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Bob Ross Nights™

- Kaminari’s favorite shows are How It’s Made and Bob Ross (aka The Joy of Painting)
- When he was in middle school, watching Bob Ross helped him calm his mind and he learned lessons from him as well, so the show just…really changed his life
- Now Kaminari may not be the best at English, but he has translations and he figures stuff out when it’s a bit confusing and just. The show really truly helps him.
- So one day, 1A is walking back to the dorms and everyone’s pretty down and feeling bad so Kaminari is thinking about how he’s going to go to his room to curl up in a blanket and watch Bob Ross
- But then he pauses and he looks around at everyone and their downcast faces and he’s like. Hm.
- And that’s how it all gets started.
- Kaminari herds everyone into the living room and tells them all to wait a few moments, please, he’ll be back soon
- Even Bakugou waits, sullen but quiet.
- Kaminari goes upstairs and gets out the dvd his dad made for him of Kaminari’s absolute favorite Bob Ross episodes
- He puts it in and everyone’s still kinda just…awkwardly sitting around sadly, so he goes and gets some popcorn and candy from the kitchen and a few of the class’s favorite snacks
- So he tucks a blanket around Aoyama, gives Tooru a bowl of popcorn, and plops down next to Sero as he plays with the tuft of fur on Ojiro’s tail
- He’s tired and he’s sad, but he also loves helping others and it just. Helps him a bit.
- So everyone sits their asses down and they watch fuckin Bob Ross, and you know what?
- It helps.
- As the episodes go by, people slowly start to drift off one by one.
- And Kaminari sees that they’re almost all smiling as they fall asleep, and he just feels so so happy because he helped people, and he got to share this with them and not even Bakugou mocked it or really complained.
- Gradually even Kaminari falls asleep and all is still.
- But then Jirou, who is the lightest sleeper due to her quirk, stirs a bit and cracks her eyes open to the glare of the TV screen.
- She sees a slouched figure standing there and tenses up, filled with memories of the villains they’ve encountered before
- It isn’t until she sees Aizawa’s face that she relaxes, content in her trust of him
- She lets herself fall back asleep, but first watches Aizawa as he shakes his head and smiles, quietly asking “What am I going to do with you guys?” before walking back to the couch
- He tucks a blanket over someone’s leg and turns off the repetitive menu screen music (which honestly bothers Jirou so much) as she closes her eyes and drifts back off to sleep
- Bob Ross Night™ becomes a tradition of their class, but nobody but Jirou ever seems to really think about how the TV is off every morning after, even though it always ends up left on
- The tradition goes on and helps them all, and the students of 1A learn that they never have to go to bed sad or lonely ever again.


fake ah crew gta au aesthetics/inspo for a dumb fanfic [1/6] >> Suzy Berhow

“Crews that didn’t know her would poke fun at her large makeup bag and the overly “girly” kitty kat keychain on it. They just couldn’t take her seriously, this girl in glittery eye shadow with gems on her nails and cute clips in her hair. This was the chick who had caught the eye of notorious street boss Ego? She wasn’t like Griffon or Meg who wore their deadliness on their tattoo sleeves. Hell, she couldn’t even sound intimidating with that sweet, pitched voice of hers. A lot of them misjudged her, and a lot of the time it was frustrating, but she would never lash out with harsh words.

it was way much more fun to see their faces when she took the cap off her tube of lipstick, and put her fingers through the holes of her keychain…”


YA Lit Meme: [1/10] Series or Books >> To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Halfway through class he sends me a note. He’s drawn spiderwebs around the edges. It says, I’ll be on time tomorrow. I smile as I read it. Then I put it in my backpack, in my French textbook so the page won’t crease or crumble. I want to keep it so when this is over, I can have something to look at and remember what it was like to be Peter Kavinsky’s girlfriend. Even if it was all just pretend.

Star Wars VII: Poe Dameron

Poe Dameron NEEDS to be straight up hella gay for 3 reasons:
1. Star Wars lacks any sexual diversity
2. I want a badass male character who doesn’t have to sleep with women to be badass
3. Finn/Poe rebel boyfriends who share a jacket FTW!!! 😍😍😍

*PS: Asexual/not slowing down for romance Rey (Rae?) And bi/pan/ambiguous sexuality Finn would make them the best action trifecta ever!!!

theriddlerontheroof-deactivated  asked:

An AU where most of the stuff is the same but a lot is different where Mabel and Pacifica are the ones to fight the ghost in "Northwest Mansion Noir" rather than Dipper and Pacifica. And they may or may not (and by may not I mean definitely) kiss at the end.

So, I loved this idea. I basically wrote you a majority of the episode, except Dipper isn’t there. AUs are AUs and this one was pretty cute so here goes. Mabifica ftw~ (PS IT’S A BIT LONG) ( 3287words)

           ~~~~~~~———————- Gravity Falls ——————-~~~~~~~

“I smell a Northwest.”

Mabel pressed herself against the wooden floor beneath the table and tightly shut her eyes. The only reason she and Pacifica were even hiding was because moments prior, the mounts on the wall had begun to leak blood and started to say “Ancient sins” in a creepy distorted voice. Not only that, but when they’d stepped away, a furious voice had boomed through the room before a figure had begun to manifest in the center.

Of course, Dipper just had to watch his stupid television marathon and the Northwests just happened to have some ghost haunting them on the same day. Mabel thought to herself and fought the urge to bang her head on the floor.

The brunette sighed, but opened an eye when she felt something squeeze her hand. Pacifica, the person who had dragged her into this situation, was staring ahead, her eyes wide with fear. Mabel squeezed her hand back and offered an encouraging smile, the blonde turned to her, her blue eyes now narrowed with frustration.

“Don’t you have something to fix this?” She hissed.

Mabel opened her mouth to retort, but at that moment the ghost spoke again.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are.”

The giant lumberjack ghost bellowed in anger once more. He was hovering in the area in front of them, and for a second, Mabel thought he’d go away. She let out a sigh of relief when she saw his feet turn away from them, but a horrible splintering noise from above caught her attention.

The brunette released Pacifica’s hand and pushed her away. An axe pierced through the table and collided into the ground where she had been seconds prior.

“Fulfill your debt!” The lumberjack roared.

“This way, hurry!” Pacifica shouted and led the two out of the room.

As they ran to who knows where, Mabel began trying to think of various solutions to their predicament.

What would Dipper do? She thought as Pacifica turned a corner. Ah, he’d consult the book! But that’s in my bag… We need to stop somewhere.

The two of them ran through a small garden and Mabel could have sworn that the blonde had told her to watch out for peacocks, but she was too busy trying to reach her backpack to properly pay attention.

Mabel felt her feet sink into the muddy path, but trudged on regardless; she had managed to tug the journal she’d stolen from her brother out and was too busy trying to read it to care.

“Pacifica!” Mabel shouted, the blonde stopped running, there was one room in front of them. “We need to hide out somewhere so I can try to figure out what the heck to do!”

Mabel hastily flipped through the journal, she could hear the angry ghost’s moans growing closer.

“Is there any way you could look through that quicker?” Pacifica’s annoyed voice stopped her mid-page.

Mabel turned her head and looked at the room beside it. Everything in it was extremely clean and way too white. “Well, we have to find somewhere a ghost won’t just jump us! Come on, let’s try here!”

The brunette had launched herself into the room when she felt a hand clamp itself onto her arm and tug her back.  ”What the heck, Pacifica?”

“I can’t have you go in there! That room’s got my parent’s favorite carpet pattern! If we track mud, they’re going to kill us even more than that ghost could!” She hissed back.

Mabel rolled her eyes, obviously they were at a dead end and that was the best place to try to hide. “Come on, we can clean it up before they get a chance to find out!”

The brunette took another step toward the room, but Pacifica grabbed onto the book in her arms.

“No, we’re not risking it!”

Mabel turned to her and began to tug it back. If something happened to the book, she knew that Dipper would be even more furious than he’d already since she stole it.

“Seriously, Pacifica? Why are you so afraid of your parents?”

“You wouldn’t understand!” Pacifica screamed just as Mabel tripped and fell onto her.

She had been positive that they had crashed into a wall, but she felt a lot less pain than she thought she would. That led Mabel to realize that they’d probably fallen through the painting and into another room.

When she finally stabilized herself to take in her surroundings, she saw that she wasn’t in the hall anymore. She wiped dust off of her arms and retrieved the fallen journal. Wearing a dress at a time like this definitely didn’t do any good for her.

“Okay, yeesh, a warning would have been okay,” she grumbled and stood up.

Mabel opened up the journal to the page she had left off on and groaned. Dipper spent his whole summer reading this thing, why couldn’t he have come instead? Maybe she could have attended the party downstairs and been enjoying herself with Candy and Grenda.

When she got to the pages in the back regarding the ghosts, she pulled the small Black-light her brother stored with his belongings out and sought any hidden tips.

Her heart sank when she read that it said “Pray for Mercy”.

“So, uh, what’s this room for?” Mabel asked, she wanted to distract the blonde in hopes of figuring out some other message. The bottle of anointed water her brother had given her had been one of the first items to go when the ghost had first appeared.

“That’s weird. I don’t even know what this room is,” Pacifica said and walked in front of a covered tapestry.

“Hopefully the ghost doesn’t either,” Mabel added with a sigh of relief. Her breath caught in her throat and her eyes bugged out when she saw the sheets covering the painting begin to rise. “Pacifica!”

The blonde turned just as the lumberjack ghost reappeared again.


The two girls scrambled out of the way as he slammed his giant axe into the ground. Just as the ghost pulled it out of the wooden floorboard, Mabel remembered some trivia her brother had spouted at her in preparation for his Ghost Harassers marathon.

~’This show is great, Mabel. I’ve learned so much from it in the past years!  If I ever face a ghost, remind me to keep a silver mirror handy.

In response to her asking why, Dipper had rolled his eyes and scoffed. ‘Duh, obviously you haven’t watched enough Ghost Harassers to know you can trap ghosts with them. Maybe you should marathon it with it me instead of hanging out with Candy and Grenda. It’s a lot more informative than learning about the hottest boy bands and their favorite colors or whatever.”~

Mabel frowned at the recollection and crossed her arms. Just because her brother was knowledgeable in things that she wasn’t, didn’t mean that they were useless! A day would definitely come when she’d have to let someone know that Chandler’s favorite color was sunset yellow.

“Mabel, help!”

But obviously that day wasn’t today.

The brunette scoured the room and she let out an audible sigh when she spotted a mirror lying in the pile of rubble where they’d fallen through. Mabel sprinted toward it and shouted, “Paz, hold on!”

“PREPARE TO DIE.” The ghost bellowed and raised his axe once more.

Mabel stumbled her way over to Pacifica and held out the mirror.  The ghost’s axe weighed down on it and there was an agonized shout before two things happened.

One, the ghost disappeared and was sucked into the mirror. The second was that the force of the blow was powerful enough to knock them back into the window behind them and send them flying through.

Mabel rolled down the hill outside the window and found herself rolling to a stop at the base. She moaned in pain and rubbed at side.

“Did you get him?” Pacifica asked.

The two looked down at the mirror in her hands, the lumberjack banged against the glass.


The two girls eyed each other warily. Mabel let out a relieved laugh before Pacifica joined in. Mabel stood up before reaching over to help the blonde up.

Pacifica quietly stared down at the fuming man in the mirror before looking up to meet her eyes

“Don’t worry, he’s not going to hurt you in there,” Mabel commented, a cheery grin made its way onto her cheeks.

The blonde stared at her blankly for a few seconds and before she had a chance to say anything further, Pacifica had launched herself at her. Mabel stood still for a few seconds before returning the tight hug with light pats on the back.

“I can’t believe we did it!” Pacifica laughed and Mabel just nodded, not positive what to say while in her bear hug.

Pacifica’s arms tightened around her momentarily before the blonde pulled away and coughed into her hand. “Um, can I pay you to pretend that didn’t just happen?”

              ~~~~~~~———————- Gravity Falls ——————-~~~~~~~

Stupid Pacifica and her probably fake blonde hair and her stupid parents.

Mabel sighed and wrapped her arms around her knees. She was sitting outside Northwest manor after her hosts had graciously kicked her out. By getting rid of the ghost, she thought she’d done a good deed, but apparently even her ‘friend’ was in on it and had manipulated her so they could pretend nothing bad was happening.

The brunette stared down at her ripped sea-foam green dress, her stomach sank as she recalled the adventure she’d just been on. It had really seemed like they’d been getting along well too.

“Well, I guess it’s time to banish you. Better finish this stupid job up, maybe Dippinsauce will let me wallow in misery during his marathon,” Mabel sighed.

She adjusted the mirror and watched the lumberjack ghost turn to her. “Very well, lass. Then before you banish me, may these tired lumber eyes gaze upon the tree one final time?”

“Eh, knock yourself out, buddy,” Mabel replied.

The brunette lifted the mirror from the tree stump and turned it toward the tree. The lumberjack burst into a fit of laughter, Mabel eyed the mirror in confusion before she saw it glow red and she dropped it from how hot it had gotten. When the mirror dropped onto a tree root and shattered, Mabel’s jaw dropped and she winced at her mistake.

Dipper would definitely have been smart enough to not listen to a ghost’s final wishes.

The ghost reformed from the glass shards of the mirror and immediately hovered toward the manor.

“Yes, YES. VENGEANCE!” He boomed and there was a flash of lightning.

“Oh no, Grenda! Candy!” Mabel gasped and sprinted back towards the home.

The rain that pelted against her weighed her dress down and she paused momentarily to rip a layer off. It had been a sacrifice of a cute dress, but she didn’t want her friends dealing with a crazed lumberjack ghost.

Just as she burst into the manor, Mabel watched the mayhem that was occurring inside. There was a man hiding under a table who was being attacked by a wooden bear and and an ostrich was chasing some guests around.

“Please!” Mabel glanced down at a man who was crawling toward her, his feet were turning to wood and it was rapidly progressing through his body. “Help…me.”

“Okaaay, then, that was definitely not okay, ha…ha,” Mabel nervously laughed to herself and backed away from the wooden man.

“Hahaha, just one way to change your fates. A Northwest must open the party gates.”

Mabel glanced upward and saw the lumberjack ghost hovering above.

“Northwest? Wait, Pacifica!” Mabel gasped aloud. She turned to the right and saw the painting that they’d fallen through earlier.

Wasting no time in making her way over and stumbling through, she called out,

“Paz!” She turned and found the girl sitting on the floor, a flashlight flickering on and off in her hands.

“There you are! The ghost- he- wood and then rhymes!” Mabel lifted her hands in exaggeration before shaking her head and trying again. “The ghost’s turning people to wood, and while it’s pretty cool, he’s rhyming now!

She reached over to grab her hand and snap her out of her stupor. Mabel gently tugged at it and pointed toward the entrance of the room. “I need your help!”

The blonde ripped her hand out of her grip before she met her eyes. It didn’t last long though because she closed them again and turned her head back to the floor.

“Paz…?”  Mabel whispered, she was about to question her further, but the blonde had spoken up again.

“Do you wanna know why this room was locked up?” The flashlight tilted upward and highlighted the area that had been covered in a sheet earlier on. A group of paintings stood in its place, each one depicting a scene of deceit. “This is what I found in here, a painted record of every horrible thing that my family’s ever done.”

Mabel turned to watch the blonde, her face had a dejected expression as she continued speaking.

“Lying, cheating, and then there’s me,” Pacifica said, she pointed the flashlight onto her face before letting it flicker off. “I lied to you just because I’m too scared to talk back to my stupid parents.”

The blonde removed her earrings and chucked them at a painting of them in the far edge of the room.  

“You were right about me. I’m just as bad as the rest of the Northwests,” she murmured and turned to her again, her eyes were wide and just so sad that Mabel wished she could give her another hug.

“Look… Paz. I’m sorry that I said those things, but just cuz you’re related to them, doesn’t mean that you are your parents. I mean, look at me and Dipper, we’re nothing like Grunkle Stan!” Mabel said encouragingly before placing a hand on her shoulder. “It’s not too late to fix things.”

Pacifica weakly smiled at her and Mabel felt her own grow in turn.


Mabel let her hand drop from Pacifica’s arm and immediately turned around. “OH NO!”

The two of them left the room and screamed at what they saw. The room was covered in vines and everyone had been turned into wooden statues. Mabel’s stomach tightened when she spotted Candy and Grenda by the juice table, their faces contorted with horror.

The ghost was standing in front of the fireplace. His back was to them, but Mabel could feel the arrogance emanating off of him.

She tightened her grip on the journal and sprinted toward the center of the room.

“Mabel, wait!” She heard Pacifica call out, but she continued running.

The brunette jumped onto a table with a silver platter on it and readied herself. “Alright, ghost. You don’t get to turn my friends to stone and just get away with it.”

Mabel picked the platter up and opened the journal with her free hand. “Prepare to get-”

A blue ray shot at her hand and the journal went flying.

“Well, that didn’t work out so well,” Mabel mumbled to herself, but then she felt something warm smash into her body. When she peered down, she saw that her feet had started the process of turning into wood. “Uh oh. No, no, no, no!”

Well, now you’ve gone and done it Mabel. You should have brought Dipper. He would know what to do, but nooo, you just had to let him stay at home because you said you could do it yourself.

Before the wood completely engulfed her, Mabel let out a quiet plea.

“Dipper, save me!”

Then everything went dark.

           ~~~~~~~———————- Gravity Falls ——————-~~~~~~~

When Mabel woke up, she was lying on the table.

The room was filled with warmth and a lot louder than it had been before. She climbed off of it and went to grab the journal from the floor.

“OH, I don’t have a phone.” She heard Grenda’s voice in the distance and turned to see her friend chatting with some fancy looking guy. “BUT YOU CAN WRITE IT ON MY FOREHEAD!”

Candy’s eyes met her own before the girl flashed her a thumbs-up. Mabel smiled to herself, she was happy that the night had turned out well for someone at least.

“Hey, Mabel?”

At the sound of the timid voice, she turned and saw Pacifica standing there.

“Oh, hey! You did it Paz, I’m proud of you!” The brunette laughed and placed her hand on the blonde’s shoulder.

Pacifica seemed to beam at her before a light blush dotted her cheeks and she coughed awkwardly. Mabel let her hand drop and took a step back. Her eyes averted to the floor beneath them and she snorted with laughter.

“Hey, look, at that.”

Pacifica’s blue eyes turned down and the two noted that they were on ‘her parent’s favorite carpet pattern.’ The blonde let out a bright laugh and stomped her foot down on the pristine carpet. Mabel laughed along and imitated her.

“Ah, this is totally great and all, but unfortunately things are going to go back to the way they were last year,” Pacifica said, she reached over and grabbed a bowl of cider and threw it at the floor.

“Eh, better enjoy it while you can, I guess!” Mabel stated, she reached over and purposefully knocked into one of the waiter’s arms. “Oops, I’m just making a big old mess, aren’t I, Paz?”

She heard Pacifica giggle when the tray of cakes crashed into the floor. The blonde smirked at her and replied in a teasing tone. “Who gave you permission to call me that?”

Mabel paused, her mouth formed a small o, and she took a step back. “U-uh, I’m sorry! I’ve been calling you it for like half the night and you didn’t say anything so I-“

"Mabel, calm down, it’s okay!” Pacifica laughed, she placed a hand on her arm and smiled. “I kind of like it anyway.”

Mabel turned to grin at her before she felt something warm press against her cheek.

Any words she wanted to say got caught in her throat was Pacifica pulled away. The blonde took a step back and pointed her thumb toward a doorway.

“Um, I’m gonna go find someone to clean this up. I’ll… see you later?”

Mabel gawked at her momentarily and stiffly nodded her head. As she watched Pacifica retreat, the situation finally sunk in.

Pacifica had kissed her. Well, it was on the cheek, but it was still a kiss!

Mabel felt blood rush to her already rosy cheeks before she felt a hand wrap around her arm.

“MABEL, WHERE’S YOUR BROTHER?!” Old Man McGucket had some sort of weird contraption on his eye and was looking around wildly. He didn’t give her a chance to answer and shook her violently. “I fixed the laptop! And there’s a timer, the apocalypse is coming!”

“Oh, he’s - uh, at the Shack actually,” Mabel answered, the old man let her go and sprinted out the door.

The brunette maneuvered her way over to her friends, she didn’t think too much on what the old man had said and decided to enjoy herself.

Everything’s gonna back to the way there were before, next year, huh?

Mabel turned away from Candy and Grenda to seek out Pacifica. The blonde, who had apparently been staring at her already, blushed and looked away. When her blue eyes peered back, Mabel waved at and giggled.

Well, maybe not everything.