So, I would like for Mary to be rescued and come back before Cas does. Why? Because I think that it’ll best showcase Dean’s feelings. We will get to see the difference in reactions, emotions, and change in attitude much better. Mary is his mother, of course that’s going to boost his morale. But he lost her when he was a child and got her last season and then all the drama happened and they really didn’t bond that much.

But Cas? He has been with Cas for NINE YEARS. As an adult. His memories of Cas are fresher and stronger. They have shared loses and pain and disappointments, betrayal, lies, truths, a love that made them each risk their lives for te other- in one word- LOVE. Romantic love.

So I want Cas to come back after Mary. Just to once and for all cement Dean’s feelings. Though the way he’s grieving for Cas- because let’s face it- I have never seen Dean as desolated as when he had to prepare Cas’s body and then light up the pyre to burn him.

PS: Id you haven’t seen the first episode of The Flash this season, I recommend that you do. Because Iris and Dean are both grieving their special person is such a similar way that even my husband agreed with me.

superwholockian93  asked:

I have been meaning to sending you asks since the time I first read your blog but didn't know what to ask. hehe^^ I love your blog!!! I realised I indeed have something I don't get. That scene where Dean looks up and looks at Cas and has that expression after Mary is smirking while looking at the backseat of Impala. I get hers but the Dean thing. I had assumed it was Dean worried about Mary might claiming the rights to Baby but .. ? PS: you're very pretty :D

Hi! thank you! :D

Well, there’s the super shippy version which is that Dean was like damn, I can’t have sex with Cas in the back of the car now, it’s ruined, thanks mom!

Or the less shippy version which is the one I personally think is more likely which is just that he’s like shit, sex with anyone in the back of my car is now ruined, looks at the guy he loves for support and is just like now I wish I could erase the idea of you and dad from my mind, thanks mom! 

anonymous asked:

Hi there! First of all thank you for the hard work you put into your ps resources blog, you're doing a great help to the editors' community :) To my concern: there's an amazing gfx maker who does these fairytale-like sparkly and dreamy posts, i really love their style but they never answer questions about ps :(. I was hoping maybe you could help figure out a tutorial? Thank you :) [[ mary-s(.)tumblr(.)com/post/156905510383/%E0%B2%A5%E0%B2%A5 ]] [[ /post/158167151853 ]] [[ /post/160307460448 ]]

Thank you so much darling, that means the world to me, I’m glad I can help! And wow, they truly make beautiful edits and I think that’s a texture, here are some: 

Just set them to screen and add some contrast! 


All You Had To Do Was MEOW

We finally are done with our costumes three days before the tour! We are so excited to see you and Shawn Mendes!!! We are dressing up as cats. This is my second time seeing you and Mary’s first time. We are going to the July 13th Washington, D.C. Night one concert!

We will be siting in Section 116 Row PP Seats 7-10 please look out for us! If you see us come say hi! taylorswift
Jazlynn and Mary

Ps could you guys please reblog this I will return the favor and tag Taylor! thanks!

cataclysmicdemigod-deactivated2  asked:

Could you write the "My cat steals underwear and I come home to find you chasing my cat to get your underwear back" au or the “I needed a drink of water after my shower but I forgot that I opened the blinds to my balcony and you just saw me walk into my kitchen naked" au for adrinette, please? Thanks💕 PS: I love your writing 😌💕

Thank you so much, that’s so sweet of you! <3 I went for the "My cat steals underwear and I come home to find you chasing my cat to get your underwear back" au! It’s set a few years after the show (as of now) where Mari and Adrien are in college. All the events of ML have happened but Ladybug and Chat Noir never found out each others identities. Enjoy! :) 

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cold december night

bestfriend!5sos night with @witty5sosurl and @asickburnout !!!

they call it the season of giving, i’m here… yours for the taking

it was the first time you had a date to a holiday celebration with your family. granted, the date was just your best friend, luke, but it was a date nonetheless, and since you had been friends so long, since preschool practically, even your grandmother knew not to ask if you two were dating.

the entire dinner went by without a hitch, luke fitting in seamlessly with your family’s dynamic, their chatter, their jokes, their gentle teasing of you, even knew to bow his head respectfully at the mention of your passed grandfather. and then after dinner, when you were all finished opening each other’s gifts to each other (bless luke, really, he had gotten you the sweater you had been coveting for months), you decided to go for a walk, to try to lessen the rock sitting in your stomach from dinner. and no one questioned it when luke jumped up to go with you.

outside in the chilly air, it felt natural for you to get close, your arms instantly linking and your shoulders connecting as you walked together. his body was always warmer than yours, and you had no reservations about using him as a heater. still close to him, you slipped your free hand into his coat pocket, intertwining your fingers with his to try to keep your circulation going. he chuckled lowly as your icy digits found his, turning his head and leaning to press a small, short kiss to your temple as you continued.

“so,” he said, his voice sounding a little huskier than usual. “i have one more little thing for you. a gift, kind of.”

“luke, you shouldn’t have,” you chided, rolling your eyes at him. ever since his band had taken off, he had a little more cash to spend, and for some odd reason, he liked to spend it on you, even though you told him all the time not to.

“it didn’t cost me anything y/n, i promise,” he said, and you felt him adjust so that his other hand could fumble around in his pocket. “i just found it the last time i was home, thought i’d… see what you thought. it’s the season of giving, after all.”

you were still rolling your eyes but giggling as he pulled an envelope from his pocket, handing it to you. the two of you came to a halt on the roadside while you looked at the package confusedly, then slid your finger underneath the flap to open it up. inside, a little piece of notebook paper sat, looking aged, but somehow, special.

“what is this?” you asked softly, and he exhaled, not impatiently, but nervously before saying, “just open it.”

the scrawl on the paper was that of a child’s. barely readable, written in orange crayon and completed with drawings of dogs and scribbles. still puzzled, you began to read:
dear y/n, i love you. your the most beeyoutifull girl i no, even my mom. today you look prity to. your hare is prity and so is the dress you wour. 1 day i am gonna mary you. love forever, luke. ps: i m still mad you took my skittles butt i will probbabbly four give you i love you

“oh my god, luke,” you gasped, laughing a little. “what is this from, first grade? you had a crush on me? aww, lukey-bear…” you were smiling at the note, not really noticing the pain that was slowly etching itself further into his features.

“yeah. i did,” he said, trying to smile but it wasn’t happening. “and this one was from kindergarten, actually.”

“there are more? oh my god, luke, you have to let me see them–luke? luke, are you okay?” you had looked up at him, and he was biting his lip, his face paling slightly. if you hadn’t been so worried about him now, you might have noticed his pupils dilating, but no one saw it coming, not even luke it seemed.

his lips pressed into yours forcefully, before either of you could realize what was fully happening. they were both soft and ruthless, not letting up on yours but staying gentle, his shaking hands now cupping your cheeks softly. his lips were moving, but yours were frozen. in fact, your entire body was frozen, paralyzed because this was your best friend, the boy you’d nursed through hangovers, who had stayed up all night with you after your dog died and let you cry, who you used to play make believe with in your old tree house… who you’d had on and off crushes on since you knew what a crush was. this was your best friend, and he was kissing you. and you couldn’t get enough of it, you never wanted it to end.

all of a sudden, he broke off. in the seconds after, you were both speechless, him at his own audacity, you at your own revelation. your eyes met briefly, his blue eyes looking worried before they dropped, him sighing in defeat. turning away, he mumbled a “i shouldn’t have, i’m sorry” before jogging away, then allowing his pace to turn into an all out sprint. and you were left in the cold alone, confused and still clutching the letter to your chest.

sorry it was kinda shit, i tried and hopefully this isn’t too late it took me like an hour fml

AND NOW THE DARKEST HOUR COLLIDES: a reaction to Reign's "Monsters"

***I am so sorry this was so delayed.  Computer issues. (shaking my fist at you, Windows 8.1 update, for screwing up my laptop so bad.)  And I apologize if this feels sort of disjointed…my reaction to this episode was really visceral and hard to pin down into words and ideas that made sense.  Forgive!  And if you’d like a more specific opinion on anything, or if I glossed over or missed something important, feel free to send me an ask. :) XOXO  

For 16 episodes we’ve witnessed each of Reign’s colorful cast get a storyline—some large, some small—all their own.  Think of all these arcs: Greer and Leith’s romance.  Kenna’s involvement with the King.  Nostradamus’ gifts, both medical and metaphysical.  The unraveling of the relationship between Francis and Bash.  Clarissa.  Catherine’s poisons and calculations.  Henry’s lusts: power and sex.  Bash’s protective instinct and his ties to the pagans.  Francis’ jealousies and his involvements with Olivia and Lola…and these aren’t counting the many, many stories that belong to Mary herself. 

I didn’t know it while I was watching this seemingly unrelated stories unfold, but they were all spinning toward a singular point.  Call it an orbit, or a revolution, or a whirlpool…they were all on the same collision course and until now, I never even knew it was happening. 

That point of impact was this episode, Monsters. Or as I like to call it, that episode where all the storylines of the season crashed into each other and exploded into a fiery ball of drama.

Everybody thought that the Consummation, where Mary had to choose between Francis and Bash and make a walk down the aisle, was the hinge episode to the season.  It wasn’t.  It was all a setup, guys. 


I might be preemptively calling this, but I think the honor of “hinge episode” goes to Monsters.  This is where we can draw a line that delineates before from after.   I keep thinking of All Good Things’ Invincible (the song that played on all of those promos for eps 9-13)  and the words that said, “And now the darkest hour collides in our unguarded lives…”  That is what this is.  Everything collided, and I’m not sure any of our characters are prepared for what comes next. 

All these strings of plot I mentioned above have now come to a head, and most of them all at once.  Greer and Leith were discovered—>Leith is shipped off—>Greer is engaged to Castleroy—>Lord Julien is being pursued by Lola—>Lola is starting to show, her time is almost out—>Mary is afraid of Francis finding out about the baby because she’s afraid for her marriage—>Francis’ bad side comes out when Bash returns—>Bash explains about the darkness and tells about Olivia—>Olivia describes her ordeal—>Nostradamus says it’s a man and can therefore be killed—>Bash and Francis go to try to kill it —>Bash saves Francis from the ice—>Francis and Bash call truce—>Francis defends Bash to crazy Henry—>Henry’s new plaything helps him drug Catherine—>Catherine is brought back to consciousness by Nostradamus—>Nostradamus tells Olivia about his wife and children who died—>Henry threatens to kill Bash, his son—>Henry forces Kenna and Bash to marry—>Bash now has to stay at the castle and Mary can no longer keep him out of sight, out of mind.

And despite the impossibility ALL OF THIS HAPPENING in one single episode, they pulled it off. It was all just spot on.  I felt Greer’s sorrow for Leith.  I felt Mary’s concern for Bash and then her flash of jealousy.  I felt Lola’s fear of running out of time.  I felt Catherine’s anxiety over Henry’s madness.  I felt Nostradamus’ grief for his family.  I felt Bash’s panic for Francis.  I felt Kenna’s despair and Bash’s resignation at their forced wedding.  I felt everything.  I cared about everyone. 

It was extraordinary.

Now because this is a Bash-and-Mary centric blog, and since I know there are so many out there who saw this episode as the writers nailing yet another plank down on our ship’s proverbial coffin, I want to go a little into how fantastic this episode was for our OTP.  Mary acknowledged that there’s a side of Francis she doesn’t like.   She didn’t deny it when Bash asserted that she’d have been happy with him. She admitted the cracks in her relationship with Francis to both Bash and Lola.  To Lola she said, “We’ll never be happy if Bash is here.”  And then she showed a sharp, whiplash-inducing pang of jealousy at the idea Bash could have become fond of another girl.  And then in this same episode, with one single brilliant stroke, the writers put him into a situation where he is A. staying in the castle (and now her words to Lola  are SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT TO TAKE NOTE OF.  Bash is now here to stay and, therefore, Mary and Francis will never be happy.)  and B. married, and to someone Mary will undoubtedly have a hard time coming to grips with.  I can see two things happening here.  The first is that Kenna will start complaining about her poor fate and Mary will tell her what’s up and how fricking lucky she was to have married a man like Bash (screw the title crap).  And then, later, when Bash and Kenna start bonding (I’m crossing my fingers for a major brotp here, but I could see them toeing the line of romance.) she will feel a hot jealousy that will make her snippiness about Rowan seem tame. In one fell swoop, Mary has Bash in distractingly close vicinity AND a reason to feel acute and consuming jealousy.  Pair that with the Lola/bastard baby crisis with Francis and you have a pile of dry tinder that only needs a single spark to go up in flames.


I think our days of small side storylines are over. Things are going to get bigger, the scale grander and the stakes higher, and at a rapidly accelerating pace.  My past predictions that Henry will die in a joust at Bash’s hands is looking likelier than ever.  (How many “lion” references can we spot per episode?  We should make it a game.)  Bash said before that he would take down anyone who threatened Mary, including his father.  In the next episode, Liege Lord, it will come to light that if Mary dies without heirs, Scotland will go straight to France.  If Henry finds out about that little addendum, how long do you think she has to live?  Yeah.  Lets see what Bash has to say about that.  Not to mention that the jacked up jackass tried to kill him, his own dang “favored” son.  Motivations for lancing Henry in the face:  LARGE.  Probability of it happening: HIGH.

I have some reeeeeall concerns about Miss Queen of Bondage  the Bean.    Catherine said she found out that the girl had paid someone to give her the bean.  AND she’s still around and causing havoc in 1x18, so I think her part is going to be bigger than just some kitchen girl who can dominate Henry in the bedroom.  Haven’t we seen that the pagans who worship the Darkness can be anywhere?  We shouldn’t forget that the butcher boy, and Sarah, and Robert the Guard were all mainstays in the castle, and doing their bad deeds behind the scenes without anyone looking at them twice for who knows how long.  I think perhaps the pagan problem has found its way into the king’s bedroom.  Did anyone else wonder about how Penelope worked in the kitchen, where Henry’s food is probably prepared?  What if she and the pagans had been planning this for a long time?  What if the seven tasters who taste henry’s food are also pagan? His madness might be syphilis related, but I wonder if it couldn’t have been induced by someone with ulterior motives and access to his food. I could be grasping at straws but I have a bad feeling about this Penelope. 

CLARISSA.  Anyone else wonder if maybe it was Clarissa, now involved with the blood cult and the Darkness (Olivia said the darkness knew she was bad inside…imagine what it would think about Clarissa) who wanted Bash to come find Rowans’ hand, and who picked Rowan’s family to be chosen?  She likely has a grudge against him for what he is to Mary and for the part he played in her takedown.  I think Clarissa is going to have a vendetta against Mary and Catherine and Nostradamus and her return to fulfill it is going to be ugly. 

Anyone else think that Francis’ dip in the ice water is what sends him down his ill-fated path?  Think about it.  If Mary had married Bash, Francis never would have been on that ice.  He never would have fallen in.  If the “chill” he gets from this event lingers, it could be what weakens him to the point where an ear infection could do him in.  I’m prepared to see his health deteriorate from this point on.  Also, am I the only one who thinks he looked kind of frail already in this episode? Man, is he eating?  I’m concerned.  Someone get that guy a corn dog.  And never let him wear that fur-topped cloak again.  He was like a stick with a pompom at the top.  His hair is fluffy enough, people.  But despite his unfortunate selection of cloaks and his willowy frame, this episode reminded me what I liked about Francis, and why he is such a dynamic character.  I may not like watching him with Mary, but there’s no denying that I like watching him.

I would also officially like to nominate Bash as this episode’s MVP (Henry also gets an MVP, but its for most vile player.  Not the same thing.)  He has been through so much…losing Mary, watching Rowan get taken by the darkness, his brother’s hatred and mistrust, his father’s desire to KILL HIM, being married off to someone he doesn’t “much like.” And yet he still stands tall.  Not taking flak from the guards, and then telling Mary exactly where he stands with her. I think we’ll see him get more focused and also more reckless.  He’s just done with this crap.

Welcome, badass Bash.  Go kick some ass and take some names.

PS tomorrow will be catch up on my asks and inbox day!  Don’t worry if you haven’t gotten a reply, it is coming. :)

mmammo  asked:

Hi sammi i'm marie and i live in paris , i'm a very very shy girl , i affraid of talking to many people and i too much nive with everyone i cain't say no to somebody ! Do you have any advices for me ?! I know tha before you have to deal with social anxiety so that's why i'm asking you that. Ps : i love you channel

Start small and step out of your comfort zone a few times, talking to people you usually might not and doing things socially you wouldn’t usually, even if its a little scary - You’ll find afterwards that you CAN do these things and its not as scary as you thought =]

With being too nice - Don’t ever agree to something you know you really won’t be happy doing or that you don’t want to do. Don’t try to people-please too much, its your life at the end of the day, being a nice & polite person is enough (& thank you!) x