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I sometimes am like ‘Wow why am I drawing so much for a half dead fandom’ and then I’m like oh yeah it’s because you can pry this musical from my cold dead hands

Here’s a small preview of something I’m working on haha, first time doing a serious animatic and it’s a lot more tedious than I thought

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Request? Yes? Walter LIVED and goes on to become a gardener or some generic shit because MY CHILD DID NOT DESERVE HIS FATE And because he would make an adorable gardener let's be honest

oh my gosh the thought of him as a gardener literally kills me?

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  • This goddamn synthetic insists on wearing this silly looking sun hat. Like, this thing is so big and overpowers him, and it makes you laugh every time you see it, but Walter still wears it despite your teasing about it. He honestly sees nothing wrong with it.
    • It’s also made out of a really scratchy material, which obviously doesn’t bother Walter, but just thinking about it makes you want to set it on fire.
      • It does make him easy to spot if he’s out planting something or checking in on how crops are growing.
      • I want him to give his plants and flowers names. Like, silly names. 
        • “This is Gina, my hibiscus. She’s 3 months old, quite big for her age, actually.”
          • Totally pets his plants if he notices they’re not doing so well. Gives them the closest thing to love as he can possibly process. PROBABLY TELLS THEM STORIES or lets them listen to music because there’s proof that music can improve plant life.
          • Give me Walter, who is proud of his plants because even though he’s a Synthetic and has no soul or actual life within him, he still created something breathing and alive and he takes some sort of pleasure/pride in that fact. He’d deny it, of course. 
            • He convinces himself that what he’s feeling isn’t actual emotion and is just a triggering response because he knows that’s how humans would react in such situations.
  • You notice things about him that are minuscule and wonder on occasions, his legitimacy because you have to remind yourself that he isn’t a human.
    • You can see, feel and touch his skin. Smooth as if he were human, warm as if he were human, but under was nothing like your body. No blood rushing through his veins, no organs, no real heart. 
    • If his eyes catch the sunlight just right, they seem to brighten. 
    • He had different smiles for different occasions, and though you know it’s Walter imitating them from a database of expressions, you can see a large human element behind his android facade.
    • His uncanny ability to make ‘jokes’ or ‘jabs’ at people without actually processing. Walter has wit, when he wants.
      • If you ever perform services on him, he’ll try to make the atmosphere less stuffy with jokes that seem to make it even more stuffy. “I can always give you a hand.” Is one of his favorites if the maintenance is required on his hands.
        You laugh, tossing your head back at the severity of the pun and tell him, “You should stick to research. Your jokes aren’t that great.”
        “Noted.” Walter says gently, watching you with careful eyes.
  • You never notice the way he looks at you, or the way he seems to diligently protect you.
    • You know the Walter model is built to serve and figure that these are attributes to his programming, but they’re not.
      • Walter will freely glance and gaze at you as he pleases, wondering exactly what emotion he’s concocting while looking at you.
        • Obviously, it’s nothing but a fake feeling but something about it feels so right.
          • Has a knack for pretending as if he wasn’t staring right at you and was actually studying the room.
  • Walter has a personality all his own, though he digresses that even though he can impersonate actions and emotions on the surface because he was programmed that way, genuinely feeling them does not come naturally to him, so having an authentic personality would be impossible.
    • This is something you would argue with him about if your reasons were indeed legitimate. You knew better though. Walter was created much like the David model, but with less distinctive traits and more of a submissive intake in life. Walter could not be taught emotions and could not willingly and freely create them much like David did, thus making him less like a human, resulting in humans feeling more comfortable around Walter. 
  • Walter absolutely has a thing for hats. 
    • You can pry this headcanon out of my cold dead hands.
      • He probably has a ton of hats, for different occasions. Sun hats, winter hats, lounging hats, baseball caps, etc.
        • H A T S.

i cant believe im writing for a robot wow amaze. Reblogs and likes are appreciated. If you liked them, stay tuned for some more Walter, and maybe some David later on! Thank you guys :)

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Steve Rogers + mind reading girl?

Dating Steve as a mind reading girl:

  • He has no idea about your powers at first, which is a given. You do keep is a secret from him initially. 
  • You always do these little things that he’s always thinking about. Like if he’s thinking about going out for dinner, you’ll suggest it to him. He at first thinks the two of you just have some sort of amazing connection, but then he starts to get a little suspicious.
  • “Wow, y/n, it’s almost like you can read my mind or something.” “Uh, well…” “…what?!”
  • This doesn’t drive him farther away from you, though, it actually brings him closer. He’s fascinated by the things you can do.
  • He introduces you to the Avengers, insisting they take you into the team.
  • You try not to pry into his mind too much, as you want to respect him, but sometimes you can’t help it. 
  • Teasing him all the time about his random thoughts.
  • “Why are you thinking about puppies?” “Because they’re cute, y/n, get out of my mind.” 
  • Always gets really excited when you show off your powers. He just get super proud of you, which you think is really cute.
  • So as a result, he does get fiercely protective of you when you feel insecure about yourself and your powers. He’ll always hold you close to him and kiss you and remind you it’s something that makes you unique.
  • The first time he says ‘I love you’, he doesn’t even say it out loud. He’s just looking at you one day and thinks it randomly, and of course you hear it. 
  • “You love me?” “How did you- oh right, forgot about the whole mind reading thing. Yes, I love you.”


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That Bughead love scene was totally Cole & Lili acting. There's no way in hell that was just an acting scene between two actors. You can't hide real feeling like that. So much goddamn sexual chemistry during that scene. That totally had so much fun filming that.

When I first saw him slamming her against the counter, I was like “is this from a secret camera from their own bedroom?” I mean that chemistry, wow! There are always make out scenes and sex scenes on tv-shows but only a handful of them makes you feel like you’re prying through a peephole or something. There’s a myth going around about Cruel Intentions that everyone that watches the movie can feel flustered during the sex scene because Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe were dating at the time and it made the scene 10 times more intimate and sexy and it’s true. That’s what happened with that Bughead scene. I mean I don’t even remember any of the same, if so more raunchy, Varchie sex scene that was playing in pararell not because it wasn’t good but because it didn’t have that spark you know? After tonight for me Cole and Lili are definately an item. The two of them together is electrifing and if we can see that from miles away and through a screen then I’m 100% sure that they saw that too! ;)

Crazy Little Thing Called Love Chapter 2

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Chapter 1

Pairing: Baekhyun x OC

Word Count: 3355

Genre & Warnings: fluff but with smuttish undertones. They aren’t the wam bam thank you ma'am type y’all. Also some swearing, because I have a potty mouth.

Note: I am having so much fun with these two. It turned out a little bit longer than I had planned, but once I started, I couldn’t stop lol. Let me know what you all think! 

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Crazy Little Thing Called Love | 2

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Chapters [1] 

Exo Song Series: Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen

Pairing: Baekhyun x OC (Crystal)

Word Count: 3355

Genre & Warnings: fluff but with smuttish undertones. They aren’t the wam bam thank you ma'am type y’all. Also some swearing, because I have a potty mouth.

Note: Remember, I am moving my works that I had on my old blog over to here, so if you think you’ve read this before, you probably have. Hey, read it again anyways! I love this story. 

The sunlight filtered through her tightly closed eyes, urging her to wake up, but she refused. She worried if she did, the events from yesterday would prove to be a dream. Her Mother pounding on the door, demanding she come downstairs, finally made her give up and she threw her blankets off with a groan.

Crystal rubbed the sleep from her eyes and stumbled over to the closet, her blurred vision landing on the huge poster hidden on the other side of the door. It was a door sized poster, one that showed all of Baekhyun, from the top of his head to his feet. She kept it in here not because she was ashamed, she just preferred to keep such things to herself and didn’t feel the need to broadcast to the entire world that she was half in love with someone who didn’t even know she existed. Until yesterday, at least.

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Oops sorry meant to request head canons for Trevor giving/receiving oral with a female S/O (*゚∀゚*)

That’s fair! Since this is so specific I can focus on just that. I’d be glad to fulfill this for ya!

  • Trevor when receiving is a gross groaning mess let’s be real here
  • The kind of person to at the start keep his hands at his sides or behind his head but then is full on grabbing both sides of your head while you pleasure him
  • To eventually rocking his hips back and forth over your face- but only if you were able to take it. If it’s clear you can’t or can only go around his tip without hurting your jaw he’ll refrain
  • He’ll also ask!
  • He’ll also swear a lot. Like a-LOT a lot.
  • “Jesus Fucking Christ Y/N- ugh- fucking Christ…” Trevor calm down and stop saying the lord’s name in vain
  • Secretly but also not so secretly really enjoys it if he can cum on your face- something about the look of it. Granted he’ll totally be apologetic if you get some in your hair and are understandably freaking out like, “OH MY GOD IT’S EVERYWHERE”
  • When receiving he likes things slow so he can enjoy the sensation. A Relaxing Blowjob, as it were. :P
  • Weirdly enough doesn’t like using his hands all that much, same goes for receiving from you.
  • Boy though. When you stick him in front of a vagina he’s going to devour the ever loving shit out of it
  • The only man in this universe that managed to turn biting the inner thigh into something super hot
  • He also has no concept of slow so I’m sorry if you wanted a subtle build up to the wild shit he just DIVES RIGHT IN
  • His fav is to use his tongue to part and lick at each side of the lips, then moving more inward to kiss/suck his way in :P
  • His grip on your legs is iron-clad my friend expect some not-so-subtle bruises showing up from the sheer force he’s able to exert on you
  • The only time he’ll use his hands is to pry you open a little more, so he can easily kiss each side of your vagina
  • Will really love it if you gush on him, but he’ll also tease you about it. “Wow love, I wasn’t expecting you to empty a bucket on my face~” if you kick him I don’t blame you.
  • That said, as much as he loves the messiness and the love that can be expressed through oral, especially when orgasms come into play, his fav is still the actual intercourse part
  • So be prepared for him to go all out once he’s got you rolling :3c

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Camping Trip - Chapter Four

Disclaimer: Fiction.

Warnings: None for this chapter.

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Notes: Feedback is always welcome. <3

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three

Chapter Four

I was struggling with the shopping bags, trying to open the front door to the apartment. The phone buzzing in my pants wasn’t helping either. I held the bags with one hand, turning the key in the lock and opening the door. I entered the apartment, kicking the door closed and heading to the kitchen, placing the shopping bags there and fishing the cellphone out of my pocket. One missed call: Shannon.

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“Hey, Jimin?” Taehyung called from where he was sprawled out on his bed, a false touch of innocence in his voice.

Jimin knew that the syrupy sweetness in his best friend’s normally deep tone meant trouble, so he took a few calming breaths before warily spinning his desk chair around to face his friend.

“Yes, Tae?”

There was a bright light of amusement in the purple haired boy’s eyes as he held up Jimin’s phone, “Why, exactly, do you have fake social media accounts that only follow Yoongi?”

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