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—the Catholic Church on the edge of campus is a really popular pokestop near four other pokestops. Its a great place for setting lures and meeting players. So I come across this pokestop and there’s two lures set, it draws about 15 players, we’re all standing around, talking, laughing, having fun. THEN the priest of the church comes out and askes what we’re doing. One of his student clerics who was out there playing explained the game to him. The priest was really interested in what we were playing and overheard one or two players saying their battery was dying. The priest went into the church, and brought out a powerstrip, extension chord and chargers and told us to feel free to charge up at the pokestop.

He was so sweet!

(ps, I’m pretty sure the priest went back inside and started playing cause he and the student cleric were really excited about the game)


Ps By prettysweet – The Pastry Home

By Danica Samuel

Adjoa Duncan was riding her bike downtown King St. Toronto when opportunity revealed itself in a cozy townhouse that read ‘For Lease’. Immediately, she stopped pedalling and made a call to the number in the window, asking, “What do I need to do to get this place”. On February 7th 2013, the homey pastry shop just west of Bathurst and King opened up to the public. “I get by with a lot of help from my friends” she says gratefully. With a god sent contractor, and designer Farida Abu-Bakare she was able to change the baron leased home into a fairy tale pastry shop.  Duncan welcomes in her sweet-toothed customers with intriguing hand made decorations. Utensils surround a royal chandelier that centers the shop, painted baking pans hold up glass tables and various frames consist of vintage cooking materials she’s stored over the years.  The cute DIY (do it yourself) designs makes the pastry shop one that is original; “just like me” she says.

Ps by prettysweet differs from other pastry places in town, as it doesn’t invite the idea of a shop. “I liked this place because it’s like entering someone’s home, where you can ask for something and not feel [weird] about,” says Duncan as she sits up straight in her seat, demonstrating the uptight aura many other shops propose. “I want it to be warm and homey because it’s [a depiction] of me”.  An inspirational quote of the day is written on the side of the counter and glass displays of goodies entice you alongside the bagged goodies on the shelves. It’s without a doubt that you’ve entered a Hansel and Gretel castle.

Duncan has been a custom cake expert for years, starting at the age of 15 in London, England. She worked at a family friend’s pastry shop that gave birth to her baking passion she exudes today.  “I worked there about 4 or 5 years” she reminisces as the original whisk designed caged lights shine down over our conversation.  After traveling in Europe and spending time away from the kitchen, she landed in Toronto for the George Brown culinary program; emancipating her freelance custom cake business.

“I walked into the downstairs pastry kitchen and it was like the heavens and earths singing – this was the smell that I missed, this is where I need to be”.

She landed a few jobs in local cake shops and restaurants, and as she became grounded she was able to create cakes on her own. Sitting down and having creative juices flow with her customers is something she lives for- not for the moment but for a lifetime. She’s been apart of people’s lives from start to finish, “I like to move and grow with people” she says.  Having provided cakes for baby showers, weddings, engagements, funerals and much more it is evident that life is shown through all her recipes and designs.  Duncan pulls from her memory some of the artist that the Iluvlola team has introduced to her“A$AP Rocky, French Montana, Belly, Mia Martina, Drake’s birthday cake once…” she says as the jazzy music plays in the background (much like a frank Sinatra or Nat King Cole). Duncan’s taste of music is much of a lounge genre, one that is soothing and relaxing. However it doesn’t hinder her from providing services to rappers and R&B singers of the century.  She knows how to emulate ones personality through pastry.  

Her signature recipes are better than any Nana’s. The sour crème cakes – Vanilla and Chocolate hit the spot after any meal. Her recipes are so delightful; even she is hooked on it. “I like butter, we’re tight”. She says laughing in guilt“The butter tart and I are very close.” Indeed the soft buttery tart insides melt onto the pallets of your tongue and invite the crispy tarty croissant to follow. Her signature chocolate chip cookie isn’t deceiving like many mainstream commercialized cookies. Quadruple the amount of chocolate and thick cookie dough give a perception of a cake but in actuality is a gigantic cookie – any guilty pleasure’s satisfaction.

Duncan knows just how to be cute from her fluttered pink and white apron that was sewn by yours truly; “It’s custom that’s my thing,” she says surely. Her services range from parties, birthdays, events, and weddings and have now expanded to 848 King St.West where anyone from anywhere can stop by, come in and experience ps by prettysweet - the Pastry home.

 Follow: @PsbyPrettySweet 

Website: (Launching soon)

Location: 848 King St.W Toronto

Number: 647.352.3318