All You Had To Do Was MEOW

We finally are done with our costumes three days before the tour! We are so excited to see you and Shawn Mendes!!! We are dressing up as cats. This is my second time seeing you and Mary’s first time. We are going to the July 13th Washington, D.C. Night one concert!

We will be siting in Section 116 Row PP Seats 7-10 please look out for us! If you see us come say hi! taylorswift
Jazlynn and Mary

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Impossible (part 7)

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Hi my lovelies! I hope you like fluff… This one is important and quite long because after that… Well, you’ll see. Enjoy!

PS: I want to thank again allimidori , alyssaloca , ililypop , ducky17 , mirandasmadeofstone ; bitchy-broken ; borntosik ; llexis​ ; chidarkcy​ ; davy-byrnes-pub​ & raernundo​ , im-an-emu & kerrv0rting-and-sn0rting for the birthday wishes ♥♥♥♥ I usually hate my birthday because no one notices it so thank you all for changing that!

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Hi!! If you could, can you review my art and OC? Her name is tori and shes a cat, and her tail is a weird robotic arm/hand thing..
Im looking to improve and id love to have some help ≤33
(Ps, theres no shading bcs im lazy hh)
Bio: Antisocial, loyal, obsessive, childish, hotheaded, clumsy, sorry about everything.
Im still working on her and im trying to make a good non-mary sue backstory…
Oh wowza this is long im sorry!! I’ll end it here, thank you


I would have never known that tail was robotic if you hadn’t mentioned it. I know youre going for a more simple/chibi style, but there’s still ways to incorporate details that would more render a robotic tail than what youve got going on. As all of us here like to recommend; references are your friend.

Now that being said, the rest of the piece isn’t bad but I don’t really think it’s good either. My biggest complaint would be the hair overlapping the eyes. Either commit to it, and make bangs and erase parts of the eyes, or shorten the hair so they don’t overlap. Thirdly, the jacket looks way too big and doesn’t really give the body or arms any kind of shape or anatomy. Baggy is one thing, burlap sack is another.

I don’t think I’d post it as bad art, it’s not that bad.

-Mod Shadly