ps i really liked this pilot!


Really successful day of shopping at @hottopic and @thebarnesandnoble!

(PS-the guy who works at the Hot Topic in the NWA Mall is hella attractive and looks vaguely like Domnhall Gleeson. His name is Skylar.)

((PPS-the girl who checked me out at B&N was also very pretty and a feminist. I will definitely be back to ask her for book recs.))

Looking for some new blogs to follow...

hey! I’m really bored and I’m in the mood to find some new blogs so if any of the things i list below are things you blog about please reblog this and i will check it out!


-Panic! At The Disco


-My Chemical Romance

-The 1975


-Years & Years

-Twenty One Pilots

-Sam Smith

-Tyler Oakley

-Troye Sivan


-Death Note (or just anime in general, I’m trying to look for some others to watch so yeah)

-Fall Out Boy

Thank you! x

(Ps. If you do fan art in am very likely to follow you ok)

okay this is my fAV picture of him bc the dot on the screen makes it look like he has gauges and fUCK

does anyone like younow boys ( seth bishop , aram flood , diego , andrew fontenot , triston tyler , etc . ) bC I REALLY WANT FRIENDS THAT LIKE THEM BC I AM IN LOVE WITH THOSE BOYS