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This photo was taken by Meagan back in April. I like the tendrils of power lines and garbage surrounding my wistful tired dreamy face. It was probably too cold for brunch in the yard but I really, really wanted to be outside, so we put blankets on our laps and lit incense and sprinkled dried rose petals everywhere and drank mimosas.

Now I haven’t been in the back yard for like a month because of the heatwave in NYC. I also haven’t written much in a year or so. But now the heat has broken, and I kinda want to write.

Mostly when I feel the impulse it emerges in the form of a well-executed tweet or an impassioned facebook status update. If I wear a cute outfit it’s ended up on instagram before here, the ghost town FKA tumblr (and its “community”). But I feel like writing now more than ever so I’m going to try and do that again. Hello. Hello!!!!!!

But I need to tell you something very important and I hope you’ll be cool with it: I am going to allow myself to write about whatever I want. This is the only way, I think, moving forward. Let’s see.


Untamed Style - our size and personal style shall not be shamed.

Wearing a Fall trend for this edition,
velvet bodycon dress in midnight blue and silver grey - River Island uk 18.
Accessorised with a rope braid necklace with black feathers, H&M boots


Long time no blog! Been busy all year doing my postgrad degree in fashion design! Continuing on from my undergrad, I focussed on plus size fashion again. As of yesterday I have completely finished my MA! My full Lookbook is now up on my blog :D

Clothes - Designed & made by me

Model - Mary

Photography - Kitty


painting it pink! wearing a Cotton On top with rhinestone embellishments on the shoulders (sz L), Dorothy Perkins pencil skirt (sz UK 18), earrings from Lovisa, handbag from Aldo. Also, say Hello to the newly dyed mane!