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P.S. I love you - part II

Summary: When your husband, Tony, dies, you are convinced that your life ended along with his. On the day of your 30th birthday you receive a surprise from Tony and with every letter from him, you start to learn how to live on your own - based on a plot of ‘P.S. I love you’ for @hunters-from-stark-tower‘s  3K Celebration Movie AU Challenge.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader (eventually), Tony Stark x reader (in flashbacks)
Warnings: mention of alcohol, vomiting (??)
Words: 2.570
A/N: The song’s title is “The Man That Got Away”, performed by Judy Garland. The movie is titled “A Star Is Born”. 

Part I 

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P.S. I Love You-Galway Girl pub scene.

When I visited Ireland, specifically Dublin, the first night we went out, the first pub we went into, a man was playing the guitar and singing this song, and it was perfect.

Character: William Gallagher

Movie: P.S I Love You

Warnings: None, fluff!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

° “You knocked on my door at 1 in the morning to cuddle?"  "Kiss me.” -William Gallagher

The storm was raging outside. Wind gusts of up to sixty miles per hour were reeking havoc on the trees and power lines.

The lights flickered repeatedly before I was engulfed in complete darkness.

I checked my cell phone, the time reading one o'clock.

When someone knocked on the front door, I jumped out of bed, grabbing my baseball bat.

I peeked out of the side window, to find my handsome neighbor, William Gallagher, getting drenched by the rain.

Quickly, I unlocked the door, “William, get in here!”

“Thanks, Love.” He replied, toeing his shoes off.

Thankfully he wasn’t completely soaked.

“What are you doing out in this mess?”

He took his knitted cap and jacket off, “I came over for a cuddle.”

He said it with such seriousness, until his lips curved into a smile and he bobbed his eyebrows once.

“You knocked on my door at one in the morning to cuddle?” I asked, folding my arms.

“Aye, Love.”

I waited a moment before shrugging,  “Okay.”

The smile fell from his face, “Seriously?”

I leaned closer to him, imitating his accent, “Aye, Love.”

We both snorted and laughed.

“Give me your jacket William.” I said.

He handed it to me, following me as I went to the laundry room.

“I wanted to check on ye. I got a wee bit worried when the power went out.” He explained, leaning against the door jam.

I grabbed a hanger, “So far, I’m good, but you’re more than welcomed to stay.”

I smiled at him after hanging up his jacket.

William’s smile was warm and gentle, “So how about that cuddle?”

I laughed, taking his hand as I walked past him.

When we got to the living room, I lit a couple candles and placed a flashlight on the coffee table.

William held out his arm as I neared the couch, pulling me down when he stretched out, then covered us with a blanket.

We were quiet, listening to the rain and staring at one another.

William touched my cheek, his thumb moving slowly over the apple of it, “You’re beautiful, Love.”

I blushed under his gaze. Two words only came to mind while I took in his face, “Kiss me.”

His hands were so big, his fingers long as he cupped my cheek. Slowly his lips connected with mine, the kiss gentle.

I gasped lightly at the feel of his warm, soft lips tasting mine. He pulled back slightly, just to lean forward to kiss me more firmly.

Enjoying the feel and scent of the gorgeous man, I found myself believing that I was dreaming.

When his hand skimmed down my side to my bottom, giving it a squeeze; I jumped realizing that it wasn’t a dream.

He rested his hand there and pulled back for some air. William swallowed, the light from the candles making his eyes seem darker than what they were.

“I’ve been dreamin’ of doin’ that since ye walked into the bar, Darlin’.”


That was nearly a year ago.


I kissed him lightly, “Well, you’re more than welcomed to do that whenever you want.”

He giggled, leaning back down to continue where he’d left off at.

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Films I can´t get tired at.

Titanic, 1997.

Pride and Prejudice, 2005.

One Day, 2011. 

Crazy Stupid Love, 2011.

The Great Gatsby, 2013.

Grease, 1978.

Cold Mountain, 2003.

The Notebook, 2004.

Love Actually, 2003.

Moulin Rouge, 2001.

Anna Karenina, 2012. 

V for Vendetta, 2005.

The Lovely Bones, 2009.

Bridget Jones’s Diary, 2001.

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, 2004.

Easy A, 2010.

Catch Me If You Can, 2001.

P.S. I Love You, 2007.


Character: William Gallagher

Movie: P.S I Love You

Warnings: Shower Smut!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

This is dedicated to @ladylorelitany !

°William helps you relax after a rough week at work.

The bar was crowded when I entered, Gerry and William’s band setting up their equipment on stage.

That’s why most of Ireland was in here tonight.

To be honest, the thought of all the noise and people just made my shoulders knot up even worse.

“Hey! If it isn’t Will’s Lass!” Gerry called out.

I made my way towards our usual table where Holly was seated firmly on Gerry’s lap.

“Hey,” I greeted, sighing as I sat.

“Lookin’ a wee bit rough there, Y/N.” Gerry said, earning him a slap to the chest by Holly.

I snorted, “Yeah, I know. Thanks.”

“Ouch,” he said, rubbing the spot, “Sorry. William will be down in a bit. Want a drink Lass?”

I nodded, “Just a diet soda.”

“Nothin’ harder?” He asked, earning him another smack.

“No, Gerry.”

“Alright, alright. I’ll get it!”

Holly shooed Gerry away, giving me an apologetic smile, “Sorry, Y/N.”

I laughed, “Don’t worry about it. It’s nice to see him get smacked around every now and again,”

Gerry came back with my drink, which I sipped on while I waited for William.

I proped my head on my palm and could feel my eyes drifting shut when I felt a pair of large warm hands kneeding my shoulders.

“Jaysus Christ, Love!” William exclaimed.

I moaned, my head falling forward as his fingers dug into the knots.

“Keep that moanin’ up and we’ll have to get us a room,” he joked, leaning down and kissing my ear.

I pouted when he sat next to me, “Why did you stop?”

William chuckled, “You were sounding down right sinful, Love.”

I put my head on his shoulder, “Well, those hands are down right sinful.” I grouched.

His hand moved up and down my back as he asked about my day.

“It’s been a week from hell, actually. People calling out, pay roll has been screwed up. I’m just glad that it’s the weekend.”

“Aye, me too.”

We sat at the table, laughing and carrying on until it was time for the boys to get on stage.

“Hey, Love. Let me play this set and then I’ll take ye home, yeah?”

I nodded, smiling at him.
True to his word, right after he played his set, William said his goodbyes to his mates and took us home.

Once we arrived, William had me go to the bedroom and strip out of my clothes.

I heard the shower turn on, then the clinking sound of his belt being undone.

I had stripped as instructed, slipping on a robe while I waited.

William opened the bathroom door, a towel around his waist, “C'mon, Y/N.”

Once in the bathroom, William shut the door and discarded his towel. He came over to me, untying my robe and slowly slipping it from my frame.

“Into the shower with ya, Love.” He said, softly.

A sigh escaped me the second my aching back was under the hot water. I tilted my head back, wetting my hair as William got in and slid the curtain closed.

I moved out of the way so he could get under the spray. When I reached for the shampoo, I was yanked back against William’s wet body.

His lips touched my ear as he spoke in low tones, “Nuh huh, Darlin’. I’m takin’ care of ye tonight.”

I bit my lip, bending my head back to rest on his shoulder.

He took the shampoo bottle and put a dollop in his hands. Lathering up my hair, his short fingernails cleaned and massaged my scalp.

“Tilt yer head back,” he instructed, rinsing the water lily scented shampoo from my hair.

Then he grabbed the washcloth and body wash, rubbing it together to make it soapy.

My back was to him again as he moved the cloth all over my body. William dropped the cloth, taking his hands and coasting them over my body.

Slowly, his hands moved over my breasts, the slick feel of the soap in contrast with the skin of his hands was enough to make between my legs throb.

I could feel that he was turned on as well, his hard length sliding against my soaped up back side.

He advanced downward over my stomach to my thighs. Lifting one leg and putting it on the lip of the tub, he massaged my inner thighs, hissing when I arched my back.

I felt his hand grip my hair gently. Sucking on my pulse point briefly, he flicked his tounge against my earlobe.

“As much as I want ye, this is about you .” He quickly rinsed my body, leaving no place untouched.

Without wasting time, he washed his hair and body while I leaned against the shower wall.

I had to bite my lip to keep the moan in as I watched the suds slide down his toned body.

Once he was soap free, he held his hand out to me, bringing me under the spray with him.

I rested my head on his shoulder, sighing in contentment as he rocked us from side to side, his fingers tickling my back.

“Keep that up and I’ll be utterly useless.” I said, quietly.

“Tha’s kinda the point, Sweet'eart.” He chuckled, resting his palm on the back of my head as he rested his lips on my temple.

William was still turned on and I felt awful, even though I was told not to.

Kissing his Adams Apple, I ran my hands up and down his chest, loving the feel of the hair that was smattered across it.

“C'mon now, Love. Let me take care of ye.” He practically whined.

I ran my nose against his chin, kissing the indentation right below his bottom lip, “You are taking care of me, William, but I want to take care of you as well.”

He grabbed my hand just as my fingers caressed his length. Carefully, he walked me backwards until my back came into contact with the cold tiles.

He smiled, moving some strands of hair from my cheek. As he leaned down to kiss me, his hand gripped my thigh, opening me up slightly.

William kissed me slowly, holding my leg up as he sunk into me. We sighed into our kiss, his hips pausing when he was buried deep within me.

While one hand craddled my cheek and the other kept a firm hold on my thigh, he began to roll his hips lazily.

His gentle and slow thrusts were in time with his kisses. As his tounge caressed mine, his pelvis moved over my sensitive mound.

I needed to breath, turning my head to the side. William nipped his way down my neck. The hand that craddled my head, slid down my shoulder to my chest, where he gently grasped my breast.

Dipping his head as he lifted my breast, he ran his tounge over the sensitive nipple, twirling the tip of it before suckling at me with gentle pulls.

I moaned, holding his head there, moving my hips in time with his.

I could feel myself getting closer and William as well as he twitched from deep inside of me.

“Please,” I whispered, against his temple.

William gripped my other thigh, hoisting it over his other hip, making me lock my ankles at the top of his wonderful ass.

He leaned back, holding on to my hips while he pulled halfway out, just to thrust into me harder.

It didn’t take but a few strokes to send us over the edge. William grunted one last time as he spilled himself inside of me.

Our heavy breaths were drowned out by the sound of the shower.

Slowly, I lowered my legs to the floor, making William slip for me. We both hissed at the sensation.

William turned me around, my back fused to his chest as he grabbed the shower head.

Twisting the nob, he changed the setting to where is pulsed gently. Carefully, he cleaned me up. I was still highly sensitive, the sensation of the water and his fingers cleaning me, bringing me to another orgasm.

I bent at the waist, holding on to his forearm as I moaned loudly, riding it out as his fingers worked over my clit.

“No- no more.” I stuttered, holding his hand at my mound so he wouldn’t move it.

The water had turned cold, in turn making me shiver. William shut the shower off, holding on to me as he grabbed a towel.

Wrapping it around me, he lifted me bridal style and carried me to the bedroom. There, he dried me off before throwing the covers back.

“In ya go Darlin’,” he said, gently patting my bottom, then covering me up.

I watched as he took the towel back to the bathroom, drying himself off.

Gah almighty, I could watch that man’s ass all day.

He came back from the bathroom, still naked and climbed in next to me. We situated ourselves until I had my head laying on his pec.

“Goodnigh’ Love,” he whispered, his lips on my forehead.

“Good night William.”

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