleased that kuroo willingly travels to see him often
  • not that he would admit it but tsukishima thinks kuroo’s taste in music is really rad and always nonchalantly tries to get him to rec songs. kuroo sometimes does, but also sometimes rick rolls him or sends him the link to this video (because i headcanon tsukki as a twenty one pilots fan and i think kuroo likes to tease him for it) (ps i have this video bookmarked because reasons)
  • kuroo won’t admit it but he has a weird thing for tsukki’s glasses. he finds it so cute when the other casually pushes them up his nose or when he takes them off to clean them. he also really likes to steal them and do bad impressions of tsukki (yes, like from 50% off)
  • with the music thing, when they’re together they really like to just lay next to each other and listen to music together. tsukki even bought the dual headphone jack for this purpose and even has different playlists for different cuddling moods (he most definitely has one for when they’re bangin)
  • they text each other constantly to the point where it physically hurts both of them to be away from their phones during practice
  • they call each other a lot, too, but tsukki doesn’t really talk much, but that’s okay since he really likes the sound of kuroo’s voice especially when kuroo is sleepy (not that he’d ever admit it lmao)
  • they also skype frequently although a lot of the time they just kind of look at each other in silence. it’s not awkward, or anything, but tsukishima finds it very sappy when kuroo puts his elbow on the desk and his chin in his hand while sighing in contentment as he pretty much lovingly stares at tsukishima (kuroo definitely does it on purpose because he loves the blush that colors tsukki’s cheeks when he does)

mmm was also going to do nsfw headcanons for this one but i decided against it again. thanks for the ask!!

“Everyone’s feelings have been the same since the pilot.”-MJ

Meaning every character’s feelings have been consistent from the pilot through the end of season 2

If Farkle has loved Riley and Maya since the pilot (and since before then), he also loves them now

If Riley felt the same way since the subway about Lucas, then she feels the same way now

so if Lucas wasn’t jealous of Josh before (because he didn’t like Maya that way in the pilot) then he won’t be now

He was however, jealous of Charlie even when Riley brother-zoned him (which means something in regard to the pilot+feelings)

Some may argue then by that logic, Maya doesn’t like Josh, but it is canon that Maya has known Josh for a long time (you GREW UP gorgeous)
Her feelings haven’t changed (we can infer that she’s liked him for a while)

you know who’s feelings have ‘changed’ since the pilot? *cough* Maya and Lucas (even though he didn’t really confirm much with Maya) *cough* (which by spoilers of season 3 cannot be plausible)

ps. Before y'all get salty this is not a post for LM shippers because I’m really not interested in an argument which is why I am tagging this with Rucas and remember,

It’s just my opinion