ps i didn't link to the court documents bc they contain private information

Since I’ve been mentioning Daft Punk’s dispute with SACEM a lot, here is some background on that courtesy of the May 9, 1998 issue of Billboard. Basically, SACEM didn’t let Daft Punk join (the article above goes into a lot of detail as to why), but they were collecting their royalties anyway, so Thomas and Guy-Man weren’t getting paid. SACEM eventually gave some of the royalties to the band through Delabel, but the remainder (over 3 million US dollars) remained unpaid. The dispute lasted for several years before Daft Punk took legal action and filed a suit with the European Commission. The Commission decided, in what is now called the Daft Punk Decision, that SACEM has the right to consider each application individually, but their reasoning for rejecting Daft Punk’s membership was not in accordance with an article of the EC Treaty that deals with free trade between EU member states. The Decision started a conversation about outdated rights management regulations and SACEM later changed its policies.