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Who needs fancy slips when you have athletic shorts? This boho lace mini dress is perfect to take from Summer to Fall. Just pull up some leggings and throw on a fur vest.

Details are on The In Between Girls blog.

*at some point I’m planning on branching out to more than just style! With this, a new blog is coming so stay tuned.


I’ve survived bulimia, bullying and depression. I will not be ashamed of my belly, skin color, hair, ass, stretch marks, crooked teeth, or whatever else doesn’t fit into the outdated and out of touch standard of beauty that so many people still cling to.
I will wear whatever the hell I want wherever the hell I want to wear it. Because the only fashion rules that exist are the ones that I make up. 💁🏾✌🏾 #weoffthat #catchup. #jbyfs (at Somewhere Being Fabulous AF 💕)


Twirling off to dreamland ✨🌪✨💕😴. Sweet dreams, unicorns ✨🍭🌙✨🍭🌙

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As we move into the pre-spring season, we wanted to take a few of our favorite prints–the humble dot and the perennial leopard print–and put them together for a print mash-up that cleans the palate for the colorful spring season ahead. We added blush pink to act as a soft balance to these two bold, graphic prints and signal the season ahead in a collection filled with ladylike silhouettes and romantic details.

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