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hi there so after the OVERWHELMINGLY positive response to my last video (thank you for that by the way, it made me so happy), i decided to do another dear evan hansen song! so here’s a lil snippet of me singing and playing all the parts to “You Will Be Found” :) i hope ya like it

ps the app makes it sound better with headphones


If this doesn’t give off Miraculous Ladybug vibes,, idk what does (´・ω・`)  

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hi emma!! i was just wondering if you had any tips to fight procrastination. when i try to start a study session, i find myself trying to do anything else but that. i over-plan my day, check more studyblrs, play with my pens... yet still want to succeed. this means i have to work on myself but do you have any advice going in that direction? ps: i can't use apps like forest or anything cause my parents don't like me purchasing apps of any kind :/

Hi! I’ll list a couple of small changes that might help you get started. Everyone is different in how they tackle procrastination but hopefully one of these will be your secret weapon.

  • remove any distractions - take away unnecessary things (for you this could be pens that aren’t really needed), leave your phone in the next room and/or turn off your notifications in your settings, sign out of your Tumblr. Browser extension like RescueTime or SelfControl can stop you going on certain sites. Or you could set parental controls until you’re done!
  • set yourself 3-5 tasks for your study session/day - keeping your to-do list shorter and more focused is likely to help improve your overall productivity. If you’re not looking at a lengthy to-do list or small time constraints, you’re going to work better! If you get those done, you can add another couple.
  • challenge yourself and take down progress - set yourself a goal for your study sessions. For instance, work solidly for 20 minutes twice. If you complete that, mark off somewhere that you did. Maybe on your calendar, a habit tracker, or on your phone. If you’re seeing your progress build each day, you’re not going to want to break the chain! 
  • develop your discipline - this is the best way to get yourself into the habit of studying. By doing something each day, rewarding yourself and getting positive reinforcement you’ll be more inclined to study and not feel such strong resistance.
  • listen to some music - I know it’s recommend to listen to instrumental music or soundtracks but honestly the music you enjoy is going to put you in a good mood. Blast it for a little bit, get hyped up! Then turn it down but have in low in the background. As long as it’s not taking over, there isn’t a problem having it playing quietly.
  • find an accountability partner - pick someone who you can rely on to check on your regularly and see how your tasks are coming along. You can send them your to-do list and then every few hours you can update them with your progress. You won’t want to let them down.
  • tackle things when you’re most alert and productive - for most people this is in the morning but if you’re an afternoon person, perhaps do smaller tasks in the morning and let yourself work on the harder stuff later. I also find getting dressed, washed, etc helps me be productive!
  • force yourself for 5 minutes - if you tell yourself “just 5 minutes” and get ready to go, you’ll be able to do it. Then repeat!!
  • put things in perspective - studying isn’t always fun but it’s got to be done. You might as well make the most of it. I never liked regretting not studying so I’d rather suck it up for a while than get a crappier grade than I wanted. Work until you’re done and then do something fun!

I hope this is useful!! x

Of course Blaine got into NYADA

I’ve seen people say that it’s ridiculous and unrealistic that Blaine got into NYADA while Jesse St. James and Elliot didn’t, but I find that to be completely untrue, especially from the point of view of an admissions officer and what kind of application lands on their table (narrative necessity to have certain characters around aside).

Jesse isn’t the brightest bulb, and iirc he had another student take his classes for him so he could participate in Glee club. That kind of academic breech would probably bar him from any major college, unfortunately, no matter how talented he was. (Then again Cassandra July drinks on the job and slept with one of her students so the ethics at NYADA is admittedly questionable)

We don’t know much about Elliot’s background. He goes to NYU which is a pretty darn good school so it’s not like he’s untalented or unqualified. Maybe he didn’t do as good as he liked at his NYADA audition. Maybe his year was exceptionally competitive and was just shy of getting in. Maybe the admissions officer didn’t think he was the right fit based on personal essay. There are so many easily explainable reasons, and it’s not like it’s unusual when applying to prestigious schools to get into one but not the other.

We know what Blaine’s college application is like though. Senior Class President. Valedictorian (or at least, the second highest GPA in his year). 27 clubs. Lead of the Dalton Academy Warblers, which seems to have the reputation of the high school equivalent of the Whiffenpoofs. Proficiency in piano and music theory. Blaine also has an extensive history of performance and competitions: summer theme park jobs, 1st and 2nd place in the National Show Choir Championships, two school musicals where he played the lead role in one, as well as placing in fencing and dressage going by the trophies in his bedroom. On top of that, we know that Kurt talked up Blaine to Carmen Tibedeaux to bolster his chances.

Only a ragingly incompetent admissions officer, and even then they would have to be high out of their minds, would look at his application and say, “Hmmm, this person does not have the work ethic or experience to be able to contribute positively to our school, neither is there the potential for him to be a successful alumni.”

Hell, if Blaine wanted to be a doctor, he could probably get into Johns Hopkins with that kind of application.


As a thank you to all of my followers, I’ve decided to make icons again this year.

You’ll find 70 Christmas themed icons. Please like/reblog if you’re using and share the Christmas spirit and let me know what you think (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Feel free to request for an icon if you don’t like any of these (it can be any actor/actress) but also keep checking back b/c I will be adding more new icons when I find time.

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@westcoaststartinganew replied to your post: 211.8 yesterday –> 211.4 today Not bad,…

This looks super good; was how the sweet potato?! I haven’t had one in ages. ps, what app is this?

Ahhhhh, it was so good. Like CANDY. I had one bite of it and one bite of the sauteed kale that came with lunch just to have a taste. Worth it! 

That’s just the MyFitnessPal website. I can’t fit the whole day in one screen on the app to screenshot it, so I have to go to the desktop version.


Guys!! I discovered an app called Duolingo (don’t judge me, i live in my own world) and I decided to start learning German!

This app is awesome, and I highly recommend it if you want to learn a new lenguaje.

PS : This app is free!!

Song of the day: Infected rain by Mold. (I have discovered this band today too hehe).

IG.: nanae182_

i’d really like to get some new friends on psn! all i’ve come across so far are creepy straight dudes and it makes me really uncomfortable. we could play overwatch together! tho i don’t have a mic, but if u have the playstation / ps messages apps we could message one another! my psn is linniz_95 and anyone that follows me is welcome to add me ❤