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for your consideration: the team goes to an alien planet that's famous for having really rare ingrediants, right? hunk has a field day gathering up supplies for the ship, and lance jokingly asks if hunk could whip him up some earth food. hunk knows that lance really loved the garlic knots on the beach, so he makes some as a surprise for lance. lance eats one and starts crying because they taste like home. (not really angst but i didn't know who else to send this to ^^") PS you're really cool! :)

hOLY MOLY- And he proceeds to cook foods like the ones Lance mom makes, and he just is awed that Hunk is such a pure bean. So everyone kinda is like, “Can you make something from {Insert where they’re from}?” 

Hunk, the bean, is like, “Yeah!” 

He makes Pidge a type of beef stroganoff that her mom used too make, and she almost cries because it taste just like her moms despite there not being any real beef in it. She hugs hunk, and tells him thank you over and over again.

He makes Shiro  Nabemono (a variety of Japanese hot pot dishes) and Shiro is suddenly reminded of his moms cooking, which he hasn’t had in a long time. [I hc his mom as a Japanese immigrant so… yeah]

Keith requested something, however, and Hunk gets right on it. Getting something akin too peaches Hunk, the most beautiful bean, makes peach cobbler and peach sweet tea [two of my favorite things, I can make both. My peach cobbler is gold, guys]. The whole team teases Keith for his Texas-ness, but Kieth is just reminded of his neighbor who used to bring sweet tea and cobbler to him and his dad in exchange for them helping her out with building around the house. 


Hunk makes Allura and Coran an Altean recipe that he had been working on for awhile, not knowing it was King Alfor’s favorite. They cry and he’s like, “Oh no was it bad?!” 

They’re crying because it taste exactly how it used too, and Alfor would have loved it.]

Your cool too, fam, and i am a dork 


Where are you now?
            Was it all in my fantasy?
Where are you now?
            Were you only imaginary?
Where are you now?
                         A n o t h e r        d r e a m…

*sighs sadly*

leaving now for a party I really don’t want to attend; the music will be too loud & I’m not really going to fit in–but I can’t beg off because it’s a housewarming kinda thing for one of my best friends

all I really wanna do right now is get some sinful food…and then write

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How do you think the gladers would react if a Fem! Reader had abs? They expected her to weak and a damsel, but she kicks ass and takes names. Like if they are just all walking around without shirts on, so she does too. (Obviously wearing a sports bra) I don't know, I just thought this would be funny. Ps. You're great and fantastic. 20/10 💙❤💙- friendly neighborhood ninja

Gally: What do you mean she has abs? When did you see her abs?

Ben: I mean, she’s walking around without a shirt on.

Chuck: W-what? 

Alby: Boys, slim it. Chuck relax, she has some sort of bra on.

Gally: There must be some rule against this.

Newt: I mean, we can go without shirts, so why not her?

Gally: You only say that because you like what you see.

Newt: You’re only mad because she kicked your klunk ass at the Bonfire.

Gally: I thought we all agreed never to speak of that again.

Thomas: Guys look! A shirtless girl!

Alby: We already got past that point, Thomas.

Minho: Damn, you guys see Y/N? Why didn’t we make her a Runner?

Gally: Because you have filthy intentions, Minho.

Y/N: Say one more thing about me and none of you will be left with your manhood.


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Do you know good bodyswap drarry fics? (PS, I love your recs, you're one of my favorite place to come and get new fics, thanks a lot for your work)

You’re so lovely anon friend, thank you! :) Here are some,

We’re More Than Ordinary by digthewriter (12k)
After a freak accident, which was totally Potter’s fault, Draco has to live as Potter for three days. It isn’t a party for Harry, either.

From the Inside by winterstorrm (10k)
When Harry and Draco accidentally swap bodies it immediately turns into a competitive wager between them as to who can best play the other. Draco soon finds out that that isn’t anywhere near as much fun as it sounds.

The Dimming Divide by disapparater (5k)
After a night out drinking, you’d expect to wake up with a headache, but this is taking it a bit far.

Into the Lives of Others by megyal (10k)
An accidental spell sends Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy where they least expect to go.

Too Many Potters by dysonrules (7k)
The Weasley Twins throw a party to celebrate the creation of a new potion. Harry is unpleasantly surprised at the results. At least at first. Extremely AU. :)

Synchronicity by LadySlytherin (35k)
When Harry returns to Hogwarts to complete his final year of schooling, he does so with an unexpected new friend at his side - Draco Malfoy. An accident in potions leaves both boys in an unusual position, which leads to a friendly wager. The wager leads to revelations, realizations, and - in time - a happy resolution that no one was expecting. Well, almost no one…

My Only Hate by VivacissimoVoce (35k)
Harry has been cursed and now inhabits the wrong body. Draco Malfoy may be the only one who can help.


(…) Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the stars refuse to shine
Out of the back you fall in time
I somehow find, you and I collide.

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What if X Drake, Smoker,Kid , Ace and Sabo's s/o went out with a friend but the only thing that came back was the friend with their s/o's belongings and an apology for not being able to save them?(ps i love ur blog you're so great!)

(So I don’t know if you wanted the S/O to have died or to have been kidnapped so I’m going with kidnapped.)

X Drake: He took his partner’s things and clenched them in his hands. He put their things down and ran in the direction where they came from, changing mid-run into his Theropoda form. He searched everywhere he could, staying calm on the outside but his heart was racing. His precious (Y/N). He’ll find them. No matter what he has to do.

Smoker: He was furious. He didn’t bother with his partner’s friend as he got on his motorcycle and looked the entire city for them. However, as the hours ticked by, the more frustrated and worried Smoker became. He didn’t even light his cigar after the first hour.  He would head back to force the rest of the marines to help find them.

Eustass Kid: He snapped at his partner’s friend, pissed that they didn’t watch over his partner like they promised him. He forced his crew to look every inch for his partner and they weren’t allowed to leave the island until his partner was found. Behind all his anger, his heart ached in worry, the pain worsening with every hour that they were gone.

Portgas D. Ace: He didn’t even let his partner’s friend finish their apology as he sprinted off the ship in a frenzy to find his precious partner. All he could hear was the pounding of his heart in his ears. The longer he was out searching, the harder it was to control his emotions. He wouldn’t stop looking though.

Sabo: He immediately ran off to find his partner right as their friend started the apology. With his heart racing in his chest, he looked everywhere for his partner. He knew he only had a short time limit to find his partner. He prayed that his precious partner would be okay and he silently promised to find them.

It’s about to get emotional up in here pt. 2 because ya girl is back with another follow forever!

Since this blog just turned one and I passed a milestone quite some time ago, I thought I would combine those events and make a super follow forever! I honestly can’t thank each of you enough for making my experience on here as amazing as it is today. From sending me sweet messages, to tagging me in different things, and heck by just reblogging and liking things from me, you’ve made such a big impact on my life. (woah there, dramatic much? lol but seriously!) Whether I’ve followed you since the beginning or just yesterday, I love you all from the bottom of my heart!

So here’s to one year with kimbapkidding and hopefully to many more! ♡

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140524 : Taemin at EXO’s concert to support his favorite dongsaeng ♥

AU where Hydra doesn’t exist and Skye covers the bus in photos from their days off 。◕‿◕。