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Someone I followed pointed out that drawing fanart all the time made them inclined to conform to the style to preserve likeness and as such, caused them to feel restricted and unflexible. Of course, that was exactly what was happening to me.

Unfortunately this is what happens when I draw fanart in ‘my style’ (or lack thereof), by the book. It’s got all the delicious bits; Hugeass brush, little to no reference and respect for character design, horrid generic anatomy, line gaps, line gaps, LINE GAPS. Needless to say- it’s not very nice, is it?

But hey, it felt damn good to swing my pen around without caring if people liked it or not like I used to.

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

Mama, take this badge off o’ me
I can’t use it anymore
It’s gettin’ dark, too dark to see
I feel I’m knockin’ on Heaven’s door

Knock, knock, knockin’ on Heaven’s door

Mama, put that gun to the ground
I can’t shoot them anymore
There’s a long black cloud is comin’ down
I feel I’m knockin’ on Heaven’s door

Knock, knock, knockin’ on Heaven’s door
(Robert Zimmermann aka Bob Dylan)

photo: Hans-Jürgen Sommerfeld © 2017

PS: Have you ever heard Warren Zevon’s version of this song? Recorded while he was fighting brain cancer and while he was knowing he will die soon? If not listen to it. It is unbelievable and it is hard for me to hold back the tears…very emotional!


Mitch/Jamie Playlist:

1) Fight Song - Rachel Platten

2) If I Told You - Darius Rucker

3) More than a Memory - Garth Brooks

4) Torches - Daughtry

5) No Place That Far - Westlife

6) Cold - Maroon 5

7) Who Let the Dogs Out - Baha Men

8) Words I Couldn’t Say - Leighton Meester

9) Dark Side - Kelly Clarkson

10) I Never Knew Love - Doug Stone

I have a JM playlist that includes all of these songs (and more).  These were the 10 I selected based on the lyrics I used in the gifs.  Does anyone else have songs that have just hit you as them?

PS - Ever since I heard “Cold” by Maroon 5, I’ve been wanting to do this. Since last week’s episode aired, my brain has been nagging at me to finish it.

anonymous asked:

yo wahts a list of songs matt y likes??

oh man this is gonna take a long time (and i wonder whats mine) (that was a lyric not a literal question of whether any of these songs are mine) (i love yazoo) but i will do it for you bc youre an angel :-)

-til you do me right - after 7 (george likes to make fun of the band)
-backstreet boys (more so ross than matty but matty still bsb af too they all are man)
-then he kissed me//he hit me - the crystals (and that entire record, “im sort of obsessed with the darkness of that record” -intelligent matty)
-dont look back in anger - oasis (he played this at a school talent show when he was little baby matty awwwwwwwwwww)
-U GUESSED IT - OG MACO (BITCH U GUESSED IT, you was riiiiiiiiight) (no but really him and george definitely dance around to this) (george thinks hes lil wayne anyway)
-palisade - mineral
-there she goes - the la’s (also performed at said talent show as baby matty)
-youth - ben khan (and ben khan in general)
-no right thing - blood orange
-scream - paolo nutini (also paolo nutini in general. hes 10% gay for paolo nutini)
-goodbye horses - q lazzarus
-girls - death in vegas
-one fine day - the chiffons
-nirvana (hed like to be in nirvana lmao)
-i didnt mean to turn you on - robert palmer
-only you - yazoo (THIS IS WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT) (ps have you heard their cover of this) (if not you havent lived my child)
-sacre cool - young montana?
-TALKING HEADS (he made a really nice first impression on david byrne!!!!) (HUGE inspo for the band)
-100% - sonic youth (and sonic youth in general, hes prob sporting his sonic youth shirt more often than not)
-isnt she lovely - stevie wonder (he says he likes to sing it in the shower lmao and if he could be credited with writing the lyrics to any song, it would be this one
-higher love - steve winwood
-just us - shlohmo
-dont you forget about me - simple minds (and simple minds on the whole)
-SCRITTI POLITTI (shit man my scritti record is actually playing rn matty come listen) (also just to brighten ur day a lil he says it like “scri-ee poli-ee”)
-peter gabriel (big inspiration of his)
-weird science - oingo boingo
-the way it is - bruce hornsby (mattys a fucking idiot and decided that since this was so liberating he nearly killed himself)
-MY BLOODY VALENTINE (hes fuckin obsessed, mainly with loveless and his rich ass’ original pressing) (mine still hasnt come in the mail yet but when it does im forcing him to come listen)
-nine inch nails
-livin on a prayer - bon jovi (and bon jovi in general) (fact: in some VERY old songs they quoted bon jovi and mentioned him lol)
-what would you do - city high (also a fave of g’s) (even though he doesnt actually know the lyrics)
-the maple state (HUGE influence on their band especially in the early days) (matty went to one of their shows and the lead singer acknowledged him and thats the reason why he likes to establish personal connections with fans when hes onstage)
-everywhere - fleetwood mac (& fleetwood in general)
-grand theft autumn - fall out boy (and FALL OUT BOY in general) (their old drive like i do cover of this makes me melt into the pavement like slushy snow on the side of the highway) (waaaay better than the original imo IM SORRY FOB I LOVE YOU I STILL LOVE THE ORIGINAL SO MUCH) (in fact im contemplating bidding on a multi-hundred dollar pressing of the album with this on it so FOB I GOT YOU)
-cocteau twins
-cometrue - cfcf (fact: this used to be g’s ringtone) (fact: its my morning alarm so it hits a nerve every time i hear it now)
-i belong in your arms - chairlift (and that record on the whole) (he says it has a very 80’s vibe) (true)
-guns of brixton - the clash
-lady in red - chris de burgh
-otis redding

there are sooo many more! those are just the ones i have in my itunes!

also side note: he may very possibly like other songs from any bands listed! like not just one song, he may like that entire artist but those are the only single songs i have confirmation of! and if i listed only the band it either means i just know that he likes the band & i dont know the specific songs he likes OR he likes literally every song by them and hes just obsessed hahaha :) xxxx

Watch on

Hozier - Do I Wanna Know (Arctic Monkeys cover)

BBC 1 - Live Lounge 

Ps. If you have never heard of Live Lounge let this be your interest. It’s one of the best youtube channels for artists covering/remixing other artists, performing new songs, or just jamming. It’s definitely worth while. The last resources that was this good was wearehunted until it was shut down. 

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What is the show Hannibal about? It seems really interesting and I think I may wanna watch it.


It’s past midnight here and I have to work tomorrow but this question is too much important to be left off over night. Also may I add that I’m probably the worst person to summarise something like this (so if my followers want to add stuff, feel free. I even highly recommend it. Pls help me xD). 

What’s Hannibal?

Hannibal is show based on characters created by Thomas Harris, and movies even followed his novel. You may or may not have heard about it, the most popular being The Silence Of The Lamb. But if you don’t know much about the novels/movies, it’s perfectly fine. A couple of years ago, all I knew about Hannibal was that is was a guy who was eating people.

Because, yes, that’s what it is about. Roughly. 

What is the show about?

The show focuses on two characters:
First you have Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a psychiatrist who is also a cannibalistic serial killer. Very smart one. No one knows what he likes to eat people and feed his guests with.. other kind of guests. 
Then you have Will Graham, a FBI special investigator possessing a pure empathy who makes him an amazing profiler but he’s unstable.
Turns out both of them have to work together to catch a killer but… stuff happens… a lot of stuff. 

At first, you might recognise a basic crime show pattern with murder investigations (but still very different from what we usually see on TV) but it quickly turns into a more dramatic and psychological thriller kind of show. 

Why should you watch it?

There are hundreds of reasons but here are some: 

  • Beautiful cinematography 
  • Perfect and amazing soundtrack 
  • Amazing actors/actresses
  • Amazing scenario (I should stop saying amazing)
  • Horror and gory scenes turned into art 
  • Queer characters
  • Gender bended characters (compared to the books)
  • Food porn (even though it’s people)
  • Puppies
  • Great community

Long story short: it’s really a great show and everyone should watch it. 

PS: existingcharactersdiehorribly, we need one of your “welcome” or “have you heard about Hannibal” gif here

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

(Prompt from foi-a-lisa: Accidentally Oliver finds a naked Felicity and discovered that she has a dragon tattoo all over her right side of your body.)

“Digg, where’s Felicity? We’re late for our patrol. Roy’s getting restless out there,” Oliver said, tugging on his hood.

“She’s in the armory,” He muttered, his eyes glued to his phone. Ever since Lyla texted him a picture of the results from her first sonogram, he’s used his every free moment to admire it. He’d shown off the little pea-sized blip to everyone he knew- twice, calling it ‘his little pea-sized blip.’

Oliver grabbed his bow along the way, and headed towards the armory in the back of the Foundry.

He froze at the door-less entrance. She was in the midst of changing her shirt, her arms were raised above her head as she struggled to pull on her black top. She was already wearing a pair of tight-fitting black pants and her favorite pair of Chucks, her dress still bunched up around her waist. Her bare back faced him as she popped her head through the hole of the the shirt, his eyes glazing down her body. He knew he shouldn’t be looking, but he couldn’t get himself to move. Her soft skin fascinated him, and he fought the urge to reach out and touch her. 

His gaze ran up her body again, his eyebrows furrowing at two small patches of darkened skin peeking from her right side. Were they bruises? No, they were too dark to be bruises. His eyes widened as he realized that the patches of darkened skin were actually the body of a large dragon tattoo, weaving its way down the side of her body. His jaw dropped, his bow clanged as it hit the floor.

“Oh my God!” She gasped, pulling the rest of her shirt down.

“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t-” He stammered, shaking his head. “I didn’t see- You weren’t- The door-”

“Jesus, Oliver. Don’t you knock?” She hissed, pulling her hair up into a quick ponytail.


“What’s going on in there?” Diggle called out.

“Nothing!” They shouted at the same time. They heard Diggle mutter a doubtful 'mhmm.’ Felicity shot him a look.

He was still staring at her, his eyes unmoving from the now covered-up patch of skin. Realization dawned on her as she followed his gaze to her body.

“Oh my God, you saw!” She gasped, tugging up her sweater zipper.

“No- no! I swear, I didn’t! I didn’t know you were- Diggle told me you were here and- Your back to the the- You- I- I didn’t,” He babbled, his mind had turned to mush after Felicity’s little reveal.

As surprising as the thought of Felicity having a tattoo was, he wasn’t all that surprised by it. Somehow, it fit her perfectly. Felicity seemed helpless and innocent at first glance, but is actually one of the bravest, most intelligent people he’s ever met. As Roy once put it, 'She’s a little badass brainiac;’ and what badass brainiac isn’t complete with a tattoo?

“Yeah, not so fun being the stammering one, is it?” She rolled her eyes. “I didn’t mean you saw- that. Me, you know, naked. I work with three guys; I’ve kind of mastered how to change in front of you without revealing anything. Not you you, I mean. I’ve never really changed in front of you- except for right now, but I didn’t know you were standing there. How long were you standing there?" 

"I saw your tattoo,” He blurted out.

“What?” Her eyes widened in horror. “No. No, you didn’t. I don’t have one. I don’t know what you’re talking about-”

“Felicity, it’s on your right side. It’s of a dra-”

“Sh! Alright! So you saw it!” She hissed, waving her arms. “Keep it down!”

“What’s wrong? Why don’t you want people to know about your t-” She shot him a look. “About your… thing?”

She rolled her eyes. “Because! It was stupid! I got it in college when I was dating this guy from MIT’s engineering school. We dated for almost a year and he told me the best way to 'seal’ our relationship was by getting matching tattoos. Mind you, I was very drunk at the time.”

“No judgment,” He said, holding up his hands. “Need I remind you of a certain teenager we know with a flower tattoo on his butt?" She smiled and shook her head. "Plus, it kind of suits you. Have you heard of the Chinese dragon, Ps-hsia? It symbolizes strength and support during times of need, so you couldn’t have chosen a more perfect tattoo.”

“Thanks,” She smiled. “It’s kind of funny actually. My ex’s tattoo came out looking like a wingless lizard. What do you know about lizard tattoos?”

He pondered for a moment. “I think they mean cunningness and adaptability.”

“Makes sense,” She snorted. “The sly idiot broke up with me a month later and 'adapted’ himself to some new blonde girl in his electrical engineering class.”

“Guys, what’s taking so long? Roy’s called twice already!” Diggle shouted.

“We’re coming!” Felicity shouted. “Come on, we’d better go. You know how Roy gets.”

“It’s actually quite attractive, your tattoo. I never thought that you, of all people, would have one. Especially one that takes up your entire-”

“Stop talking, right now,” She threatened, pressing her finger into his chest. “What you saw just now was a one time thing.”

Suddenly, Diggle appeared at the entryway, his arms folded against his chest. They froze. “I don’t even wanna know.”