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[drae spoilers ! !! 1 protect yourselves]  

anyways this is the only epilogue i’ll accept 



anonymous asked:

How would Kouen, Hakuryuu, Judar and Sinbad react to their s/o wearing their clothes? (PS: You're doing such a great job with this blog! I'm always looking forward to new updates!)


Ren Kouen

Ren Hakuryuu

  • With just one glance, Hakuryuu’s cheeks flush pink. He stares at his feet, asking his s/o if they’re comfortable in those clothes. He can’t pull his gaze up from the floor, as much as he might want to. His heart just can’t take it.


  • Judar gives his s/o a long once over before frowning. “Do you think you wear it better than I do?” he asks haughtily. That does stop him from stepping closer, getting a more hands-on look at them—his smile betraying his true thoughts.

So like, with Zootopia out I’ve been seeing a lot of furries on my dash and it’s kinda gotten me back into a furry mood. But the thing is.

I don’t have a fursona. I haven’t had a proper one since I came out as trans. I’ve come back to the question a few times over the years, but I’ve never been able to come up with anything satisfying. Cause like, anytime I want to make one, I can come up with some cute concepts I like, but  none of them feel like me. Cause, like, Daydream is Me.

And it wasn’t until today that I realized that still gave me a good option.

So I just drew anthro Daydream like I should’ve been doing the whole time.