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[drae spoilers ! !! 1 protect yourselves]  

anyways this is the only epilogue i’ll accept 

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my babe ! do Hermione in 3H

!!!! I’ve never drawn Hermione before! This was nice. Thanks


not enough for her to snag charlie’s clothes now she gotta steal jonathan’s style as well ;)

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au where otabek is a fashion youtuber and certain blonde in his audience drools everytime he shows his legs

an upgrade: yuri is a fashion designer and he REALLY wants to see otabek wearing something he made, so he makes a pair of tight high-waist jeans and a crop top and sends them to otabek with a message saying

“hey dude so i’m sort of trying to become a proper fashion designer, mind checking out these clothes and making a video review? be honest! - yuri p.

ps. keep the clothes if they fit you and you like them”

yuri almost screams when he sees that otabek has posted an entire video about himself wearing yuri’s clothes instead of just including them into some video. otabek reads out the message yuri sent and opens the package. he says things like “wow, i can’t believe someone actually made these? they’re so well sown”, and yuri blushes so bad when he’s watching the video, hands sweaty and shaking.

but then the video cuts to the next scene where otabek already has the clothes on (yuri would’ve wanted to see otabek dressing himself in those and he knows his other followers would’ve too, but otabek is not that kind of youtuber, sadly). otabek always has his camera at his table, right? so the has to walk back a little to show off his body. he twirls around and looks at himself over his shoulder.

“wow, these fit me super well? i don’t know if you can see the fabric of these jeans but it’s so soft and feels great”, otabek says and keeps showing his round, perfect butt to the camera and yuri has a heart attack.

“and this top? i never thought crop tops could fit me but i dunno, it looks kinda nice? what do you guys think?”, and yuri has to pause the video to drink some water. this had been a good idea in his head, but seeing otabek’s ass and his lean stomach in the clothes that yuri made himself are too fucking much.

otabek twirls around in front of the camera for a while longer, all the while talking, before leaning closer to the camera and saying: “well, that’s it for today. definitely check out this designer’s clothes, i’ve included the link to the description! thanks, yuri p., i’m keeping these.”

the video ends with a wink and a grin, and yuri finds himself mirroring the grin. two hours later, yuri gets a notification that altin.o has started following him on instagram.


Plus Size Inside the Dressing Room / Change Room : Torrid

new video!! 


new video! i went inside the dressing room at forever 21. i feel like everybody really enjoys these videos so i have been trying to film them as much as i can! if you have any stores that you’d like me to visit or any specific type of clothes from a particular store (shorts, jeans, swimwear, etc). then please let me know!! :D have a great day! 

How To PS Real Life Clothes On Your Sims - Editing Video

Here it is. Again, this is not meant to be a tutorial so do not complain if it’s too fast or that I’m not explaining stuff. If you just started using photoshop this will definitely seem too hard to keep up, especially with the quick motion on top of it. But, if you have any questions feel free to message me. Hope you enjoy!