You will not believe this exists! The Coneheads teach us acceptance of immigrants and, yes, illegal “aliens.” An excerpt from the ‘90s children’s book Meet the Stars: Coneheads Past and Present, An Unauthorized Look. Fans of SNL, and immigration, need to read this!!!

“For hundreds of years, America has been the great melting pot of the world. Immigrants from just about everywhere have come to America seeking a new life. If your ancestors came here from another country, they faced the problems of adjusting to a new world–just like Beldar and Prymaat Conehead from the planet Remulak…Beneath the funny gags and monotone one-liners lies an important message. It is about the difficulties faced by immigrants who come to America. Just like the Conehead family from Remulak who settle in New Jersey, many non natives have problems adjusting to a different language and different customs. An even bigger problem for the Coneheads is their status as illegal ‘aliens.’ Beldar and Prymaat Conehead crash-landed on Earth without going through proper channels. The immigration and Naturalization Service is determined to track them down and deport them. We have sympathy for the Coneheads, just as we should for all immigrants and aliens who want to live and work in America. The Coneheads offer us hope that people from different cultures can live and work together in America. After all, if the Coneheads can fit in, anyone can!”