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goldennmami...also fusionmami and croppedheaux.

So before I begin I have to say this is insanely complicated to put into words and make it easy to follow and understand so if I confuse you at any point let me know so I can rephrase it. I am also going to do a quick recap on our first story about goldennmami and the events that followed that, it’ll help you to understand why this all comes together in the end. I may also add a flow chart at the end idk it might help? 

Okay here we go, i need prayers to write this so be kind to me it’s really difficult lmao:

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Happy Birthday to Me...thanks, everyone <3

The Bias List

Little blurbs optional here, but every single one of these folks deserves a follow or a nudge for RP if they’re an RP blog.   No commentary doesn’t mean you don’t have a sentimental place…it just means I can’t think of anything appropriate to write in the wee hours of the morning as I draft this!

Please…if you’re reading this and aren’t following these blogs, do it.  As many times as I trim my follows to remove dash clutter, these blogs are staying.  <3  Absolutely shameless bumps for all of you.  Dropping this list of names under a readmore just to keep the extensive list from being dash clutter:

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O K A Y  let me start by saying how fun it has been to run this blog.  In the 14+ years I have been roleplaying through multiple outlets this has been one of my absolute favorite blogs ever.  I love being the sarcastic wise-cracking bitch that Hyacinth is towards you guys & the fact you all tolerate it amazes me.  To make things short–I have had this blog just over a month & have been shocked by the following it has gotten.  I currently have 360 followers and it makes me want to cry. I love you all. 

P.S. If I forget your URL in the FF please forgive me. I tried to include EVERYBODY I have rped with so far & I made this at 2 in the morning. Much apologies.

Now! ! ! Onto the fun stuff- - -

                As promised, this shall be a follow forever and a giveaway.  Why, you ask? Well, my friend, it will help spread the word of the AMAZING blogs that I follow while spreading positivity around tumblr which let’s face it, we can all use a bit more of in our lives. But more about the p r i z e s  and rules later on.

B E A S T I E S ;

 (blogs that I stalk & would like to say something about) 

  • oficyblast | You are one of the first people that actually found my blog & followed.  I have to admit, I was intimidated to approach you at first because of how amazing you seemed and how absolutely well fleshed out your character was but I am glad we did start interacting. I cannot think of a single reason for anybody to not be following this amazing person.  Annalise is love.  Icyhot for life.
  • flxrtiisms | Much like Annalise you were one of the first people to follow and actually interact with me.  Why you chose to follow me is still beyond me but I am glad you did.  You are amazing & our character’s interactions together are the BEST.  I truly believe that they were separated at birth & will one day conquer Auradon together and ruthlessly rule as we shout to the GODS  “Surprise witch, NOBODY RULES LIKE COLETTE!”. 
  • gloryofhera | I know, I know, I have said it once and I shall say it one hundred million more times but this dude is A+.  You ever hear of a little movie caled Hercules? Nah? Didn’t think so.  Anyways, this dude IS Jerkules.  They are amazing quality & keep to their character better then any Hercules roleplayer I have seen on any other site. Seriously, go follow my precious Jerkules. You won’t regret it.
  • littlexsiren | First and foremost if you have not read the Caster Chronicles then go do that right now because there is this perfect little ball of perfection named Ridley in the books.  & this chick right here roleplays as her.  You looking for quality? Looking for amazing storyline ideas? Looking for an RP partner that is the most perfect lollipop ever? Look no further.  I cry when I read replies from her because of how amazing that they are.  That should speak for itself. Hella happy I found her blog / she found me.
  • a-plan-to-shake-things-upένας πόνος στον κώλο μου. In case you aren’t Greek that roughly translates to a pain in my ass. Aka father dearest.  When I made this blog I never expected any  Hades roleplayers to ever accept my OC & yet here we are.  They are a part of a Disney RP group but MAN are they perfect.  I can see Hades smoothing his flamed hair back out of frustration for having to deal with my little shit sitting behind the computer in their replies.  I cannot stress enough how amazing they are. 
  • mischiefinblood | You are getting a special shout out because a) you are hella quality and b) you were THE FIRST person I ever roleplayed with on this blog. Ever.
  • defectiveduplicate | ANOTHER person I could write for hours about but basically in case you didn’t know this–Hyacinth has claimed Ava as her own personal Martian who she shall love forever. and ever. and ever. 
  • danidennisxn / twistthebxnes / thvckerybinx / poorthackerybinx / ofyabos | Tagging all of you together because honestly you are all epic roleplayers that I LOVE and stalk constantly.  I LOVE hocus pocus & if you do too then go follow these precious beasties.
  • umop-epis-dn / hispreciousthing | like above, I am tagging both of you because you are BOTH some of my favorite blogs & even though we have not interacted all that much I still stalk your blogs faithfully.  Labyrinth is life & bless you for keeping the verse alive. Also– umop-epis-dn has THE BEST URL EVER.
  • underwxrld-ruler | Firstly–I MISS YOU.  You were the first Hades I ever approached on here because I never thought there would be any others & because I ADORED your writing.  Literally, your writing is one of the reasons I am here. I found your blog & decided to make Hyacinth because what could be better than Hades daughter??? & you accepted me! I hope you see this & we start a million threads together again.
  • xgothicstyle | First off I literally SCREAMED when I saw you followed me.  Why? JADE FRICKIN WEST.  One of the best characters ever.  When we started talking however I really got to see how AMAZING of a roleplayer you truly are. I want to have 500 threads with you. Never leave tumblr. Ever. PS I have a shiny new pair of fancy scmancy scissors for you.
  • underworldspwan | I could type for days about this dork but for those of you that do not know, this is my brother. He is amazing & has a perfectly fleshed out character. I love every thread I have with him & you should all follow him.
  • & FINALLY bloodiedlyrics / herbloodwhore | Meet Astrid.  Astrid wins the My Personal Little Shit award of the year.  She is perfection. She is an amazingly talented writer that can think up an amazing plot that will bring you to tears from how great it is in minutes & she is hella rad. So follow both of her blogs. Also, wish her a happy birthday for me.  Tomorrow (9/22) is her birthday. She deserves all of the hugs & kisses & blood. So treat her well.


       (aka people I stalk like crazy but i have gotten tired of typing blurbs from above about. but you should DEFINITELY follow  bc wow such amaze )

clarissapoppins | arsulu | ascarydragonbitch | auradonstreetrat | babybeastiism | amaninyellow | achi-baba | cinneamhain | braidedlily | bxbblegxmbitchx | celantisims|  chaaaaaaaaarles|  ask-princess-evie | bigbybxdwolf  | coldblccded | asktheeviequeen

grimhildetherealqueen | fairestisms | fairy-lyjane | faiirestofall | flxbber | daayaan / louellenthenosestealer | frostbitten-rosebuds | fallinginloveisweak  | gonaxyongon |  diagnosedwithpuberty | dragxnatheart | e-xcellentquestion | filia-mortem| finderofdeath |  dysfunctionalisms

lilacevil | imjcstunique | listenwellallofyou | kempybowe | hazel-shock | halfsiiren | hispuffiness | littleredridingwxlf | insectivorous-poltergeist | ijounakame|  i-was-bewitched | kaihook |  hattiejabberwock |   holyrxbies

mistressmxleficent | strawberryprincessofdarkness | notacreampuff | seaiink | ofmischiefandterror | makahwclfgirl | oflightanddark | noxbig | neilofthesea  | quoeththeraven | malevicent | nerdschoolgenius | maliism | princessofbearxrose | ofmalevolence | playiinghooky | rxtten-spells | reallyeclecticdreamer | ofpuremischief | synodicxgoddess | ofshcdow |  sulfuriic | nevergrew | nxt-your-angel | notmymxther | princessinredleather |  obsessiiive | ofrottencore | rottenxcore | rightfvlking | prcmqueen | ofvampireclan | ofxchaos | nocturniia | ofskeletonmasks | pumpkinheiress | ofcasters

the-hat-needs-magic | thepxmpkinking | thereptilemutant | thiefofthelostisle | tobeluminary | unfadingqueen | vinylchanges |  xfseas | xghxuls

& Sia’s awards go to- - -

                     ( special mentions & awards with no actual prizes tbh but hella rad people )

pcrsephxne (mommy dearest whom i miss dearly) | cafpowiisms (legit one of my fave ppl ever) |  incrediviolet (my preciousssssss yo holla @ your #1 invisigirl fan here) | andfluffy (team blue 2k15 littleman) | degeneris (i o u 1 chimichanga) | warbuilt (u r perfection) || goodliest (I LOVE YOU) | crueltrickoffate (u lil shite. i love you) | outlawiism (LET ME SING U THE SONG OF MY PEOPLE -red bone plays- COME N GET YOUR LOVE) | xmonstro (follow forever on ALL of my blogs) | explcding (SERIOUSLY 1 of the best ppl on here) | faebait (WE NEED TO HAVE A MILLION THINGS TOGETHER OK?) | liltrashbot (WALLE IS FRIEND) | caro-comedentii (ELLO CLARISSE) | whatsaholidaywithoutscares (SGM FTW) | malwcrthy (I MISS YOU) | murdercapitalking (BEST BLOG AWARD GOES TO) | bewiitch (ALSO BEST BLOG) | hookedpirate (The I someday aspire to be as amazing of a writer as you Blog award) | imblindokay (BEST SUPERHERO BLOG) | deadlybcauty (MY OTHER MOMMY) | krelboyyne (BEST SMALL VERSE BLOG) | hasherspellbook (BEST MIXED VERSES) 

& Now the Rules & Prizes!

                                T H E   R U L E S

  1. Reblogs & likes count but you may only reblog ONCE per blog.
  2. You may enter on as many blogs as you wish.
  3. Winner will be randomly number generated during the week of Halloween.
  4. There shall be only one winner.
  5. Winner MUST be following me.  That means to enter you must be following THIS BLOG. i’ll know if you are lying.
  6. Don’t unfollow if you don’t win / directly after you win. It’s rude.
  7. you should really follow the blogs mentioned above. this is optional & has nothing to do but hey, they are amazing people.

                                T H E   P R I Z E S

  1. One lucky grand prize winner shall win a theme (base codes credit to octomoosey) edit.  What does this mean? I do NOT take credit for coding said theme. Octomoosey holds all that credit. I will simply be editing the background image / alignment for you.
  2. A second place winner will win a gif icon pack of 30+ icons.

                           theme examples; 

                                               x   x   x   x

                          icon examples;

                              YOU’VE BAMBOOZLED ME.

     when i made this blog in march, i never expected to stick with it. i’ve had a history of being on blogs for a max of a couple months, switching interests, and losing the will and muse. rinse/repeat. but here i am on jason, almost exactly seven months after i started, thrilled and excited to write this character i care so much about. writing jason had been something i’d wanted to do for a long time, and that paired with my poor mental + emotional state earlier this year pushed me to do something that would allow me to step out of my own situation and into jason todd’s (which, in all honesty, shouldn’t have helped considering). 

     i’ve met some amazing people and though i don’t have enough words to properly explain how much each of you mean to me, i’ll give it a shot. to those of you i haven’t written nor spoken with yet, let’s change that. thanks for making this an awesome experience, and i’m honestly touched to see that so many people care about my jason interpretation. 

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