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VR drawings by :

- Pen Ward (creator of Adventure Time)
- Jim Mahfood (Tank Girl)
- Peter Chung (Aeon Flux)
- Jhonen Vasquez (creator of Invader Zim)
- Chris Prynoski (Nerdland)
- Antonio Canobbio (Metalocalypse, Motorcity…)
- Dave Johnson (Marvel, DC Comics …)
- David Nicolas (Lascars)

Using Tilt Brush VR software with HTC Vive.


My monthly Penthouse page is out in print! Every month’s issue will feature a page of my important Titmouse meeting doodles. I had to submit this one 3 times. The first time was “not dirty enough” the second was “too offensive” and this one was “just right.”

One aspect of the “too offensive” part was calling out the gentleman featured in the comic as a convict and a truck driver (two of the largest demographics of the magazine.) Once the characters were not labelled as such, they come off kinda like hipsters. Neck tattoos and trucker caps are no longer the exclusive domain of prisoners and truckers!

By the way, the empty area in the upper left is where I thought they’d put the “graphic displays” header. Instead it was jammed in awkwardly on the right. I’ll try to fix that in upcoming issues…


So today I got a package from Rice Lily that made me incredibly happy! I was (and am!) very excited about it because it contained AMAZING Motorcity/Titmouse merchandise!!

A year ago, me and Melly (Rice Lily) sent this package to Titmouse to show our support and appreciation for the amazing work these guys make, we filled it with fanart (from me, Hinokit and Rice Lily), candy, plushies and mainly lot’s of love.

What I didn’t know was that we would get some love back (I mean we already have awesome cartoons we don’t need anything else lol), and oh man is it great! Papa Chris was even nice enough to send me a framed autograph. <3

I love everything, I knew you guys were pretty cool because my partner in crime told me the amazing adventures she had while visiting the studio in San Diego, but I never expected you’d be this amazing. I am incredibly humbled that you’d even remember us after all this time.

Thank you Chris P., Mac, Ben, Dadward and everyone at Titmouse for the amazing gifts. I will cherish them forever!

Special thanks to Melly because she was awesome enough to mail everything to me, you rock girl! Words cannot describe how happy I am that you did this for me. <3333

PS: I will turn that amazing T-Shirt into a dress (I am way too short because nature is unfair) and frame the Motorcity poster! I also apologise that I cannot visit the studio personally, geography sucks… I wish I could though, I’d love to hand you my portfolio!! :D
Titmouse Feature ‘Nerdland’ to Screen at Annecy

“Nerdland, the R-rated animated feature film debut from Titmouse Animation Studios directed by Chris Prynoski, is set to screen as an official selection at next month’s Annecy International Animation Film Festival alongside premieres for Studio Ghibli co-production The Red Turtle from director Michaël Dudok de Wit, the 4K restoration of Eiichi Yamamoto’s Belladonna of Sadness, director Jean-François Laguionie’s Louise, Illumination’s The Secret Life of Pets and Pixar’s Finding Dory.

Nerdland has already been screened at the Tribeca Film Festival, but this will mark its European premiere.”

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Burner Sticker + Original art from the creator of Motorcity!

Hey folks, the Stickerdoodle deal is back on the Titmousestuff website!

If you snag yourself one of the Burner logo decals you’ll get a one of a kind original doodle from Chris Prynoski creator of Motorcity and head honcho over here at Titmouse.