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Super Sappy Lines Prompt List

Because sometimes you just want to write the sappiest shit you can handle.

  1. “I’m in love with you.”
  2. “Please don’t leave me.”
  3. “It’s always been you.”
  4. “Shut up and kiss me.”
  5. “I’ve wanted this for so long.”
  6. “I can’t wait any longer.”
  7. “Can I kiss you?”
  8. “Can I touch you?”
  9.  “I missed you so much.”
  10. “Stay with me forever.”
  11. “I thought you didn’t want me.”
  12. “I want you. Only you.”
  13. “The way I feel when I’m with you…”
  14. “I’ll always love you.”
  15. “Please marry me.”
  16. “Why haven’t you kissed me yet?”
  17. “Because I love you!”
  18. “You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”
  19. “I can’t stay away from you.”
  20. “I’ve been waiting all my life for you.”
  21. “I’m better when I’m with you.”
  22. “You make me so happy.”

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10 ways in which fans rewrite their favourite television shows:

1) Recontextualization - the production of vignettes, short stories, and novels that seek to fill in the gaps in broadcast narratives and suggest additional explanations for particular actions.

2) Expanding the series timeline - the production of vignettes, short stories, novels that provide background history of characters, etc., not explored in broadcast narratives or suggestions for future developments beyond the period covered by the broadcast narrative.

3) Refocalization - this occurs when fan writers move the focus of attention from the main protagonists to secondary figures. For example, female or black characters are taken from the margins of a text and given centre stage.

4) Moral realignment - a version of refocalization in which the moral order of the broadcast narrative is inverted (the villains become the good guys). In some versions the moral order remains the same but the story is now told from the point of view of the villains.

5) Genre shifting - characters from broadcast science fiction narratives, say, are relocated in the realms of romance or the Western, for example.

6) Cross-Overs - characters from one television programme are introduced into another. For example, characters from Doctor Who may appear in the same narrative as characters from Star Wars.

7) Character dislocation - characters are relocated in new narrative situations, with new names and new identities. 

8) Personalization - the inserted of the writer into a version of their favourite television programme. For example, I could write a short story in which I am recruited by the Doctor to travel with him in the TARDIS on a mission to explore what has become of the Manchester United in the twenty-fourth century. (However, as Jenkins points out, many in the fan culture discourage this subgenre of fan writing.)

9) Emotional intensification - the production of what are called “hurt-comfort” stories in which favourite characters, for example, experience emotional crisis.

10) Eroticization - stories that explore the erotic side of a character’s life. Perhaps the best known of this subgenre of fan writing is “slash” fiction, so called because it depicts same-sex relationships (as in Kirk/Spock,etc.)

- Henry Jenkins Textual Poachers pg 162-177

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pleeeeease tell me there's a story about nate and aj? ❤️❤️❤️

WELL ANONS (from this fic):

Andrew Joseph Minyard doesn’t know a thing about Nathaniel Wesninski until he’s sent to kill him.

That’s perhaps more unusual than one would suspect, knowing Andrew. His general disinterest is well known, but he has a personal stake in knowing the movers and shakers of the magical families on the East Coast.

Know your enemies, and all that. Andrew didn’t used to have those, until he met Kevin Day and finally picked a side that wasn’t himself and his best interests. Now he kills people for righteousness, or what the fuck ever.

“The Wesninskis have a new leader,” Wymack tells them, hands folded on his desk like this is very serious news. “It’s Nathan’s kid, apparently. He’s cleaned house. Or it might be more accurate to say that he wiped the old circle off of the map entirely.”

Like he always does, Kevin goes pale at the mention of one of those families. Wymack flicks him a glance before continuing, “It’s not immediately clear where he stands on the old family alliances, but it makes sense for us to move now while he’s unsettled.”

Andrew can see where this is going already. “I didn’t realise we were killing off children now.”

Wymack shoots him a level look. “He’s twenty-two. Barely younger than you.”

“Well, I suppose that’s alright then,” Andrew replies agreeably. “When do I leave?”

“Hold on. Didn’t he kill his own father?” Nicky cuts in. “Shouldn’t that require a little more investigation than ‘when do I leave’?”

Dan waves a hand. “He’s a mage. Killer or not, he won’t be able to protect himself against non-magical weapons.”

“Don’t worry Nicky. I don’t like to be too well prepared,” Andrew says. It’s not meant to be soothing.

That’s how he ends up crawling through an upper-storey window of the Wesninski mansion, cursing mages and rusted locks. The house is probably warded - Andrew couldn’t say. To him it’s just like breaking into any other house.

What he does notice is the complete emptiness of the building. While mages don’t often have non-magical defence - and Andrew would be a lot less successful if they invested in some attack dogs, or even burglar alarms - they do generally at least have people. But every room he passes - soundlessly, of course - has its door flung wide open to display its total emptiness.

Every instinct he has is screaming. For a moment, he wonders if Wesninski has cleared out of the house entirely. But, despite the limited information for this trip, Andrew knows Wymack wouldn’t send him on a wild goose chase. The mage is here.

He creeps down the stairs, sticking close to the wall. It’s a broad staircase, gaudy even in the near-darkness. Apparently the elder Wesninski had more money than taste.

The lounge is no more elegant, and still empty of people. Beyond it, though, light falls from the doorway. Andrew creeps towards it, palming one of his knives.

Apparently, all his quiet was wasted. The person through the door is waiting for him - and this, having met Nathan, is definitely his son.

Twenty-two he may be, but Wesninski looks like a kid. With his fair falling into his face as he slouches against the kitchen island, he looks nothing like someone who could have killed Nathan and the entire rest of his circle in one fell swoop. Any tracery of magic in him isn’t detectable to Andrew though - for all he knows, the air could be singing with it.

The only giveaway that this man isn’t as normal as Andrew is the curling tattoo emerging over the collar of his t-shirt. It’s a mage-mark, and it’s large. Even Kevin, the most powerful of the Foxes in terms of sheer strength, doesn’t have one that extends so far across his skin.

“You’re AJ Minyard,” Wesninski says. He looks excited about that. Andrew didn’t realise he was a groupie. It’s the danger of being a contract killer - being known by your signature. Andrew is Andrew, except when he’s AJ and earning his keep in blood.

“Usually, your kind is throwing spells by now,” he replies blandly. Not that it ever helps them.

“That would be a waste of time, though. Wouldn’t it?” Wesninski says. “You’re immune.”

Well then. “You’re smarter than you look,” Andrew informs him. 

“It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why you’re so successful,” Wesninski shrugs. “I need to send a message to Kevin.”

Wesninski isn’t following the script. Andrew glances at his watch - usually they’d have gotten past the initial failed attempt to blast Andrew off of the face of the earth with magic and moved onto either running - unusual, mages didn’t like to run - or begging. “Do I look like a messenger to you?”

That earns a thin smile. “Oh, I’m sorry. Is that demeaning?”

“If you think I’m here for that, then you’re confused,” Andrew says. 

Wesninski throws his arms wide. “Well, go ahead then. You know I can’t fight you. And it’s not like I can run.”

Fuck’s sake, Andrew didn’t come here for a conversation. Still, though - he throws a glance at Wesninski’s legs. “Too lazy for it?”

“Not exactly. I know you probably don’t care for magical theory, so the short explanation is that right now I can’t leave this house. Hence wanting to speak with Kevin. The best I could do is hide in a closet, and I can’t imagine that would deter you.”

“As sob-stories go, you might want to try ‘but I have children and a wife’,” Andrew advises. 

“As if that would help me.” Wesninski rolls his eyes. “That’s fine. I wasn’t expecting you to help me for free. I’ll give you something you want in exchange.”

Andrew really should have just killed him instead of saying a word. Corpses are so much less trouble. He raises an eyebrow to signal that his patience is wearing thin.

“If you want a chance at getting anywhere near Riko Moriyama, you’ll help me,” Wesninski says.

That’s an interesting offer. “What makes you think I care about that?”

“Do you think it isn’t common knowledge in the upper circles about what happened between him and Kevin?” Wesninski says. “Plus you’ve been working your way through all the high blood families over the last year. I figured a Moriyama must be right up there on your wish list. Particularly that one.”

He isn’t wrong. “I’m not here to make a deal with you.”

“Are you sure about that?” That smile again. It’s really a wonder someone so irritating hasn’t been killed already. “I have access to the Moriyamas now, whether they like it or not. I think you’d like to make use of that. Better move fast, though - you aren’t the only one who wants to kill me.”

Riko would already be dead if he were easier to get to. And Nathaniel now has his father’s seat on the council, even if he killed for it - succession is muddy  and ugly amongst mages at the best of times. He’d hardly be the first to do it that way. 

He’s right. Andrew could use that. Getting into Castle Evermore is difficult, and Nathaniel has a free pass through the front gates. If he could smuggle Andrew inside…if he were willing to do so…

“What’s in it for you?” Andrew asks.

“What, you mean besides you not murdering me tonight and me getting out of this fucking house?” So sardonic. “I don’t like the Moriyamas any more than you do, Wesninski blood or no. I don’t care if I die, as long as Riko goes first.”

It seems their interests all line up. Andrew can deal with Riko at last, and might even get a shot at the other Moriyamas in the process. He smiles a little bit, feeling his face cracking.

“Well, Nathaniel. Looks like you might be useful to me after all.”

Wesninski makes a face. “I go by ‘Nate’.”

“I really don’t care,” Andrew tells him. “I would say ‘wait here’, but I suppose that’s irrelevant, isn’t it? I’ll come to you.”

The with a message or a knife is unspoken but clearly implied. Nathaniel - Nate - smiles thinly.

“Better hurry,” he says. “Offer ends if I’m dead.”

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What if Jason found a half dead kitten on the street and nursed it back to health?

Jason and a kitten, yessss!!!!! (im on mobile sorry for everything.)

He finds the kitten in an alley while he’s getting some dinner because he’s too tired to cook. He crouches down to look at the tiny, scruffy kitten on the dirty ground, lying on their sides, meowing softly.

Jason stops. Of course he stops. The kitten is thin and obviously hasn’t eaten anything filling in a while and Jason should leave the kitten or find an animal shelter but the kitten purrs and Jason isn’t strong enough to leave them to die.

He gets some towels when he arrives at home so the kitten will be warm and comfortable. Jason goes online and reads some sites how to nurse back a kitten to health because he knows jack shit about how to take care of an animal. He buys everything the kitten might need because his money might go to worse places than this.

It takes weeks before the kitten can walk around more than ten minutes.

Things that definitely happens after Fangs (yes, that’s her name) is up and healthy:

Fangs finding Jason’s chest the most comfortable place to sleep and Jason doesn’t move so he doesn’t wake her up. Damn his good heart.

Fangs snuggling to Jason’s neck when he’s laying down and then walking over him and Jason phones rings and Fangs steps on his face and yes, cat hair in his mouth. Nice.

Fangs hissing when there are strangers in Jason’s apartment. So like the first time Duke comes over, Fangs hisses at him from the table and–

“Wow, dude, why is she looking at me like she wants to kill me?”

“Huh, yeah that sounds pretty serious. Don’t worry I will protect you.”

“Har-har-har. Why do you even have a cat?”

“She blackmailed me to take care of her. She’s dangerous.”

“You’re a dork, oh my god.”

Ok, but Jay waking up from a nightmare and Fangs just snuggling closer and licks his face and “yes okay thank you cat but that’s not comfortable at all.”

Jason trying to let her go after she recovers and he opens his window and everything but she just stays on his bed and meows. “Yeah, I wouldn’t leave either.”

PS Don't Write
Pencey Prep
PS Don't Write

While you were fucking off I went and found something new. Packed up all my shit, stole back all my tapes, left your spare key under the mat.
This is not a joke
You’d better learn to take a hint
Cause I’m not coming back
Maybe you’ll understand when you’re waking up alone in a cold and empty bed.

If you’re reading this, I’m gone. Happy birthday
PS - Don’t write
Cause you will not get a reply

While you were fucking off I got my life in shape. Somewhere along the line, I found a hidden strength that I didn’t know I had, Standing on my own, cutting all the strings that you used to control. Surprise surprise, I am long gone.

If you thought you could keep me down by holding me up you were wrong. You don’t call the shots anymore.

While you were fucking off I learned to love myself again. Even better now, I learned to hate you. C'est la vie, baby, we’re through. See you around, maybe on the Sixth of Never.


And to your favourite song
We sang along to the start of forever


Also when I say this is an LGBT+ friendly blog, that definitely includes trans women and trans men and every trans person under the sun and in the universe and nonbinary folks who don’t call themselves trans.

And also aces and aros regardless of romantic/sexual orientation (respectively). And this definitely includes bi/pan/poly/questioning people.



  • Day 7- free day AU DAY inmatisland

Henry is thrown back in time alone. He doesn’t know how to make it to his time. After give it a lot of thought he decide to find his father, after all he is going to believe him. He try his best to not give a lot of information to young Baelfire. Both of them know that they need Rumpelstiltskin to solve Henry’s problem and the only way to reach him is finding Emma and together they are going to travel to Storybrooke in a bonding swanfirefamily event!

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Dexnursey soulmate au, where your first thoughts when you see your soulmate are printed on them(eg (cos idk if i explained properly)Person A thinks smth like Beautiful and thats on Person B)Dex realises first but is in denial but they do get together

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Thank you for sending me my first prompt!!! <3 I honestly don’t think this is what you were looking for… but I hope you like it anyways??? 

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timeless, ageless and full of inner strength

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KOROLINE AU - Friends with Benefits

Caroline. Kol.

A sassy, no bullshit kind of girl who takes what she wants when she wants it. No strings. Simple.

A ne'er do well, adorable little asshole who makes it a rule to not form attachments with anyone. Except for his little blonde best friend.


“Yes, darling?”

“This doesn’t change anything, ok?”

“Whatever you say, Care.”


know that it’s okay! )

Sometimes we get overwhelmed with responsibilities or with other drafts. Sometimes our characters or our writing styles don’t click in practice.  If you ever want it give it another go, I am all for it! If you want to step back, that’s fine, too.

There’s no obligation to write with me, ever, and you should never feel badly if your heart isn’t in the thread like you’d want it to be.  

It is okay to have mutuals you don’t write with. It is okay to not have an interest in or thread compatibility with my character.

so this is pretty unnecessary and you probably already forgot but things like this can (aan me knijgen?? idk :p) if I feel like things don’t come across they way I wanted to, but when you started about schuren I thought about the pictures and videos of it where people would make fun of people doing that because honestly.. it looked really bad and cheap :p however yesterday you mentioned those scenes in movies and that didn’t even cross my mind but that’s some good shit 👌👌 but well those actresses actually know how to do it good instead of looking like idiots sooo now you know :p in case you ever want to try but I mean I still doubt for 10 minutes before grabbing your hand and I don’t think you ever grabbed mine so unless we get really drunk I don’t see that happening anytime soon :p kinda like tongueing because at first the thought of it made me think of a friend saying it was weird and I shouldn’t even bother to try and a movie where a girl kissed with a grandma and I’ll spare you the details but it was really gross, however after rethinking it I’m kinda like okay maybe I should just give it a try even though like we noticed that that’s going to be a challenge as well :pp


Beginning . Accusation . Restless . Snowflake . Haze . Flame . Formal . Companion . Move . Silver . Prepared . Knowledge . Denial . Winter . Order . Thanks . Look . Summer . Transformation . Tremble . Sunrise . Mad . Thousand . Outside . Christmas . Wind

Harry’s a thief who gets his hands on the worldly famous Horan Family Diamond. Niall is just the boy who gets caught in the middle.


Harry stares, horrified and frozen to his spot in the doorway between the kitchen and the living room, at his boyfriend. The blond haired boy stares back, eyes red and puffy, cheeks wet and flushed, lips chewed and trembling, a look of pure disgust and betrayal on his pretty, flawless face. Clutched in his left hand is his (wealthy) family’s diamond; the famous and incredibly valuable palm-sized Horan Family Diamond. 

Harry’s mouth runs dry as he places the paper bag of groceries on the bar-like counter separating the two rooms in the otherwise open floor plan. He swallows hard around the lump in his throat as he takes another step into the living room. “Niall-“

“Shut up,” the blond mutters. He sounds miserable, his voice thick with unshed tears and hoarse like he’s spent most of the day crying.

The sound breaks Harry’s heart. And stuns him into silence. 

“Why do you have this?” Niall demands, although his voice is soft – like he’s afraid of the answer.

Harry blinks, licking at his lips. “I – Niall-“

“It’s almost comical that it went missing without a trace two weeks ago and, yet, here it was – in your side of the closet,” Niall says, sounding half-heartedly amused. But he’s anything but.


“Niall, I can explain-”

“I actually don’t think I need that much of an explanation since I found this also,” Niall mutters. He picks up a beige file folder from the coffee table between them with his free hand and holds it out mockingly for Harry, whom flinches and closes his eyes. “Think it kind of paints a pretty clear picture-“

"No, Niall,” he says, taking another step towards his boyfriend. The boy in question takes a step back – but not before dropping the folder back onto the table. “That’s not-”

“How long have you been playing me?”

Harry freezes, taken aback. He knows he shouldn’t be, because he knows as well as Niall does exactly what – or who – is in the folder. “Ni, baby-“

“Just answer the question, Harry!” Niall shouts. “How long have you been using me to get to my family’s diamond?”

Harry’s heart drops into the pit of his stomach as he stares at the beautiful, perfect boy before him. Niall looks so heartbroken and desperate and he wishes, more than anything, that he didn’t have to do this. He doesn’t want to have to see the look on Niall’s face worsen when he admits the truth, but he can’t bring himself to look anywhere else either. “Fourteen months, technically-“

Niall’s eyes widen and then darken angrily. “Seriously? Fourteen months? Are you fucking kidding me?!”

“Niall, I can explain-”

“We started dating 13 months ago, Harry – what the fuck!” Niall screams. He closes his eyes, squeezing the bridge of his nose as he begins to pace back and forth in front of the window next to the couch. “You – I – we met 14 months ago, Harry. What’d you do, find out my family had money and decide to find out how long you could keep the wool pulled over my eyes? Well good fucking job, Harry, you got 13 months-” he cuts himself off, then, and turns to face Harry, eyes wide with realization. “Oh my God, oh my – you knew before, didn’t you? You – we didn’t meet by accident at all. Jesus fucking-“

"Please, Niall, let me explain,” Harry begs, taking another step towards the blond boy. Niall backs away from him again but Harry continues to move closer; he needs Niall to understand, somehow. “Just – please, Ni, just listen to me. Let me explain-”

Don’t touch me,” Niall spits, slapping Harry’s hands away when the brunette reaches for him. “Explain yourself away but don’t fucking touch me.”

Harry licks his lips, squeezing his hands into fists that he has to bury in his pockets to hold himself back from trying to touch the crying boy in front him. He doesn’t know where to start – or even how, because this was never supposed to be something he was going to have to explain. In fact he should be long gone by now, Niall and his family forgotten. And, yet, here he is. Still. 

He takes a deep breath, focusing his gaze on the blue of Niall’s eyes; he pointedly ignores the torrent of emotions lingering within them. His instinct tells him to lie, to spew every kind of lie and excuse he can think of until Niall believes him – but he knows he can’t. He’s let this get too far now to get himself out and he knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Niall knows far too much without Harry even explaining to come up with something decent enough for the blond boy to believe. He also knows that Niall deserves the truth, whether it hurts them both in the process or not. “Meeting you wasn’t an accident,” he murmurs, flinching at the way Niall’s body sort of closes in on itself. His breath catches in his throat and he wants nothing more than to envelope the other boy in his arms but Niall won’t even let him get close enough. 

This is going to be the hardest thing he’s ever had to do. 

“I’m a – I take things, steal them,” he explains. He hates himself already. “And then I bring them back to – to Nick and we turn it into profit which we then split 50/50.

"I found out you were the Niall Horan my second week of Uni and when I told Nick, he – he came up with the idea. He wanted me to befriend you, get close enough that I would be able to get to the diamond without being detected. After that I was supposed to bring him the diamond and then we were gonna flee the country.”

Niall stares at him, crossing his arms over his chest like a barrier. “So you’ve just been using me this whole time. Everything we have – had – is a lie.”

Harry’s breath catches in his throat and the backs of his eyes burn. “N-no, Niall, it’s not like that-“

"Isn’t it, though?” Niall asks rhetorically, his voice flat, void of all emotion. “Our whole relationship – or whatever – is based on a lie. Fuck, Harry, it’s based on a helluva lot more than just one. This is just – it’s not-“

"Niall, it’s-”

Niall shakes his head. “Don’t even try to deny it. Please.”

Harry’s Adam’s apple bobs as he swallows around the lump in his throat. “But that’s not how it is, now,” he says. His voice even sounds desperate to him. “I mean, yeah, ‘s how it started but it’s not – the rest of it isn’t a lie. It’s never been a lie.”

Niall scoffs, rolling his eyes. “Maybe not to you. But this,” he mutters, lifting the diamond still clutched in his hand, “feels like a lie to me.”

“It’s – Niall, it’s not a lie. We aren’t a lie,” Harry insists. “We-“

"Why haven’t you left yet?” Niall asks, cutting him off. “You got your hands on this two weeks ago and you’re still here. What’s Nick waiting for?”

"Nick doesn’t know I have it,” Harry admits. “I haven’t been able to bring myself to tell him.”

Niall bites his bottom lip as he runs his free hand through his hair. “W-why?” he asks, his voice quivering like he isn’t quite sure if he wants to know the answer.

“Because we aren’t a lie, Niall.”

Niall closes his eyes and turns away, then, like he doesn’t want Harry to see his face, Except Harry sees everything. “Don’t say that.”

“It’s true-”

“It’s not true-”

“It is true!”

“Then how ‘bout while you’re finally being honest with me why don’t you tell me the fucking truth!” Niall shouts, whirling back around to face him.

Harry blinks, staring at Niall with bated breath. He thought he already had told Niall the truth. “Anything, I’ll tell you anything,” he says anyway. This time when he takes a step forward, Niall doesn’t move away.

The blond lets out a shaky breath. “I don’t even know what I want to know anymore,” he mutters, bringing his hands together in front of him to hold the diamond in both hands. “Actually, yeah, I – were you ever gonna tell me? Had you left before I found this, would you have gone without even telling me?”

“I would’ve had to,” Harry admits softly. “Which is why I haven’t been able to tell Nick; I couldn’t…I didn’t want to have to leave-”

“And yet you still took it…”

The brunette opens his mouth to protest only to realize that Niall’s right; the fact that he took the diamond in the first place trumps any claim that he didn’t ever want to leave, no matter how true it might be. 

“What if you hadn’t gotten your hands on it? How long would you have played me?”

Harry closes his eyes, licks his lips and then opens his eyes has he runs a hand through his hair. “I haven’t truly played you in, like, 12 months, Niall – and I know you’ll find that hard to believe given the circumstances, but it’s true.”

“Whether it’s true or not, you still have my family’s diamond. You stole it, Harry.”

Harry nods and bows his head. 

Silence fills the room, then, and the tension is so thick it’s suffocating, deafening to Harry’s ears. Silence with Niall is usually peaceful and comfortable and nothing like this and Harry hates it. The longer it lasts, the more Harry can feel Niall slipping away. 

He clears his throat, beckoning back Niall’s attention where he’d zoned out staring out the window. The fact that he hasn’t left yet is a good sign though, right? “If you hadn’t found it, I would’ve put it back. I would’ve forgotten all about it and we-“

Niall sighs, shaking his head. “That’s part of the problem, Harry. I can’t – I won’t forget this. And the fact that you could’ve forgotten it so easily..?”

Harry takes a deep, shaky breath. “Niall-“

"I can’t even look at you right now,” Niall whispers. He sounds broken and angry – and Harry wonders how much of it is just from being unable to look Harry in the face. After a moment in which Niall clears his throat and pushes himself away from the window, the blond boy finally raises his head, though he looks at everything else in the room but Harry. He licks his lips and sniffs, blinking back unshed tears in his dull eyes. “I packed a bag in the bedroom with some of my clothes and I’m gonna stay with Zayn for a while until I figure out what I’m gonna do,” he mutters. And before he’s even done speaking Harry’s eyes are wide and he’s shaking his head and closing the gap to reach out for him only for Niall to shrug him off and slip past him. “I’ll get the rest of my stuff in a couple days or so-”

“N-No, Niall,” Harry stutters, whirling around to follow Niall down the hall that leads to their bedroom. His stomach feels like it’s in his throat and his heart feels like it’s breaking apart in his chest and his legs feel like they’re about to give way under the dead weight of his own body. And, sure enough, Niall’s bright green book bag is sitting neatly on the bed, a large black duffle bag next to it. He watches, stunned, as Niall thrusts his family diamond into the book bag. “Please, Ni, don’t – don’t leave me,” he begs, finally getting his hands on Niall before the blond boy can push him off. “Please – I’m sorry, I’m so sorry-”

“Harry, stop,” Niall whimpers, squirming against Harry as he tries to get Niall to look at him. “Just-”

“We can fix this – I can fix this,” Harry insists, wrapping his arms around Niall’s shoulders to turn him around. He pulls Niall flush against him, presses their foreheads together, despite Niall’s shaking head, as tears begin to blur his vision. “I’ll take it back, Ni. I’ll bring it back and Nick will never have to know that I even had it and-“

"Yeah, and then what? Huh? We just go back to normal, like nothing happened? I can’t do that-“

"We can – I can earn your trust back, I will,” Harry says desperately, his fingers clutching the back of Niall’s neck, delving themselves into his brown roots; he’s afraid to let go. “I’ll-”

“And what about Nick? What about when he comes around asking why you haven’t got the diamond yet? What happens then?”

“I’ll quit. I’ll tell him I can’t because I’m in love with you and-”

Niall pushes him so hard that Harry stumbles back and has to catch his balance on their shared dresser. “You don’t get to say that to me, Harry,” he spits, his eyes narrowed in pure anger and betrayal all over again. “You don’t get to just throw that word around.”

“‘m not,” Harry says, leaping forward once more as Niall pushes his arms through both straps of his book bag and then swings the duffle bag over his shoulder. “I love you – so much, Ni-“

“Just shut up!” Niall shouts. “It’s…it’s way too late for that now. Like, 13 months too late.”

"Please,” Harry whimpers, tears falling down his cheeks and hands shaking, his fingers grazing Niall’s as the blond boy walks past him. “Please, Niall…”

Niall pauses in the doorway but doesn’t face him and Harry’s breath catches in his throat in anticipation. “I haven’t decided what I’m gonna tell my parents so if you need to skip town just in case you should probably get on that.”

Harry watches through tears and with an all-over achy body – literally everything hurts – as Niall walks away from him for what he knows, deep down, is the last time. And the heart-wrenching sob that escapes his throat reduces him to a crumpled mess on the bedroom floor.


Harry doesn’t run. In fact, he doesn’t do much of anything except call Nick to tell him that Niall found the diamond and that he may or may not tell his parents – and it’s so blaringly obvious that Harry doesn’t even need to tell him that Niall broke up with him. (Nick runs.)

The only thing that prevents Harry from going crazy is that when news breaks a couple days later that not only had the Horan Diamond gone missing but it was also mysteriously returned. It isn’t so much that he doesn’t get caught but more that Niall, despite all his own heartbreak, still covers for him.