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‘On my oath as a Time Lord of the Prydonian Chapter I will guard this body for a thousand years.’

Nail Polish

Doctor Who, rated G, ~2000 words, Thoschei/Twissy implied

Just a fun little thing I wrote about Theta Sigma, Koschei and bottle of black nail polish. 

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anonymous asked:

can you please explain the cerulean / doctor who thing please??

Okay, so briefly:

In Classic Who it was established that the ruling Time Lords were divided up into several different “Chapters”, I think three were originally established in the show. The Doctor was in the Prydonian Chapter, for instance, and the various Chapters were given certain characteristics that their members typically fall into.

Later in some novels three more Chapters were added to this, and one of these was the Cerulean Chapter. It wasn’t given any further information until someone asked the author (Marc Platt, I believe) what the Ceruleans actually did. His response was that he had imagined they were kind of like the Green Party in British politics.

Thus was a meme born. Because obviously, since the Green party is reputedly full of tree-hugging nature lovers, the Ceruleans would also be full of nature loving tree-huggers. HOWEVER, it has been established that in the stagnant society of the Time Lords, the only people who really go outside much are those who leave to go out into the wild and abandon the Time Lord society. I imagine the robes are rather a pain to drag through the mud.

And with a little exaggeration and hyperbole the Ceruleans took on the characteristics of obsessive plant-lovers in a society with an extreme aversion to dirt, so all their interactions with plants are amateurish and full of wonder, and slightly over the top.

And obviously people on Tumblr have taken it upon themselves to align one way or another, some as Cerulean plant-lovers and others as Time Lords from other Chapters who are filled with disgust, fear, and loathing at the behaviour of the Ceruleans. I, for example, have tried to strike a balance due to my alignment with the Prydonians (It’s the Chapter that’s got the reddest robes) which allegedly produces the most renegades. And in my capacity as a rebellious Time Lord I have taken it upon myself to annoy everyone by not only touching the plants (disgusting everyone not in the Cerulean Chapter) but doing things like eating the wrong plants (irritating those in the Cerulean Chapter), and generally plotting nefarious things.

The alignment thing was bubbling under the surface for a while, and then someone posted something insinuating that those aligned with the Ceruleans were trying to sneak plants into all aspects of Time Lord society it all came to a head and everyone got a bit overexcited posting about touching plants, and being disgusted by people who touch plants.

Okay, so that wasn’t brief. But it’s a bit of fun, and so when I link to a picture of Sylvester McCoy being mildly affectionate towards some potted plants I, in my capacity as a Prydonian, take offence to the fact that he has been obviously influenced by members of the Cerulean Chapter. 

Does that make sense?

A Brief Explanation for Everyone on my Blog who is Really Fucking Confused

When David Maloney did “The Deadly Assassin” in 1974, he decided to divide the Gallifreyans into three groups, called Chapters: Prydonians (politicans), Arcalians (scientists), and Patrexes (artists). This lasted for a few years, before the Expanded Universe writers got their hands on it and it kind of ballooned into six chapters, adding Scendles, Dromeians, and Ceruleans.

These last three never got much of a description.

What we do know: Scendles is always broke, the founder of Drome had spikey boots, and Cerule…existed. And liked blue, apparently.

So later, when asked what the Ceruleans were even doing, writer Marc Platt answered (apparently off-the-cuff) “I based them off the Green Party” which has the same reputation for kind of the same reasons in the UK as it does here.

ergo, Ceruleans have a thing for plants

Because that’s all the metaers of this fandom (including me) have to go on, we kind of. Expanded it. A lot.

Mostly because according to Classic Who all Gallifreyans live within the Capitol, which is inside a massive glass dome. And anyone who leaves the dome is an Outsider and gross.Like really major dirt phobia here. So Ceruleans are strange b/c they like plants.

Also Gallifreyans are telepathic, and so are most Gallifreyan animals, and so is the furniture (yes really), and plants…aren’t. So touching them is weird.

And probably someone made a joke and it expanded rapidly, kind of like the Adric thing in October.

So that’s why so many posts on plants.

TARDIS Console Gallifreyan: Prolific Time Lords

Rassilon (Founder of the Prydonian Chapter), Omega (Founder of the Arcalian Chapter), The Other (Rassilon and Omega’s friend), Pandak (Founder of the Patrex Chapter), Apeiron (Founder of the Cerulean Chapter), Lazuline (Founder of the Cerulean Chapter), Eutenoyar (Founder of the Scendles Chapter), The Doctor (The Time Lord of Pure Awesomeness)

So I felt like it wasn’t easy enough to find out which colours the different Gallifreyan chapters have, so I decided to make a reference. Especially since we’re doing that chapter quiz, it might be nice to actually have some colours.

Prydonian chapter: Scarlet red and orange
Arcalian chapter: Green and brown
Patrex chapter: Heliotrope and yellow
Cerulean chapter: Blue and turquoise
Dromeian chapter: Black and silver
Scendles chapter: Beige and gold

I based this on a lot of poking around references and sources and various discussions I’ve seen around. Like, the only reference to scendles is “subdued”, but there’s all these mystery gold robes, and.. yeah.

The Start of a Great Friendship.

It was normal Day at the Academy, Meaning it was boring. Koschei Oakdown of the House of Oakdown was currently Walking out of the library after a Productive morning of Self Study - well He couldn’t do Group Study… seeing as he didn’t have any friend.

He had just turned 10 years old and had been attending the Academy for 2 years now. He Had a room in the Pydon Wing of the Academy - seeing as the House of Oakdown along side the House of Lungbarrow were part of the The Prydonian Chapter. He Living alone in that room, Not only because of his reputation, but because he was not given a room mate… well that was until today.

He was told that a Student a younger than him was being moved up to his year and seeing as he was the only one with room, the boy was being made his room mate.

He was pulled out of his thoughts when he heard a commotion down the corridor. He followed the noise and came across a group of Boys from the same year group as him using a boy from the younger years as a - as the humans say - a Punching bag. The boy, even with a split lip and a gash above his eye was still a pretty little thing.

Now Koschei had a reputation of being the Silent secluded kid with the cold Glare, which made him look Cold hearted, mean and someone you didn’t want to be on the wrong side of… little did they know, it was all a mask that he had built up during his childhood.

He approached the group, Glare in place making the crowd surrounding the bullies part as soon as they noticed him. He cleared his throat. and the bullies turned to see who it was, only to freeze under his icy blue eyed stair.

“Is there a reason your beating up this boy?” He asked them coldly. 

They just shook there head and started to move away, no one knew what it was, but no one ever wanted to be around him because of his aura, and this only started after he looked into the Untempered Schism 2 years ago.

“Well then I suggest you scram… All of you” he said turning to the crowd. and as if by magic everyone quickly deserted the corridor. He turned to the blond boy.