Excuse the quality, but I was tagged for this challenge by @chanderp and @exosmutxoxo 😊😜
Please excuse ma ugly ass face, I’m just a loser tryna be cute~😂 I hate showing my face but why be boring, hm? >.<

I tag @dulcetyeoll , @deararchimedes , @mochibaeks , @lovinthesoo , @chanyoel , and anyone else who wants to do it really xD

(btw, you don’t have to do this :3 I just picked a few of my faves at random ^^)

Chanyeol as your boyfriend

The first time he saw you

He asking you for a date

The way he looks at you

Soft kisses

Tries to make you laugh all the time

When you can’t reach the top shelf

Always start laughing when he’s trying to be serious

All the beautiful dates

When someone asks him about you

When he spots you in the crowd

He teasing you all the time

Hates when you don’t give him enough attention

He cooking for you

He playing for you


I hope you liked it!